Word of Radiance 5e cantrip Cleric dnd spell

Word of Radiance 5e
Word of Radiance 5e

How will you use Cleric cantrips like word of radiance in D&D 5E?

Word of Radiance 5e is Cantrip. It only targets animals within 5 feet and is a cleric spell, so you’re looking at a battle cleric. Would you recommend this to get a Cleric with a War Domain or Life Domain. Especially when you reach level 5, you’re well armored. You can cast Spirit Guardians, so everything within 15 feet of you saves or takes 3d8 and has their rate cut in half. You can even throw Spiritual Weapon as a bonus activity and continue attacking with it as a bonus action. And you can get 5e Word of Radiance at the same moment.

Therefore, suppose there is a 5th level cleric (Wis 16) who is surrounded by three monsters heavy. He can have a 17+ AC (without magic) and inflict 1 round 145d8+16d6+3 for a potential maximal 1 round damage of 1259 harm. (awarded, you probably won’t strike with everything, every moment. But it is still fantastic potential at 5th level ).

What is even more disturbing is that you can stand 2 or 3 or 4 levels five clerics together because those are all spells that permit you to exclude people. A few of these effects will overlap. Four clerics can quickly receive a single goal into all these consequences, thus inflicting a single target 13d8+8d6+12, every round.

Word of Radiance 5e cantrip Cleric dnd spell

Word of Radiance 5e cantrip Cleric dnd spell

Page 171
Source Xanathar’s Guide To Everything
School Evocation
Level Cantrip
Casting time One Action
Range 5 ft
Component V, M (one holy symbol)
Duration: Instantaneous
Details You have to utter any divine word. Then a 5e burning radiance erupts within you. Suppose you see a creature of your choice within range.The creature should succeed on the Constitution saving throw. Else it must take a radient damage of 1d6.
Higher Level The damage of this spell will increases by 1d6 whenever you reach Level 5 (2d6), Level 11  (3d6), and Level 17 (4d6).
Spell Cleric
Scales Yes
Materials Holy symbol

Their motion will most likely be halved, meaning it could be hard for them to escape. CR five monsters are generally hanging out around 100 hp. These four clerics with large ACs are imposing around an average of 75–100 damage per round, they are a reasonably practical killing machine for a moment.

And if you had four clerics wholly surrounded, we are talking around 4000 damage per round. Imagine how that would change a battlefield, to have a 40′ from 40′ zone of absolute carnage for a full moment. They could wade through the battlefield, cutting a path to get an epic fighter to undertake the general in a duel. Or an assassin to kill them, or a wizard or sorcerer to be able to wade in 300 feet before falling the fireball or meteor swarm into the deep ranks.

What are suitable Level 1 spells and cantrips for a beginner cleric at 5E?

You want one cantrip you can use to attack. From the Players Handbook, that means sacred fire. Word of Radiance 5e strikes multiple creatures, so It’s worth considering for a melee cleric. The second cantrip should be Guidance. That is clerics or druids and gives a bonus to any ability roll. For first level spells, Healing Word has more use than cure wounds. You can healing word as a bonus action and at the range.

Cure wounds tend to be used after combat, once you are likely to have a short rest to become hit points back. So you don’t need to use the spell slot. Guiding Bolt is a fantastic single goal-attack spell. Clerics can prepare different charms after a long break. It means you don’t need to commit to learning spells as some other courses do. Other spells depend more on the situation to make them more useful.

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