10 Best Ape Hangers For Road Glide

10 best Best Ape Hangers For Road Glide

10 Best Ape Hangers For Road Glide | Best Ape Hangers For Road Glide

Ape hangers are handlebars for motorcycles. They come in various shapes and sizes to match your riding style and comfort. But, first, we will let you know about the ten best Ape Hangers for Road Glide.

What are Ape Hangers

Ape-Hangers are found mainly on the choppers; these are the handlebars of such exaggerated that the rider has to reach up for them, hence the name which is rumored to have originally been implemented to aid the riders on the motorcycles with actually no rear suspension to lift themselves from their seat to avoid all the potholes.

They can be easily added in a more comfortable ride since the rider’s hands are much closer to shoulder height; however, if the hands are higher than their shoulder height. However, if the position of the hands is much higher than the shoulders, they may cause numbness in the hands.

Best Ape Hangers For Road Glide

Finding an ideal ape hanger is a very tough challenge – there are too many out there. Different sizes and shapes were also such common concerns. Still, keeping the essential features in mind quickly narrowed down the list to ten handlebars, ditching some ape hangers that did not meet basic standards in exchange for the only few that offered satisfying improvements to the road glide.

Let’s just look at what these ape hangers are and what everything they have to offer for the road glide owners.

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1.Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation OEMB 125-14

It has many highlighted features: hand-crafted build, pre-drilled bars, two finishes, and pre-drilled bars. It is straightforward to mount, lightweight & good-looking, provides you the optimal control of the vehicle, and it’s very durable, resistant & comfortable.

The 1.25-inch diameter bars had already come drilled, which guarantees that the internal wiring and mounting go as smoothly as possible. Both hands remain at a perfect height above the shoulder, giving you total control of the road glide. Also, the bars will look fantastic, and so will you, so there is that too.

2.FMB Mercenary Bars Ape Hangers

Its highlighted features are DOM Tubing, Stain, Black finishes, and wall thickness. Although it is compatible with 2014 and older road slide models, these ape hangers are impressive. They will feature a durable build, a very comfortable design, and a stunning finish to make the road glides stand out. Furthermore, since they may use a combination of DOM tubing and a powder-coated surface, they expect to rock these hangers for a very long time.

One of its pros is its comfortable grip for more stability. It makes it very easy to maneuver the vehicle, and it is still compatible with the most famous road glides. Additionally, your arms may remain in a position that does not feel tiring or exhaustive, even after traveling for long distances.

3.XKMT- Harley H-D Ape Hanger

One of its highlighted features is steel construction, different sizes, bar thickness, and slotted pinhole. One of the best things about this ape huner is that it does not look as aggressive. On the contrary, it will enhance the vehicle’s look by providing a very stylish and excellent appearance without even looking intimidating, which is excellent for road glides.

One of its pros are extra-comfortable grip and adjustable positioning; this ape hanger does not look aggressive and has adjustable positioning. In addition, while you are cruising the roads, the handlebars will help keep the road glide much more stable. These benefits are particularly noticeable at the corners, at which the handlebars offer you smooth turns.

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4.says Black 12-Inch Ape Hangers

Its highlighted features are seamless steel pipe, pre-drilled tubes, handlebar height, and rust-proof coating. Although it is created with seamless steel pipes, this ape hanger features resistant materials and coatings to withstand the most challenging conditions.

The handlebar end may raise to 12 inches, making the ape hanger’s height and width much more comfortable. At this position, firmly gripping the handle for much efficient use of the road glide is both satisfying and possible.

5.Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation OEMB-2015-12 Ape Hanger

One of its highlighted features is its hand-crafted build, durable construction, 1.25-Inch diameter bars, and super clamped compatibility. As a result, it is perfect for touring models, including many of the most famous road glide models.

It is available in 10 and 12 inches; this handlebar will offer some variety to customize the road glides. Much like any other products included here, this one does in black and chrome finishes.

It improves your handling of the road glide. It puts up some very smooth rides with zero risks of slippage. It secures an excellent grip for a safe experience, and it has a gorgeous finish.

6.Dominator Industries 12-Inch Meathook Ape Hangers

One of its highlighted features is plumbed & notched, TIG-welded, laser-cut parts, and beveled,de-burred parts. It is a 12-inch ape hanger easily fits street glides from 1996 and 2018.

Besides, it is also very comfortable with all the choppers like the Harley-Davidson Electra, Ultra, Classic, and Ultra Limited models, among all others.

It is super compatible with the road glides and choppers; its premium design is for great looks, comfortable rise for an optional riding experience, and high-quality construction that puts up with anything.

7.Road 6 Custom 13-Inch Ape Hanger

Its highlighted features are wiring management, lightweight tutorials available, and its 13-inch total rise. The design of this Road 6 Custom 13-Inch Ape hanger makes it an ideal option.

While taking a ride around the block, you will get an excellent grip with no sips to reduce the risks of losing your balance. Once mounted, the finished bar will look extraordinarily fantastic and give you a comfortable feeling. It is a very good-looking handlebar that is also very satisfyingly comfortable.

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8.Burly Brand Black Ape Hanger Cable 

Burly comes with all the required wires; you will also get an instruction manual with this cable and get extra wires with this set in case you break any. In addition, you can use the ape hanger cable, which helps to extend Burly Brand handlebars.

It is so suitable for fixed gears too. Burly Brand ape hangers are paired with the ape hanger cables that become the best handlebars for the fixed gear.

9.Bagger Brothers HD-HB-20-CH Ape Hanger

One of its highlighted features is its pre-drilled build, thick steel design, clamping width, and cable management. Are you looking for an ape hanger for old and new glide models? Then this is the one to go for. It will perfectly fit the models produced within those days, delivering safety and comfort during each ride.

Bagger Brothers HD-HB-20-CH Ape Hanger may improve the road glide balance and comfort; it provides a firm grip for more safety and control, fits 2008-2015 Harley-Davidson models, and is very useful easy to mount.

10.HongK- Harley H-D 14-Inch Ape Hanger

One of its Highlighted features is its steel bars, slotted pinhole, pre-drilled parts, and its Ashanti slip design. Although it is compatible with the road glide models from 1996 and 2013, this ape hanger’s 1- inch clamp area diameter will guarantee an easy fit in any glide which is produced within that year.

It has a very innovative design that looks incredible, feels comfortable, improves handling and maneuverability, and has a perfect build with smooth corners and angles. Overall, this HongK handlebar will manage to be innovative while still retaining some of the most valuable traditional ape hanger features.

Final Words 

This article has discussed the best Ape Hangers for road glide. However, we recommend you give some time to your research to get the best results.