Write For Us – Top 4 Technology Guest Posting Sites in 2022

Write For Us - Top 4 Technology Guest Posting Sites in 2022

Write For Us – Top 4 Technology Guest Posting Sites in 2022

If you are passionate about technology, you may want to write for us on one of our websites. We are always looking for quality posts on various topics and are always happy to receive guest posts on the subject of your choice.

For example, if you are interested in visual communication and diagramming, we are looking for guest posts on these topics. In return, we will allow you to profit from your contribution. Read on to learn more.

Webnews21.com allows guest authors to profit from their contributions.

Please check here for more. As a guest author, you can profit from your contributions in the form of a byline on the articles you publish. To ensure that you receive a byline on your contributions, please be diligent in sending several emails with post ideas and various questions. Include links to previous content you’ve published, find images for your posts, and suggest post titles. Avoid stuffing your content with self-serving links and other unrelated links.

Teenager accepts guest posts.

If you want your brand name to get the recognition it deserves, consider submitting your guest posts to a site like Techenger. Its guest posting services are geared towards attracting a large audience and boosting search engine rankings. In addition to quality content, Techenger also offers link-building services. This site is ideal for generating attention for your brand and showcasing your expertise in your field. To learn more about Techenger’s guest posting services, read on!

Unlike other guest-posting opportunities, Techenger requires its authors to create high-quality content and follow-up emails. Before submitting your guest posts, analyze the website’s structure and ask some unique questions. You’ll be surprised at how many people want to share your knowledge. So, get started today! If you want to submit your posts on other sites, follow these tips:

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Make sure that your topic is relevant and on-topic. Your guest post should have at least two-five hundred words. The more content your post contains, the higher its chances of ranking in search results. Don’t forget to include mentions of other blogs in your posts. That’s one of the best ways to earn more links and recognition. If you’re writing a guest post for a blog that accepts guest posts, pitch your topic to them so they can be featured on their site.

When pitching your guest post prospect, do your research. Do you have a particular interest in their niche? Is their blog or website already accepting guest posts? If so, send them a URL. Once they accept your offer, they will be excited to publish your work! Make sure your guest post is original and fits in with the theme of their website. If you’re unsure about the prospect, send them a brief introduction about your background and relevant work.


If you’re looking to publish a guest article, you can submit it to TechBii. The site is looking for posts on various tech topics but has a few specific guidelines. The site also encourages how-to articles, SEO, WordPress, and Android content. While the website accepts guest articles on various topics, it does not accept product and software recommendations or links to affiliate websites.

The content is aimed at web designers and developers, and the site publishes articles on building an e-commerce site. TechBii’s editors are looking for case studies, research articles, and actionable how-to articles and will review your submission carefully. You can also submit a guest post on a topic related to email marketing, such as how to write a compelling email newsletter.

Guest posts should follow the blog guidelines where they’re published, including a link to the author’s website. Guest posts should be well-written and relevant to the topic, with at least two-thousand words. To increase your chances of getting a good Google ranking:

  1. Submit as many posts as possible.
  2. Just don’t forget to spell-check your work.
  3. If you’re writing for another site, send your draft to them as a document.
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Alternatively, you can paste your text into your CMS and let them add it as a draft.

TechBii also accepts guest posts on a variety of tech topics. The ideal word count is between 700 and two thousand words, and articles should include photos. You can submit your article in either Microsoft Word or Google Docs, and they will require a photo. It’s important to remember that TechBii’s readers are tech entrepreneurs, so they’re looking for exciting content.

iTechGyan accepts guest posts on a variety of topics

If you are a technology enthusiast, you might want to consider submitting a guest post to iTechGyan. This tech blog has over 100,000 monthly readers and is looking for a new perspective on a wide range of topics. Ideally, your post will be around 700 to 2,500 words and include photos. You can also upload the post in either Google Docs or Microsoft Word. iTechGyan welcomes guest posts on various topics and encourages photos.

Before submitting your article, you should read the blog’s guidelines for accepting guest posts. For example, most accept articles under six hundred words, while some prefer longer posts of more than 1,000 words. Once you know the length and subject of the blog, you should pitch your article to the blog’s webmaster. For this, you can create a request email and mention the title and number of words.

iTechGyan requires guest bloggers to authenticate their identity and website URL. Authenticating your identity and website URL is necessary to get published on this blog. Afterward, you must create unique content for the site and provide two links to your social media profiles. Guest bloggers can also upload featured images and videos to the site to enhance their article’s visual appeal.

In addition to the benefits of submitting your post, guest posting allows you to expand your social network and industry connections. You can easily find blogs that accept guest posts on various topics, and you can contact your favorite bloggers to see if they accept your article. Guest posting is an excellent way to get your name out there in the technology blogging community and earn valuable public trust.

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