10 Best AI Automation Tools For Digital Marketing And Video Professional In Nov-Dec 2022

10 Best AI Automation Tools For Digital Marketing And Video Professional In Nov-Dec 2022

10 Best AI Automation Tools For Digital Marketing And Video Professional In Nov-Dec 2022

What was once a fad is now something essential to the growth of most top brands today. Artificial intelligence has become something of a necessity for all kinds of businesses looking to succeed in the digital age. 

We’re going to share some tips on taking advantage of AI marketing tools so you can get your brand in front of more people and change from being just another name into a formidable marketplace force!

What Is An Ai Marketing Tool? How Does It Work?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a trending topic, so interest in it continues to grow. This is because small business owners are increasingly turning to AI for marketing purposes. It’s not surprising as this technology has been proven to be an essential platform for discourse between buyers and sellers. 

It predicts their actions using advanced analytical abilities, making it easy to determine when their next move can be expected in real-time without human intervention.

Why Use AI-Powered Marketing Tools?

Speed is the number one reason artificial intelligence should be used in every business. This is because an AI tech crunches vast amounts of information at once, which would quickly overwhelm someone trying to do similar work manually. 

For example, an AI can crunch and process large data payments such as social media, blog posts, and email (among other things) so that you can focus on other tasks or come up with actionable solutions explicitly related to improving your marketing and sales campaigns.

Best AI Automation Tools for Digital Marketing And Video Professionals 

If you are looking for the best AI automation tools for digital marketing and video professionals.


IntraText is a clever rewording tool that helps you to enhance the writing and editing process so that you can deliver content that is more relevant to all of your stakeholders, including customers, employees, and shareholders, among many others. A few unique features of IntraText include boosted vocabulary options, improved standard English grammar rules, and rich text formatting, which is poised to make your content more search engine optimized (SEO) wealthy, which will help you attract and retain more potential customers and become an industry leader who makes them come back for more. 

Now with automatic spell checking capabilities, error correction functions, and endlessly available formats for easy sharing with colleagues when you’re ready, IntraText will take any rough draft creatively to new heights without nearly as much time or effort.


MarketMuse – Using Artificial Intelligence to Generate Relevant Keywords and Content Enhancements! MarketMuse helps marketers identify their primary keywords and develop original content rivaling the best in their industry. 

Whereas a standard keyword tool like Google’s Adwords would return a list of competitors for a given set of keywords, MarketMuse will use an API to crawl the top ranking websites, analyze the content on each page, and then return keyword suggestions that are likely to work well for you. 

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The program then provides opportunities to improve your content and offers actionable advice on what additional words/phrases should be used to get more traffic from search engines.


Grammarly is a potent editing tool. Unlike traditional spell checkers, Grammarly can be plugged into most apps and browser extensions, allowing you to find and correct typos on the go. 

It also offers formatting edits to help cut down on brainstorming time later when that idea you hit upon isn’t perfect. Additionally, the grammar suggestions are tailored to fit what sort of article you’re writing. In a more academic piece of writing, common mistakes like using “that” instead of “which” aren’t so important – while in an informal blogging context, they can be crucial!

Grammarly is a fantastic tool for ensuring that your text is clean and free of typos, errors, and unwanted elements. Not only does it provide you with a spell-checker similar to that which comes with your word processor, but it can also be installed onto your browser or blog. With Grammarly’s experience directly in front of you, offering tips on engagement and clarity will always help inform what the correct decision should be, whether you’re writing an article that may be friendly or formal.


Arimo is a machine language that helps marketing analysts and customer service departments generate highly-defined customer profiles, which in turn helps the product team create more effective and relevant product features and offers for their following most excellent consumer apps.

Using Arimo’s innovative technology, we can determine the types of messaging that may be most effective for a particular audience. Our software will then give product recommendations (like e-courses or whitepapers) that trigger real-time actions from your customers. 

Once they take action on those promoted products, their behavior is recorded and used to create personalized incentives based on their actions. This means you’ll be sending them super timely offers, deals, and coupons in the future – guaranteed to boost your conversion rates at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.


Have you ever put off replying to customers because you were afraid it was too much work? What if there was an AI that did all the job so that you could be free of a burden and focus on other aspects of your business? 

Chatfuel is a leading all-in-one platform for building chatbots on Facebook with 1 billion users. It allows for seamless interaction between users and companies of all varieties. Additionally, it helps businesses run their day-to-day activities (e.g., marketing or lead generation) by automating processes otherwise achieved after expending large amounts of time and effort. Chatfuel has been rated nine out of 10 as the best chatbot technology program.

If you are still doing your own Facebook messaging, you might want to enlist the power of Chatfuel. This intelligent bot allows you to create your own FB Messenger strategy with virtually no coding! And if you want to automate your website FAQs, there’s even a chatbot. This top-ranked tool will help maintain customer relationships and respond to questions 24/7 with humanly crafted messages relevant to each user!

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Blogging is more than just a way to attract customers to your brand and promote your products. It gives site visitors an authentic look into how you run your company, allowing them to connect with you on a deeper level than usual when they feel like you aren’t just another faceless corporation with their best interest at heart. 

What’s more impressive is that artificial intelligence can now be used for creating text content by extracting the topic from a given image!

The majority of source content for a website or book is typically written by hand. This can be very time-consuming, and we think AI is the future of content creation. It will allow the author to save hours, if not days, in writing from scratch and editing. Using AI, you could use a tool to auto-generate blog articles by simply entering a keyword or topic plus the ending words for your article, and you’ve already got something to start with.

Using AI as a tool for creating content can be a great idea – provided the writer has enough time to edit the text generated by the program. Otherwise, this could be unpleasant for businesses if one leaves their product’s copy in less-than-capable hands! Content is best rewritten with human hands (though not necessarily human fingers) – stay vigilant regarding your online presence!


Behind customer reviews stands a customer, and knowing what they have to say is extremely important. Until now, there wasn’t much in the way of automation for this task, but thanks to intelligent tools like Yotpo, managing your website’s reviews can be much easier for you as a business owner. 

Yotpo will read through customer feedback and determine their feelings about your company and your products. It will then present some insight as to why they feel that way which you can utilize to adjust your company’s strategy or fix anything wrong with your products or services.

According to expert reviews, closed-loop review management is another powerful tool that’s essential for a company’s success. Yotpo’s tool tracks and organizes all kinds of feedback – written and visual – for your business, including customer reviews, ratings, and social sharing. 

This information shows you can create a better product or service using Yotpo’s crowd testing capabilities. You can also organize email marketing promotions or loyalty programs on your website and track their results to prove ROI with Yotpo.


While the famous saying goes, “Content is King,” creating that king’s clothing can be challenging. Some content marketers like to produce their articles, while others outsource work to writers in other countries. 

Unfortunately, if you decide on outsourcing, there are problems if the writer doesn’t fully understand your business or product. One solution to this problem is using Article Builder – a tool that allows you to quickly generate unique content using an input sentence as a base. Considering it uses a custom algorithm that runs on your input sentence and notifies you if a similar sentence has been used in any article.

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Content marketing is becoming less like a jungle out there and more like a garden. Yet, it appears as if content creation is still the same old bottleneck issue that holds many brands back from reaching publishing success, not just small organizations with limited resources. The model has been trained on particular popular content niches and allows you to seed an article with a paragraph or an idea to work off of. Because this seed paragraph is never used in the article itself – you can even use something from a competitor’s blog or website.

Howler AI 

Need PR but don’t want to deal with a team of bureaucrats who won’t get the job done? The PressClub App will help you write personalized pitches and then use its algorithm to develop a list of journalists that are ideally suited to your niche. The PressClub Artificial Intelligence will also help you find online influencers and leverage them on social media to get your message out.

Need to spread the word about your product but don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding each journalist personally and writing individualized pitches for each one? Instead, you’d simply like a list of journalists who are already interested in what you have to offer and would be open to covering it. 

That’s where Howler AI comes in handy – it will create personalized pitches on your behalf and give you a list of potential writers who may be perfect to talk to if you’d like answers on specific topics or have something vastly different to announce in comparison.


Exceed.ai provides a conversational and intuitive marketing automation tool for companies looking to have automated conversations with conversations within their customers’ inboxes. 

Customers are notified via Incoming Webhooks and messages sent through Facebook Messenger. This marketing automation tool takes advantage of Markov chains technology, the most famous being Oxford-style bots like @StanfordBots.  

A Markov model is a statistical mechanical system that changes from one state to another based on its past experiences; it doesn’t need information about anything except what has happened before; however, if you tell one of these systems something, then it remembers it forever after (or very close to permanently).

Exceed.ai is a chatbot that helps build trust with clients by providing a very transparent experience in the form of an interface that operates in a very natural way. 

Naturally interrogating clients about their needs and desires allows customers to make well-informed decisions by assessing whether or not they can live up to the potential benefits promised by the product being tried out to drive home adoption.

Final words

There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing the right AI marketing automation software. Here we will face the challenge of assembling an introduction on why you should choose our product over the dozens of other options that you have available to you in any given industry. 

And this is because we firmly believe that our AI tech and cloud-based products are superior and will not only streamline your digital marketing efforts but also make them more effective than ever before. This is precisely what you want from an AI-powered toolkit!