How to Finish Holiday Shopping for the Whole Family Early?

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How to Finish Holiday Shopping for the Whole Family Early?

Finding the perfect holiday gift for each family member is a fun adventure, but it can also be a bit stressful if you wait until the last minute. Stores get busier, inventory dwindles, and you’re left scrambling to find a present. 

To avoid the pressure of last-minute shopping, here are some tips to finish holiday shopping early. 

Save Year-Round

It may sound a bit extreme, but saving year-round allows you to start holiday shopping as soon as you desire. To get started, set aside a small amount of money each month starting in January. That way, by October, November, and December, you’ll be free to buy your whole family the gifts they want without worrying about your bank account. 

Make Lists for Everyone

First, determine everyone you’ll be shopping for this holiday season, including parents, kids, siblings, nieces, nephews, and friends, among others. Once you have a list of family members and friends you plan to shop for, create wish lists for each recipient. Like saving money, this can also be done throughout the year. Keep a running list of gift ideas as they come up. When it’s time to shop, you’ll be well prepared to buy the perfect gift. Not to mention, your loved ones will be impressed you remembered special items they asked for earlier in the year.

Set a Budget and Stick to it

Holiday budgeting might be the most important tip of all. Before you start saving money, set a target dollar amount for each person on your shopping list — and stick to it. It might be tempting to push your budget as you find more gift ideas closer to the holidays, but the last thing you want is a pile of debt at the end of the holiday season. If you’re struggling to find gifts within your budget, get creative. Some of the most thoughtful gifts are handmade or affordable personalized gifts.

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Shop Early

No one said you had to wait until Black Friday to start holiday shopping. After all, the gift you’ve been eyeing for your nephew since March might not be around by the holiday season. Shop year-round if you want, choosing a gift for a different person every month out of the year. Or, opt to wait until at least September to start stocking up on gifts. Whatever you do, don’t wait until December to start shopping. You’ll only make it harder for yourself to find gifts and add unnecessary stress to your shopping experience.

Save Time and Shop Online

Rather than spend several days driving store to store and waiting in long lines for holiday gifts, opt to shop online. Online shopping can be a fast and efficient way to complete your holiday shopping early. Imagine this! You could do all your holiday shopping without even leaving your sofa. And the packages will arrive at your front door ready to be wrapped. It can’t get easier than that. 

Take Advantage of Sales

Every year, there are countless sales advertised near the holiday season. Why not take advantage of these big price savings and get more for your money? Think Black Friday, Small-Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, which all fall the weekend of Thanksgiving. In recent years, Black Friday deals have started earlier and earlier, so keep your eyes peeled for early savings. Of course, if you spot a great deal earlier in the year, go for it. No one said you have to wait until the holiday rush to buy your gifts. 

Starting Early Relieves Stress

As you can see, the earlier you start planning for holiday shopping, the less stressed you’ll be when the holiday season arrives. Rather than worrying about what gift to buy grandma, you can spend time enjoying family and friends. Happy gift hunting!

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