10 Best Ape Hangers For Road Glide In 2022

10 best Best Ape Hangers For Road Glide in 2022

10 Best Ape Hangers For Road Glide In 2022

If you’re considering customizing your bike with ape hangers, read on. Some great options are available, including Adjustable, Batwing, and Meathook ape hangers. In this article, we’ll show you which ones work best for your bike. We’ll also cover what to look for in a pair of Batwing handlebars.

Customized Ape Hangers

With its sleek design, the HTTMT-16-Inch Fat Ape Hanger offers a new twist to the road glide. The sleek, drilled-inside design provides a secure hold on the handlebars. This ape hanger features a durable iron frame and is available in gold or black. Its unique design is a perfect fit for any road glide model.

The Green-Black L’s 14-Inch Rise Fat Ape Hangers Handlebars are the perfect measurements for various bike sizes and styles. They feature chrome-plated ends and protect cables with an Armor Coat. They also feature an easy-to-install design and are compatible with all model years from 2014 to 2022. You’ll love the convenience of a pre-wired ape hanger that fits perfectly with your current handlebars.

If you’ve been riding for a while, you’ve probably noticed a trend in customized handlebars. A properly-fitted handlebar makes extended journeys more comfortable and helps with posture. The Rise Ape Hangers are 12″ in diameter and have 1.5-inch tips with a five-inch rearward sweep. You’ll want to opt for the custom Ape Hangers for a more aggressive and stylish ride.

Adding ape hangers to your road glide can add style and character to the bike. You can customize these hangers to fit most road glide models between 1996 and 2018. There are several styles to choose from. When choosing yours, set a budget and compare prices. You’ll be glad you did. You’ll be cruising on the road in style! So, get yourself one today!

Adjustable Ape Hangers

You can use Ape hangers on many motorcycles, including Harley-Davidsons. The handlebars are typically the first thing to be altered among Harley owners. Malcolm Lee was sixteen when he purchased his first motorcycle and developed an interest in customizing and tuning the machine. He has since trained as a welder and fabricator while nurturing his love of writing and reporting. Today, he holds a Master of Interactive Journalism.

Adjustable ape hangers will make your bike look and feel completely different. Some ape hangers are so vast and provide varying degrees of comfort. In contrast, others will only make the pillion look sexier. Depending on the application, they may be a practical addition to any bike. And as an added benefit, you can reduce the space of the pillion seat.

Batwing Handlebars

Whether you want to make a style statement with your street glide or want a handlebar compatible with your Batwing fairing, Batwing handlebars are an excellent choice. They are functional and offer several great features, including a wide grip and parallel wrist angles for the optimal pullback and stress-free riding. 

First, you’ll notice a new handlebar design on the FLHX Street Glide. It features a black matte finish and the trademark Batwing fairings mounted on the handlebar. Combined with the Electra Glide’s sleek profile, the FLHX Street Glide is one of the most visible motorcycles on American streets. In 2022, Harley-Davidson will be selling two models – one for the street and one for touring.

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Another new design for the Harley-Davidson Street Glide is the Street Glide ST. The design draws from the Screamin’ Eagle Factory race bike but is aimed more at the street. Its short windshield and engine guards look sporty and evoke performance. It also features a solo seat and downsized saddlebags. It will be available in two paint colors – Vivid Black and Gunship Gray.

Meathook Ape Hangers

The Meathook Ape Hanger bars will add an aggressive look to your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. They are made from high-quality materials and come in show chrome and a glossy black powder coat. When you are ready to purchase the Meathook Ape Hanger bars for your Road Glide, read the complete product description and choose the correct voltage for your motorcycle.

HongK Ape Hangers

If you’re thinking of buying a road glide, one of the features you should look for is an ape hanger. While it can be challenging to narrow down the selection, you can start by reading about the basic features and requirements. For those looking to upgrade from an old road glide, the ape hangers can improve road glide by providing a comfortable and safe ride.

The HongK handlebar has steel bars and a slotted pinhole for a secure grip. It has been compatible with most road glides from 1996 to 2013 and has a one-inch clamp area diameter. It has a perfectly crafted look, smooth angles, and corners and is compatible with most road glide models. It has a 1-inch diameter clamp area and solid steel.

The ape hanger helps the rider maintain a smooth glide on the roads, and the handlebars provide a smooth turning radius when a bend is present. The ape hanger’s design is seamless steel pipes that are rustproof and corrosion-resistant. Moreover, its ape hangers look good and last long. But do you want to invest in an ape hanger?

Monsters Ape Hangers

The Monster ape hanger is available in three heights, with a pullback of 6 inches. It is also drilled for internal wiring and notched for throttle-by-wire applications. They will fit most Harley-Davidson models, including Dynas, Sportsters, and Road King baggers. They also retain stock cables for a seamless installation. 

Ape hangers haor several years on baggers and scooters, but they’re a practical addition when paired with a windshield or fairing. A new company, Burly Brand, has been gaining ground for its quality gear. The Burly 16-in Gorilla Ape Hanger handlebars feature a 16-in rise and 10-in pullback. These handlebars are nearly 40 inches wide.

XMT-MOTO Ape Hangers

Ape hangers are a great way to increase your bike’s handlebar height and provide a stylish look. However, the bars can be uncomfortable and should be at a comfortable level so that you can grip them with your hands. To make your ride more comfortable, get a pair of ape hangers 16 inches in height or taller.

A good set of ape hangers will enhance your bike’s control and glide. You may want to get a wide variety to improve your control and speed. However, you should also be aware that cheap ape hangers are less durable and will break sooner. Make sure that the one you choose is made from sturdy material to ensure safe operation.

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The HongK Harley H-D 14-Inch Ape Hangers are functional and affordable for road glide models in 2022. They have a 1-inch clamp area and fit any model. While they require some assembly, they will ensure a tight grip that will allow you to maintain a stable riding position while on the road. It makes the process of repositioning the bike simple and comfortable.

They manufacture a bike between 1996 and 2008, and the XMT-MOTO ape hunger pangs are functional and affordable. They are made of sturdy steel and come in chrome and black finishes. With these two hangers, you can be confident that you are buying the right one for your road glide in 2022. There’s no reason not to upgrade and take control of your bike’s handling.

WSays Black Ape Hangers 

WSays Black Ape Hanger motorcycle handlebars add style to any bike and offer varying degrees of comfort. Ape hangers improve road glide and help you maintain a comfortable grip. Depending on the model, they also reduce the need for extra space in the pillion. You can also adjust the height to your preference.

This handlebar raises the handlebar end to a comfortable 12 inches, allowing you to ride comfortably and efficiently. The handgrip area is also enlarged to a comfortable one inch. The bars contain sturdy steel and feature drilled designs for a firm grip. They are available in chrome and black finishes. 

This handlebar is compatible with Harley models from 2014-to 2021. While the black ape hanger may not fit all models, it is suitable for Road Glide in 2022. The ape hanger is made of copper and nickel alloys and is powder-coated for an elegant, matte finish. It is stronger than straight seam welded pipes.

These road glide ape hangers are easy to install and come in two finishes. The bars are pre-drilled, so they’re easy to install. They offer optimal control of the vehicle. They are comfortable to hold, light to install, and very functional. They also look great and have internal wiring for the bars. They will make your road Glide 2022 even more stylish.

WSays Black Ape Hanger Motorcycle Handlebars are stylish for the Road Glide in 2022. Unlike drag bars, ape hangers offer greater bike control while gliding. They also feature adjustable angles and positions to provide maximum comfort and control. And because they’re so stylish, they’ll make your road Glide the perfect accessory in 2022!

Mayhem Black Ape Hangers 

The Mayhem Black Ape Hangers are an excellent purchase for your Road Glide. The 12″ handlebars don’t have weld-pipe-in-pipe construction, so you can install them without worrying about damage. The adjustable design also features a 5-inch rearward sweep. The hangers are functional and affordable and a great way to improve your Road Glide’s personality.

The handlebars help riders achieve a smoother glide on the road and provide a smooth turn while rounding bends. The wSays Black 12-Inch Ape Hangers keep rigid materials and seamless steel pipes so they won’t rust or corrode. You’ll love the way they look and feel, and they’ll also save you time installing them.

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Mayhem Black Ape Hangers are an available and affordable purchase for the Road Glide. The handlebars have a 1.25-inch thickness and are 33 inches wide in total. The bars use internal wiring, which can accommodate stock cables. Mayhem Black Ape Hangers are also available for Harley Davidson models with standard risers.

The Road 6 Custom 13-Inch Ape Hanger features a unique design and is easy to install. They arrange its wiring carefully, so you won’t have to worry about snagging your wires and fumbling through your bike to install them. The Road 6 Custom Ape Hanger has valuable instructions and videos showing how to install it properly. It’s functional and looks great after installation.

WSays 16-Inch Fat Ape Hangers

If you’re looking for a road glide handlebar large enough for a long ride, the WSays 16-Inch fat ape hangers might be what you’re looking for. They are both single and dual versions and come with pre-drilled wire holes. They’re a great choice for beginners and experienced riders alike.

There are pros and cons to using ape hangers. Some riders swear by them, but you should be aware that some may not suit your riding style. Having a peg may prevent back or muscle strain. Besides being large, ape hangers can make your bike look very different. They also reduce pillion space. They can help you ride comfortably in a small space, as the rider becomes a sail instead of a pillion.

When choosing the right handlebars, consider the height of your hands. For example, if you’re short, you’ll need shorter ape hangers, while taller riders will need longer ones. In addition, it’s important to consider your height when choosing a hanger, as it may require wiring extensions. And make sure that you’re installing it on your bike safely.

For large motorcycles with a wide stance, ape hangers are an excellent choice. They’ve been around since the early Harley Davidson bikes. Daredevil bikers who thought standing on the bars would increase their visibility. Nowadays, however, ape hangers are made for comfort while cruising.

If you want to feel liberated while gliding down the road, ape hangers can be a great choice. These lightweight, adjustable handles help you achieve a smooth glide while assisting you with the turns when you’re on a bend. The WSays 14-Inch Fat Ape Hangers are affordable and functional for road glide in 2022.

These hangers come in several styles, ranging from classic to modern. While they’re most commonly associated with Harley Davidson motorcycles, these hangers will work on any bike, not just Harleys. Most new Harley owners will change their handlebars the first time they ride their bikes. Since then, Malcolm Lee has cultivated his passion for motorcycle customization. He has worked as a fabricator and welder and now has a Masters’s degree in interactive journalism.

WSays 14-Inch Big Fat Ape Hangers will provide more control and enhance road glide for all riders. The hanger will also improve your motorbike’s image and add style. The handlebars are 16-inches tall, but they look wider than their name suggests. The bars feature drilled design and contain durable steel. They give a firm grip.

Final Words

The XMT-MOTO ape hanger is both functional and affordable. The WSays Black Ape Hanger is also stylish and affordable. The Mayhem 16-Inch Fat Ape Hanger is a large, oversized road glide ape hanger that is easy to mount on a pillar. There are many other highlights of these road glide ape hangers, but these are our top picks.