Why Qatar World Cup Ticket Prices Are So High In 2022

Why Qatar World Cup Ticket Prices Are So High

Why Qatar World Cup Ticket Prices Are So High In 2022

Qatar WorldCup 2022 put the FIFA tickets on sale with prices at 40 Qatari Riyals ($11). Neither FIFA nor the local organizers announced how many fans will allow the stadium in an Arab country for the World Cup 2022. The Qatar 2022 world cup will continue from November 21 to December 18. FIFA opens a draw that offers a match ticket starting at 250 Riyals ($69) for international fans. But for the final match, the ticket cost 5,850 riyals ($1,607), up to 46% of $1,100 for 2019 final. The cheapest seats on sale internationally open the world cup on November 21 cost 1,100 riyals ($302).

FIFA World Cup 2022

The FIFA world cup 2022 is the 22nd running of the FIFA world cup competition. It will take place in Qatar from November 21 to December 18, 2022. It is the first world cup to be hosted by the Arab world. In addition, the tournament includes 32 teams. It will increase to 48 teams’ schedules for the 2026 United States, Canada, and Mexico. The current world cup champions are France. This world cup will take place from late November to mid of December due to Qatar’s intense heat.

Schedule Of Qatar 2022 Worldcup Move To November And December

Due to the extreme weather conditions of Qatar, there are main concerns over the traditional timeframe of June and July. They set a special task force in October 2013 to consider the alternative dates. It reports after the FIFA world cup in Brazil in 2014.

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In February 2015, the FIFA task force proposed that the tournament play from late November to late December 2022. The delay in the tournament is due to the extreme weather conditions between May and September. This delay was also due to the clashing with the 2022 Winter Olympics in February, the Winter Paralympics in March 2022, and the Ramadhan in April.

Reasons For A Ticket Price Increase For The Qatar 2022 World Cup

The cost of attending the world cup final match is more than 46% higher in Qatar than in the past. Fans discover that the Qatar world cup has more charges on tickets than Russia. The abrupt rise in the prices for FIFA matches in 2018 compares with the group stage, besides the opening game. Round of 16 sees a reduction in the cost of the cheapest tickets, for which fans can apply online. Qatar 2022 world cup tickets have gone on sale, with ticket prices ranging from $69 to $1,607 for the final.

Great Intrest of Argentine – Mexican Fans

FIFA with local organizers launches the first phase of sales with the cheapest ticket for the group stage match. It is third cheaper than the finals of the past at $69. In 2018, in Russia’s world cup, a category three ticket for the group stage cost $105.

Residents will benefit from the cheapest tickets, with category four costing $11. Since 1986, the cheapest world cup ticket was in Mexico, with seats for $3. Locals can snap up a ticket for $20 in Russia. Qatar is leaving behind Russia’s 2018 prices, the most expensive ticket-selling country. A ticket for the final in category 1 is $1,617 at Lusail Stadium on December 18, so it easily dominates the $1100 for the same ticket in Russia.

Highest Demand For Team-specific Matches

The present sale phase will be starting on February 8. It will not serve the fans on a first-come, first-serve basis. A random draw will carry out, which decides the successful candidates. Now fans get the opportunity to apply for venue-specific and team-specific matches. As Qatar is the smallest hosting nation for Worldcup ever, organizers of the World Cup have promised that fans will watch two matches per day.

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Doha is home among the eight venues used during the 32-team tournament. 13 countries, including host and powerhouses Germany and Brazil, have qualified for the competition. Now fans can book accommodation through the website from March. But the main concern is how Qatar will host more than a million visitors during the finals. According to a report, only 90,000 hotels rooms will be available to visitors. The organizers of the WorldCup are trying to manage the situation by offering Villas, apartments, and cabins at Cruise Liners.

The Hospitality Of Qatar 2022 World Cup

Due to the hot weather of Qatar, Advanced cooling technologies will ensure that players, fans, and officials should keep cool inside the stadium, regardless of the weather conditions outside the stadium. New metro, rail links, and shaded walkways will make matchday comfortable, smooth, and environmentally friendly. Fans and families arriving around the globe will experience a secure and smooth tournament. It will represent and celebrate the hospitality about which Qatar is famous.

Arrangements For Accomodation

The accommodation agency of the tournament said that apartments and villas would cost $100 per night. Hotels are slightly more expensive than apartments. Organizers have also arranged for two major Cruise ships that will provide 4,000 beds during the Qatar Worldcup. Villages are also under consideration for the low-budget plan. But it’s not sure whether organizers will go for that or not.

Restrictions In Qatar 2022 Worldcup Due To Covid-19

The organizers predict that over 1.2 million fans could appear for the 32-team tournament. With the Omicron variant in many countries, Qatar currently applies strict restrictions on the visitors, including quarantine for the new visitors.

The FIFA and Qatar government aimed to put health first and set some safeguarding requirements for the tournament. The fans must have a special pass, a Hay’ya Card, which includes COVID testing information to access the stadium. FIFA aims to make $500m from tickets sale and hospitality rights among the eight stadiums.

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Last month, FIFA had a meeting with political institutions and human rights organizations to talk about Qatar’s current human rights conditions because Qatar has been under the spotlight since it was awarded the hosting of the 2022 World Cup in 2010.


The effect of these tournaments will spread around the world. The crowd will enjoy high-quality sporting facilities, parks, hospitals, shopping centers, and places for worship. Every visitor will access the venue with accessible seating, parking, and wheelchair ramps.