10 best graphic design software for beginners free download in 2022

10 best graphic design software for beginners free download in 2022

10 best graphic design software for beginners free download in 2022 | Latest apps of 2022

A graphic designer is required to create appealing designs for your website. Graphic design is the art of creating stunning visuals to capture viewers’ attention while also spreading brand awareness.

This article will discuss some of the best graphic design software for beginners in 2022. 

Best Graphic Design Software for Beginners free download in 2022. 

Krita-Digital Painting 

This is free graphic design software with a user interface that is highly customizable. It also includes a drawing tool to assist you in creating beautiful designs for personal or commercial use. 

The drawing aid feature allows users to elaborate on their drawing abilities to describe what a graphic designer is attempting to convey. You can also choose from different options of mask tools for your designs. 

Krita is a free, open-source graphic design software that provides beginners and experts with professional visual design tools. The tool is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. This is an excellent tool for conceptual art, textures, illustrations, and comics. 

Because it is highly customizable, it provides an excellent user experience to anyone who uses it. The software also includes a resource manager to import brushes and textures to expand the tools and functionalities.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie free graphic design software allows you to create attractive designs quickly without spending a lot of time learning how to install expensive software. Furthermore, because the learning curve is so shallow, anyone with no prior experience can create visually appealing graphics for various purposes.

It has many templates that you can use right away or customize to your specific needs. Then, save your projects to the cloud, where you can access them anywhere, share them with the entire team, and make changes. The result can be easily downloaded to your device before being shared on the appropriate platform. The final specification is essentially the design elaboration.

For each payment plan, you can run your ads with AdMob and Air Push. The Basic, Gold, and Platinum designs each have a limit of 5000, 10,000, and 25000.

All of AppyPie’s paid plans include geofencing and neighborhood message pop-ups. In addition, you can easily create your primary store inside the application and accept payments via PayPal or Visa.

AppyPie can quickly create content from your previous online store with various stages, for example, Etsy, Magento, WooCommerce, Amazon, Groupon, etsy, eBay, and so on. Add an RSS page and enter your channel’s connection information.

Gravit Designer

Gravit design is an excellent site for visual and graphic design. The same company also controls Corel Draw. 

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The free version of the computer applications does not allow you to work outside the home. It lacks touchscreen support and optional export.

Gravit Designer is a vector visual depiction arrangement intended for visual designers, product designers, and web design experts. This product provides a collection of essential assets to assist clients in unleashing their creativity when creating distinct and engaging vector images. 

As a result, it is referred to as free graphics software. It includes a wide range of photo editing tools for styles, texts, vectors, designs, and much more.

Gravit Designer can help you transform your basic tasks into incredible results by utilizing its UI design, illustrations, and symbols to create powerful promoting apparatuses, ideas, introductions, movements, and expressions. 

This free graphics software can be downloaded or used as a program-based device. It is compatible with various operating systems, including Chrome OS, Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.

This free graphics software is a full-featured vector art software that can handle all stages.

Allow your imagination to run wild with quick and adaptable tools designed specifically for professional planners. Discover a new universe of imagination and precision vector apparatuses. Make shapes, lines, and inconceivable structure out of your work.


The GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It’s a type of graphic design software used in photography to help with image composition. It can be read on a PC running Windows or a Mac running OS X, as well as Linux. It has an interface similar to Photoshop in Adobe, so learning some advanced tools and shortcuts will be simple.

You can get the software here if you want to try it out for yourself. Start by looking through some of the online tutorials, including beginner basics, photos, painting tips, and more. GIMp has a website where you can learn more about it. For assistance, go to this website and create an account.

It has layers, extremely adjustable brushes, channels, pre-programmed picture enhancement tools, and support for a large number of modules (some pre-introduced, and others accessible to download independently).

Its vibrant local clientele reflects its unpredictable turn of events, and any bugs are quickly squashed. Everything adds to a noteworthy free photo editor that outperforms many commercial programs. Non-designers can also use this software to edit product images.

These points should be summarized; only the PC adaptation merits specific GIMP surveys. The evaluation is unique if it is a versatile or GIMP on the internet.

Developers provide complete functionality, but only in the paid version. Furthermore, the membership will not remove advertising by using and surveying the portable. You will have to pay an additional fee separately. The PC version alone is deserving of your attention.

GIMP Photo Editor is a photo editor designed for Linux and is still included with this framework. The developers decided to make the free graphics software more widely downloaded and used in the following stage.

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This graphic design tool will provide you with a great experience while designing, with 3D modeling capabilities and visual effects combined with sculpting and animations. Another helpful feature is the skin modifier, which allows you to use different skins in your designs. Camera & object motion tracking, as well as masks, are other unique features of this tool. 

Stiff curves and a cluttered menu are some of the disadvantages. However, the blender is a free version of an open-source 3D graphics design program that includes several tools. Visual effects, 3D models, interactive 3D apps, and animations can all be created with it. 

High-end production path tracer, rendering, video editing, python scripting, modeling, and simulation are just a few of the other notable features.


Photopea is the best graphic design software available, and it is suitable for both novice and experienced designers. In addition, it’s entirely online, which means you won’t need to download any software to try it out. The interface is similar to Photoshop, but it may not be as simple if familiar with the tools.

Photopea is a professional-level image editing program for working with vector and raster designs. It’s also reasonable for muddled techniques like page configuration, delineation, and picture alteration, as well as less difficult ones like changing the size of pictures. This software also comes with all of the necessary tools.

In any case, its capabilities are sufficiently broad to satisfy clients, especially those who aren’t willing to spend a lot of money on a membership.

The source code for this best free graphic design software is open-source. Use this graphic design software for anything if you approve of promotions that aren’t upsetting. In any case, paying $9 every 30 days and ignoring promotions makes it possible to obtain an excellent record.

Photopea is a free online image proofreader for stacking, modifying, and sending popular file formats such as Photoshop (PSD) documents, GIMP (XCF) documents, and (Sketch App) documents. There are no modules required, which is a unique feature of the Photopea application.

Design Wizard

Design Wizard is an excellent tool for creating professional-looking designs. It’s ideal for people like me who have no prior experience drawing plans. There are many layouts and stock photos to choose from, making it easier to make good plans in a short amount of time. To make recordings, Design Wizard provides a pleasant video proofreader.

This apparatus allows you to make a variety of plans. It is a highly simple-to-use software for clients who have no experience with planning and altering. It is a quick way of having proficient plans without taking a long time to make them.

The best thing about this software is that it not only focuses on plans for a single movement but also allows you to make detailed plans for interpersonal organizations, pages, messages, and more.

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Design Wizard does its job well, allowing you to create designs quickly. The layouts are excellent, and there is a good mix of sight and sound and a wide range of articles. 

You can create generally excellent articles for whatever purpose you require using the for-nothing variety. Using a small group of snaps quickly gives the impression that your design and style are subject matter experts.

You can mystically resize your plans, transfer your text styles from one to another, photographs and logos, and create custom shading ranges with its components. In addition, its library contains over 1 million premium images, outlines, and designs, among other things.


Canva is another free graphic design program that we can use to make a variety of things to share on social media. 

Canva has a free version that includes everything you need to get started. It provides you with easy access to a large number of free templates and feature set templates, which include a large number of designs and over 100 different types.

With the free 5GB cloud storage, you can take or save more photos with free graphic files. In addition, Canva is completely free to use, with no fees for registering or downloading the desktop app for your Mac or other devices. 

It enables graphic designers to create designs that are both effective and appealing. Canva is also unique in that, as a graphic designer, you can use it to create both print and web content.



This tool is accessible via the internet and is very simple to use. In addition, it has no learning curves, making it ideal for newcomers. 

The availability of guides and online tutorials is another feature that makes it a good tool for beginners. You can also use the tool to collect personal information. This software will be enough if you just get started but want to create professional designs. 

This will be a good option for beginners who focus on vector design but don’t have enough money to spend on premium tools. 

The best part about Vectr software is that it works with a wide range of devices, and anyone can use it. Vectr is also available as a web-based app. Pen tools, shape tools, pathfinders, and many other features are included in this graphic software.


SnapSpeed is a raw file editing program with a user-friendly interface. It also includes finger swipe sliders that are simple to use and free advertising. However, a small amount of learning is required to use the software effectively. Snapseed is a photo editing app that is one of the best in the market. 

Designers can use this free, open-source app to improve and edit images. Photographers can also use this software to produce excellent photo editing results. To properly manipulate your images, you’ll get 29 tools and filters. For example, you can merge two photos using a double exposure tool.


In this article, we discussed the best graphic design software that helps get started. These apps are famous and have the best ratings and reviews. However, for more updates, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest information.