Why do dogs hump in the air and also my arm after eating?

Why do dogs hump in the air and also my arm after eating?

Why do dogs hump the air and also my arm after eating? | Weird Facts about dogs

Humping, Mounting a stage of your dog can be a severe concern in some cases. Harmless Humping or mounting is harmless, but you need to know when this behavior gets severe and needs to be treated.

This article will discuss some of the best methods for knowing why your dog humps in the air and after eating.

What is the behavior of the hump?

Humping refers to the thrusting motions of the pelvis used for different reasons. For example, some dogs initiate with simply stimulated mounting. However, it somehow directs that your dog is humping in the air or to another person.

Why is my dog humping in the air?

There can be several reasons why your dog is humping or something else. Some of them are simple casual behavior, and some might be concerning, as discussed before. As your dog starts humping, observe what kind of mounting they are exposed to. Here are some reasons why your dog is humping in the air.

Your dog is on heat

Given that Humping is a male sex behavior, it’s not surprising that when a dog is sexually aroused, he will begin humping the air.

This is extremely common when unneutered male dogs are near a female dog in heat but do not have access to her. This can lead their hormones to go into overdrive, resulting in frustration. Humping the air can help you let go of your stress.

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Before they are neutered, male puppies are also vulnerable to this behavior. While they aren’t ready to mate yet, their hormones are developing, and they require a release, which Humping provides. But, again, this is similar to human adolescent boys.

Male dogs who have been neutered may hump for this reason, and not only for the month; it takes their hormones to calm down following the operation. In addition, male neutered dogs can produce sex hormones.

They are excited

Your dog’s Humping in the air can be used to express a wide range of emotions, not just sexual arousal. For example, suppose your dog gets to the point of excessive enthusiasm.

In that case, he or she may hump to relieve the strain, or when your dog has been home alone all day, and you finally walk through the door, you will frequently see this. They might start humping you in the air because they’re so happy or excited to meet you.

Behavioral Abnormality

If your dog starts humping the air out of nowhere, he or she may be stressed or nervous.

Dogs tend to start mounting to relieve tension in their bodies. Change in the house affects dogs significantly. It can be stressful for them if new people or animals enter or leave the house. 

Even small changes in the way the house smells can lead them to get nervous. Observe your changes around your home. If you recognize yourself in this situation, a little air humping is not a big issue and a harmless way for them to let off stress.

Health Issues

Excessive Humping can indicate medical or health issues in some situations, and moving weirdly can be an attempt to relieve any discomfort they are experiencing in that area of their body.

As discussed in previous articles, urinary tract infections and skin allergies are two of the most frequent medical disorders that could be to blame.

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When this is the case, you’re more likely to notice other symptoms. Suppose they have a UTI, for example. In that case, you may observe that the color of their urine is different, your dog’s peeing posture may look like he or she is uncomfortable when peeing, and they may even scream out. They may also experience some incontinence.

Is humping in the air safe for my dog?

Humping is a harmless activity that dogs usually do to relieve stress. Still, it may be confusing and even dangerous at times.

It could indicate that something is wrong with your dog if their conduct is out of character or doesn’t seem to have an apparent cause. In this scenario, rather than focusing on stopping the Humping, try to find the underlying reason for the behavior so that the problem can be identified and solved immediately.

Why does my dog hump my arm after eating?

Well, there isn’t a clear answer to that, but it can be a gesture of thank you note after having their meal or one of the reasons listed above. If you are confused about making your final decision, you need to take your dog to the vet and get the correct answer before it’s too late. 

At what age do dogs come into puberty

Puberty in puppies occurs between six and eight months for puppies. Their bodies will begin to manufacture sexual hormones, even if they aren’t ready to mate at this age. As a result, they may begin humping at this age to relieve sexual tension.

Suppose they are not appropriately schooled and socialized during this stage of development. In that case, the behavior can persist into adulthood, making it much more difficult to break.


This article discussed some of the best reasons and solutions for why your dog is humping in the air. You need to know the type of stimulation of the dog humping and observe their behavior. As discussed above, Humping can be serious as well. If ignored, it can lead to severe issues. 

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We have explained several points on what things you need to observe of your dog before deciding. Hence, the best option is to take your dog to the vet and get your dog checked. For more updates, make sure to subscribe and get the latest updates about pets.