You May not Like this But this is What Peak Performance Looks Like

You May not Like this But this is What Peak Performance Looks Like

You May not Like this But this is What Peak Performance Looks Like

“This is the ideal male body” is from a collection of jokes that make fun of a tweet from Canadian-American media personality Steven Crowder when he posted a photo of Russian heavyweight MMA fighter Fedor Vladimirovich Emelianenko on a social media platform Twitter as an image of the ideal male body shape.

“This is what peak performance looks like” Meme Origin

Stevan crowder, an internet personality, tweeted a picture of a Russian MMA fighter Emelianenko with the caption saying, ” You may not like this, but this is what peak performance looks like.”

The tweet did not go viral until august 2016, when Vic Berger, a well-known comedian, made fun of the tweet, which made it viral, and that is how the “this is the ideal male body” meme was born.

Spread of the Meme

The joke began to spread quickly through Twitter, where people would share different memes with the text applied to other photos. This quickly gained popularity, and people started to find the meme hilarious.

By the end, “The Ideal Male Body” had become a trending topic. Graham, the Toad, combined with Bayonetta, Homer Simpson, Shrek, Frasier, and many other characters, were popular variations. The trending meme was covered by The Verge, NY magazine, and daily dot too.

What is the Ideal male body?

The concept of having the Perfect Body is a definite way to win people’s respect, and acceptance is often promoted in society. According to society, having the ideal body is essential for finding love, getting the job of your dreams, maintaining good health, and enjoying fame, success, and self-confidence. In other words, society typically implies that having the ideal figure is your ticket to a happy life.

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Higher self-confidence is related to physical attractiveness. Studies have shown that people with physically attractive bodies are more liked and treated better. Although it may seem unfair, bias is embedded in us from birth and affects all of us.

Greek sculptures of the male human form show they valued the human body as a work of art. Men may struggle against ideals that call for extreme muscularity, thinness, or both.

What tends to make a body ideal and attractive, according to research?

A line segment’s golden ratio is the ratio when it is divided into two pieces of differing lengths, with the longer segment’s ratio to the shorter segment being equal to both of their ratios.

The human body has a significant amount of the golden ratio. The golden ratio is interesting since it seems embedded in everything around us. It has been discovered in the veins of leaves, animal skeletons, and crystal geometries.

Many plastic surgeons use this concept to sculpt people’s bodies into an ideal shape. It all comes down to 1.618, a single number. The Golden Ratio is this.

Men who have a triangle body type, broad chest, narrow hips, and high chest-to-waist ratio are more attractive and are considered to be ideal for both men and women. Male shop mannequins are very tall (approximately 187 cm), have broad shoulders, and are thin in the hips. They are not particularly muscular; in fact, they are pretty lightweight.

Who is Fedor Emelianenko from the “ideal male body” meme?

Russian mixed martial artist (MMA) fighter Fedor Vladimirovich Emelianenko competes in the heavyweight division. Emelianenko is the longest-reigning Heavyweight lineal champion in MMA history and the best fighter overall.

Childhood and Early life

  • Vladimir Alexandrovich and Olga Fedorovna welcomed their son Fedor into the world on September 28, 1976, in Rubizhne, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union. His mother worked as a teacher, and his father was a gas-electric welder.
  • Aleksander and Ivan are his two younger brothers, and Marina is his older sister. Along with Fedor, Aleksander entered the field of mixed martial arts fighting and quickly became well-known.
  • Fedor was only two when his family moved to Stary Oskol in Belgorod in 1978. Early on, he discovered a wrestling talent, especially judo and self-defense, and he began working out with Gavrilov V.I.
  • He finished high school in 1991 and graduated with honors from a professional trade school in 1994.
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  • His first coach, Vasiliy Ivanovich Gavrilov, introduced him to Judo and Sambo as the main forms of martial arts. He then received training from Vladimir Mihailovich Voronov.
  • He won the Master of Sports in self-defense in Saint Petersburg in 1997, and a few months later, he went on to triumph in an international competition in the city of Kursk to earn the title of Master of Sports in judo.
  • In 1998 and 1999, he took home a bronze medal from the Russian Judo Federation National Championship.
  • He experienced his first defeat in the sport on December 22, 2000, when he competed against Japanese MMA fighter and professional wrestler Tsuyoshi Kohsaka at the King of Kings 2000 Block B event.
  • After a failed looping punch by Kohsaka caused Emelianenko to cut himself, the match was infamously declared a technical victory for Kohsaka by a doctor stoppage. Emelianenko had previously injured himself against Arona.
  • Emelianenko won 28 consecutive fights, going undefeated until June 26, 2010, with victories against a Pride FC champion, two Olympic medalists, and four former UFC champions, among others. During this time, he defeated 11 fighters ranked in the top 10 and defeated Kohsaka in a rematch.


“This is the ideal male body” is what once started as just a tweet and soon became a viral meme for people to share over the Internet.

Ideal body types for men and women highlight typical sexual traits: broad chests and big biceps, huge breasts, big bottoms, and thin waists for women. Societies that favor shapeliness and societies that favor thinness have existed, but there has never been a society that praises huge, shapeless bodies.

Even though he is still an excellent active competitor, Fedor has already established his reputation as the best competitive athlete in MMA history due to the high level of competition in mixed martial arts, the caliber of his opponents, and the level of his winning record.

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