Can a dog get pregnant when not in heat? How often does a dog go in heat?

Can a dog get pregnant when not in heat? How often does a dog go in heat?

Can a dog get pregnant when not in heat? How often does a dog go in heat?

Do you worry about your dog and want to know about the natural pregnancy method of the dog? So you can save your dog from suffering from any problem. In this article, we will guide you about whether a dog can get pregnant in heat or not.

You should know about the female dog’s cycles to keep looking if she is pregnant or not. When a female dog becomes six years old, then from that age to the whole life the female dog has heat and estrus that occur regularly in six months. This heat is important for a female dog to get pregnant. We will give an in-depth guide in the pregnancy of a dog. Please keep reading the post.

What is heat in a female dog, and how does it start?

Some female dogs start having heat at an early age, like six months, and some go on the heat at 18 or 24 months. When a female dog goes on heating, it signifies that she can receive mating, and the reproduction process can start in them. You can know your female dog is heating due to different changes like a swollen vulva. 

You will see bleeding and more urination in her. She will become more alert when she is here. It is dangerous to breed young dogs during their first and second cycle Because of the eggs or until they are not mature. For proper reproduction, eggs should be more mature. You should consult the veteran if the dog is mature enough for the breeding or not.

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Is it possible for a dog to get pregnant if she is not in heat?

A dog cannot get pregnant when she is not in heat. In the female dog, four stages occur in the reproductive cycle naturally. In the first step, breeding occurs, then it goes through successful fertilization, and then the puppies are born. In the dog, the process of ovulation is known as estrus or heat cycle. Ovulation is the process in which an ovary or eggs rupture. It is a sign that a female can now get pregnant.

Heat cycle is very important. Only during this female stage can a dog become pregnant. The cycles can be smooth in some dogs and can have a problem in some dogs. These stages can vary for every dog. Cycles come in some dogs every six months, and in some, they can occur after eight months. The lasting time of cycles in the dog is 2 to 3 weeks.It is a simple thing that your dog cannot develop pregnancy when they are not on heat or the estrus cycle.

How can you know your dog is in heat? 

Every dog expresses the heat cycle in various ways. Your mature female will show some different signs when she experiences her first estrus cycle. When she gets experienced, there is a chance that she will show no sign at all. Here are the signs when your female dog will go on her first heat

  • You will see blood discharge from her.
  • The quantity of urination will increase.
  • The vulva will swell.
  • She will raise her tail.
  • You will see your female dog’s attention towards males, and it will increase more during the heat cycle.
  • Dog moods can also change.

The dog breeding cycle is not so different from the mammals. If you face any issues with knowing your dog’s heat cycles, you can go to the nearest veterinarian to save your dog from any complications. If you do not want to breed or spay your female pet, you should ensure that she does not go near any male dog during the heat cycle.

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How owners should treat their dogs during the heat cycle

It would help if you took care of your female dog during the heat cycle. Here are some steps to take care of your dog during the estrus cycle


There is a natural phenomenon in dogs. She keeps herself clean through licking because every dog does not have an owner. Dog on the street keeps herself clean through licking, and your dog will too because it is natural. It would help if you took proper care of your dog.

You can also use pampers when your dog is bleeding so her body cannot get wet and dirty. If you plan a bath for your female dog, you have to make sure it does not hurt her swollen vulva and nipple during the estrus cycle.


Your dog’s mood will also affect the time of period. She will prefer to sit alone. You should not interfere if she goes on another side and sits alone.

Interest in the male

Make sure your back area is securely fenced, and be wary of her bolting out the front door when you get home from work.

Her physiology signals that it is time to mate, and her acute sense of smell directs her to the nearest available man. You may also see strays or other dogs in the neighbourhood sniffing and peeing more frequently around your home.Your dog’s period should last no more than three weeks, and it can be as brief as five days in some cases.

Final words

A female dog cannot get pregnant when she is not in heat. The heat or estrus cycle is a natural phenomenon in the dog to get pregnant. We have told you about more dog heat cycles in this post so you can understand your female dog better, especially in pregnancy, so that you can save her from the complexities. 

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However, some dogs get estrus cycle late, so they can get pregnant if the heat cycle occurs late in them. If you want to understand more about the female breeding cycle and the advantages and disadvantages of spaying you should read the earlier mentioned posts carefully to protect your female dog from any danger.