10 Best Ai Automation Tools For Digital Marketing and Video Professionals

10 Best Ai Automation Tools For Digital Marketing and Video Professionals

10 Best Ai Automation Tools For Digital Marketing and Video Professionals

The use of artificial intelligence in marketing did hit the mainstream. You would be much hard-pressed to find the companies–big and even small– that do not use the top AI marketing tools to promote their brands. We are going to share the 10 Ai automation tools.

What Is An Ai Marketing Tool? How Does It Work?

An AI marketing tool is a platform or software that uses artificial intelligence to create automated decisions. These decisions are based on all the collected data analyzed and interpreted together with all the marketing trends.

The goal is to develop a perfect marketing strategy that anticipates that buyers are on the next move. All of this is done in real-time without the intervention of an actual human. This capacity to make automated at the lighting speed will make AI marketing tools for the business so formidable.

Why Use AI-Powered Marketing Tools?

Speed is always the number one reason why artificial intelligence marketing tools should be prevented in every business. This is because an AI tech crunches vast chunks of the information taken from the platforms like social media, the web, and email.

It will also bridge the gap between the data and the actionable solutions that you can implement to improve your marketing and sales campaigns. 

Best AI Automation Tools for Digital Marketing And Video Professionals 

If you are looking for the best AI automation tools for digital marketing and video professionals.

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Instatext is a very easy-to-use writing and editing tool that helps you rewrite your text so that you can understand and perceive it as a professional. IntraText will improve the word choice and styling, correct grammatical errors, and enrich your content to make it much more understandable and readable in ways that we have not seen from any other products.

IntraText will make it easy to take the rough drafts of the articles and marketing copy to the next level without nearly as much effort and time.


MarketMuse will help content marketers drastically reduce the time spent on competitive analysis, content research, and Seo. Using artificial intelligence, this tool will read your content to check the relevance of a page for your primary keywords.

It will then provide keywords insight and recommendations for improvement, driving increased organic traffic and ultimately improving the search rankings and driving increased organic traffic. MarketMuse can also help you with content creation.


Grammarly is a brilliant proofreading tool. Unlike the spell-checker on your word processor, Grammarly can also be plugged into your browser, blog posts, and flogging typos on emails. Moreover, their app experience can go beyond simple editing, delivery, and tips on engagement and clarity.

Beyond checking for grammar, this AI tool can also easily customize recommendations based on the piece’s goal. Of course, this will always help inform recommendations. Still, the sticker on a formal/academic piece may be more lenient on an informal/friendly article.


Arimo is a behavioral AI software that will help you track the online shoppers to click the activity to predict their next action and the likelihood of making a very good purchase.

This will allow the marketers to create personalized incentives and the product’s recommendations to improve the chance of a conversion.


Have you ever procrastinated responding to your businesses, feeling you needed to hire someone full-time to keep up? And Facebook messages. Chatfuel will help you to automate this with an intelligent bot.

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With no coding experience required, you can also engage with prospects 24/7, automate FAQs, or even connect the warm leads to the live reps. This top-rated tool will run nearly 50% of all Facebook chatbots, helping companies of all types.


AI is not just a data-crunching tool that leaves very creative work to humans; it can also be used for content creation. For example, AI-Writers can easily create full blog articles using the headline. 

Admittedly, the content is not that perfect. The text output will typically require a bit of editing, but this tool can still save the content creators a great deal of time with the legwork of writing a new blog.


Managing customer reviews is another very time-consuming task that can now be easily automated, thanks to intelligent tools like Yotpo. It is the moderation tool that analyzes customer feedback and sentiments, providing you the insights that can be used to improve your services and products.

It can be easily leveraged to drive sales, presenting them to prospective shoppers and extracting the relevant information from past reviews. Yotpo also has the tools to help build and manage reward programs and drive SMS marketing.


Content marketing is becoming more and more of a necessity. Yet, content creation remains a bottleneck, especially for small organizations with limited bandwidth.

The model has been trained on particular popular content niches and allows you to seed an article with a paragraph or an idea to work off of. Because this seed paragraph is never used in the article itself. You can also even use something from a competitor’s blog or website.

9.Howler AI 

Need PR but do not have the bandwidth to research journalists and write personalized pitches? AI will also help you with that. Howler AI will help you craft your pitch and then use its algorithm to develop a customized list of the journalists perfect for your niche.

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Exceed.ai is an AI-powered sales assistant who will help automate email communication and personalized chat. This marketing automation tool attempts to mimic human conversation by providing a very natural experience to a very potential customer, taking to the prospects, and understanding their product need before a human sales representative can continue the conversations.

Final Words

This article explains the ten best AI automation tools for digital marketing and video professionals. We recommend you do some research of your own to get the best results.