Zabuza and Haku Naruto | S-class Rogue Ninja

Zabuza and Haku Naruto
Zabuza and Haku Naruto

Zabuza and Haku Naruto

Zabuza is an S-class Rogue Ninja in the “Property of Water’s Hidden Mist Village”. It is along with the master and instructor of Haku Yuki in Naruto. Zabuza was born at the Hidden Mist Village. It was about 14 years before the beginning of the collection. Sooner or Later, Momochi struck a young boy Called Haku Yuki by Naruto. He owned a distinctive power—the Ice Design kekkei Genkai. Seeing the boy’s assurance, Zabuza took him and left the village with him, training him as an apprentice, which makes him more powerful than himself and watching him as his final weapon. At some stage, before he left the village, he also became a teacher to Suigetsu Hozuki at swordsmanship. However, they were not close.


Background of Zabuza and Haku Naruto

The Demon Brothers came back from neglecting to kill Tazuna, Zabuza. It was together with his apprentice, Haku. They were from the space, faced the Hidden Leaf’s Team Seven, headed by Kakashi Hatake. He managed to battle as an equivalent and snare within his Water Prison Jutsu. He was overly strong for Naruto Uzumaki along with his other pupils to conquer themselves. These had outsmarted Momochi. It was letting them spare Hatake. He proceeded to overwhelm and conquer Zabuza with his Sharingan easily.

Haku Naruto stepped in and rescued Momochi. He was appearing to kill him by throwing a few senbon to his throat to knock him out. He Spent another week recovering from his injuries. Zabuza moved and faced Team Kakashi back on the bridge Tazuna was constructing. Now with Haku by his hands. He fought with Sasuke Uchiha while Zabuza fought Kakashi again. More of a struggle this time Because of Haku telling him about the way Hatake’s Sharingan functioned. Zabuza reduced its danger with his Hidden Mist Jutsu to its entire impact. He decided to kill Kakashi on audio after he’d stopped him from murdering Tazuna.


  • He’s a human. He’s a male. His blood is a kind A. Although he’s a Jounin, he’s an elite.
  • Powers/Techniques
  • “Water Clone” where he generates a replica of himself from water.
  • “Giant Vortex” where he sends a considerable quantity of potable water towards his competitor.
  • Additionally possesses the”Kubikiribocho,” a huge sword that could revive almost any chip, crack or split by massaging the iron from the blood. Zabuza’s ability level is 30.5, virtually equal to Kakashi 34.5 at the moment.

Nine-Tailed Fox’s chakra

It was a Shock together with Kakashi when Naruto suddenly resisted the Nine-Tailed Fox’s chakra. Kakashi controlled Momachi when he summoned his murderous hounds, who smelled him. He was murdered. It was when Hatake attempted to utilize his Lightning Blade Jutsu onto him. Haku countered in the price of his life. Regardless of this, Kakashi hurt both of Zabuza’s arms when he strove to keep battling. It was until his boss, Gato, came with a bunch of men to kill him to prevent having to cover Zabuza. It was then Naruto’s lecture about the way Haku had dwelt for him and the way. He mattered over anything else to the boy.

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Momochi Started to shout after this. He was feeling pain for Haku’s departure. And resolved to attempt to redeem himself by murdering Gato. Provided a kunai from Naruto. Zabuza used it to kill a few of Gato’s men. He then, telling him that the place they would spend eternity could be full of allies. He knocked him to the water, being fatally wounded by his own men in the procedure.

Haku Naruto

Collapsing, Zabuza requested Kakashi to shoot over to Haku’s side. Following the remainder of their enemies were pushed away, he allowed. Stating the least he can do at the end was by his side, Momochi wanted he combine Haku from the afterlife because he died. Due to his activities before perishing, Zabuza had redeemed his spirit. And, to his surprise, was permitted to combine Haku from the afterlife as was afterwards revealed when he had been reanimated.


Kabuto Yakushi revived Zabuza Momochi along with his apprentice the spouse of Obito Uchiha. He was the chief of a company of S-class Rogue Ninja, “the Akatsuki”, as army weapons. It was because of their side throughout the inaugural Great Ninja War, along with many other very influential shinobi.

Teamed up with different kekkei Genkai users to the warfare, Zabuza and Haku afterwards found themselves faced with none other than Kakashi Hatake back. He thanked them for being Naruto’s first competitors before Zabuza asked. He stopped them because they had no company in this world.

Yakushi subsequently overtook Their minds. He compelled Zabuza to rally the remainder of his creation of the Seven Ninja Swordmen of the Mist to battle against Hatake along with his men. They were soon bolstered by additional alliance shinobi. With his Hidden

Mist Jutsu to blur his existence, Zabuza was made to fight Kakashi’s business. It was until he was finally defeated after Haku again intercepted a setback from Kakashi. He proceeded to cut off his right arm and impale him through the torso. Letting time to get Zabuza and Haku to become jumped in position and sealed off. Afterwards, after Kabuto had been made to finish the Summoning Jutsu. Reanimation, Zabuza along with the majority of other undead shinobi were shipped back in the afterlife.


Zabuza was famously bloodthirsty. He loved killing. It was a prodigy from the art of assassination. He murdered 100 competitions before he became a shinobi. He had been quite cruel in conflict along with arrogant regarding his abilities. Despite his promise to his apprentice, Haku Yuki, he saw him just as a weapon for use.

Zabuza climbed to care for him was brought to tears upon hearing Naruto post him around Haku. He lived for him, which directed Zabuza to have a change of heart about his manners. He moved to redeem himself of his own offences by killing the tainted tycoon Gato. Following his reanimation, Zabuza revealed a feeling of honour, as he requested Kakashi to shoot him, Hau, again. Because they had no additional business from the human world, anybody would use the dead as instruments in warfare.

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S-class Rogue Ninja

For an S-class Rogue Ninja, Zabuza Momochi was a powerful shinobi. He was powerful enough to be a part of the Hidden Mist Village’s famous “Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist”. It was one of the most creative creations of this swordsman. That came to exist at the village of history. As an Anbu Black Op, Zabuza was readily Jonin-level. He was ost effective Jonin of the Hidden Leaf Village. Almost killing him over overall posing a significant enough threat to him personally that Hatake felt that the necessity to utilize his Sharingan.

S-class Rogue Ninja
S-class Rogue Ninja

Zabuza had immense physical power. And he was in a position to wield his giant Executioner’s Blade without difficulty. He mastered it for unlimited intervals and repelled other people with single blows. Zabuza was also a proficient instructor, with train his apprentice, Haku, to some shinobi who he confessed had surpassed his power. Momochi also had unbelievable chakra. When he published took on the form of a demon scattering purple in colour.

Elemental forces and Swordsmanship

Like much Hidden Mist shinobi, Zabuza was quite proficient in Using Water Mode. He was able to snare others at a Prison of dense water. It made movement really hard and make mist so thick it was utterly impossible to see, despite dojutsu like the Sharingan. He may also form clones of water. They were great for a diversion which may improve his numbers from large groups of foes. He could also make big water jutsu that resembled dragons to strike with fantastic power.

Childhood of Zabuza and Haku Naruto

As a kid with no training, he managed to kill more than a hundred academy trainees all by himself—Zabuza’s sword. Even if there was any crack or chip, it could fix itself together with the iron in the blood of its victims. Zabuza faced disillusion with the direction of the village and direct a bunch of ninjas to assassinate. It is Mizukage but finally fails, forcing Zabuza to depart from the village. And he turned into a rogue and mercenary.

On his travels, he discovered a young orphan who had an outstanding ability to make ice mirrors. And travelling between them to battle with his enemies. He shot this young child in, Haku, and educated him many fighting styles and making him his personal weapon and instrument.

He’d finally wind up in the use of Gato. He tasked with murdering the bridge manufacturer Tazuna. Kakashi Hatake safeguarded Tazuna along with his Genin squad, Team 7. The battle between Zabuza and Kakashi was long enough. And it involved everybody doing something to fight the demon. Sakura Haruno defended Tazuna since Kakashi fought him out to a lake.

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Haku Naruto and Zabuza

Team 7 failed to realize how much trouble they had. It was till Kakashi faced immobilization in Zabuza’s “Water Prison” technique. Naruto and Sasuke needed to create an elaborate strategy involving transformation methods and diversions. Finally, Zabuza needed to launch his water prison procedure. And also the tables turned once more. When Kakashi prepared to kill Zabuza. A mysterious masked figure ended the job.

The figure took Zabuza together with him. Kakashi noted he has to have been a tracker ninja to its Mist village. After all, Zabuza stayed in his home town.

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Over his regaining weeks, Kakashi deduces this tracker ninja is simply an impostor and is really in most of this to assist Zabuza. After everyone else trains, Kakashi and co. (rescue Naruto) head to the bridge which Tazuna was likely to complete. And, to Kakashi’s deductions, Zabuza along with also the mysterious tracker ninja, shown as Haku, was anticipating them.

The battle raged on for hours. And both Naruto and Sasuke trapped inside one of Haku’s many mortal Jutsu. It was a massive area of ice mirrors. He utilized a kekkai Genkai inside so he could teleport shape mirror into the mirror at intense rates. It was by beating them down in the procedure. Meanwhile, the Zabuza was concealing in his infantry and assaulting softly and quickly. Again it was a significant feat with a sword if this size on his spine.

Zabuza and Haku both died. But until he expires, Zabuza demonstrates that he actually did care for Haku rather than just himself. Zabuza afterwards in a mental scene provides Naruto information about being a real ninja.


Obito later bolsters Zabuza alongside Haku and the first seven swordsmen. He doesn’t want resurrection. And informs Kakashi to kill him. Before Killing Zabuza, Kakashi admits it was, in fact, Zabuza who left Naruto to the vampire that he is now. Kakashi successfully combats Zabuza and Haku back to break. 

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