Why do dogs hump legs? What shall I do to stop it?

Why do dogs hump legs? What shall I do to stop it?

Why do dogs hump legs? What shall I do to stop it? | Check out now!

So your dog is humping on your legs, and you’re worried for your dog? Don’t sweat yourself, and we have got you covered. There are many ways to stop it, and we will explain, How you can do it. 

Let’s discuss some of the best solutions to stop your dog from humping. But first of all, let’s discuss some of the basic things necessary to discuss before going to the direct point.

Is it normal for Dogs to hump?

Humping, like many other dog behaviors, is complicated and nuanced. Humping is not considered “bad” or “abnormal” actions. They may, however, be uncomfortable for us (not to mention other pets and house guests). 

Humping might vary depending on the context. For example, your dog only humps strangers that enter your home, perhaps she only humps men, or perhaps she never humps strangers and only humps you.

It only becomes a behavior problem when your dog humps other people or upsets other dogs by mounting them or when the humping problem is at its peak.

Reasons why your dog is humping

Below we have listed some of the most relatable reasons why your dog might be humping excessively.

Medical Problem

You should check or research medical issues before instructing your dog not to hump. While a medical problem rarely causes humping, there are a few possibilities.

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Humping can be caused by urinary tract infections, skin allergies, and priapism (permanent erection). Your veterinarian should eliminate health issues as possible causes of humping.

Seeking Pleasure

Many dogs hump simply for the pleasure of it. Humping can be a delightful experience for all dogs. Sometimes even for spayed and neutered dogs, intact dogs, females and males, and so on.

Divert your dog’s attention

If your dog is well-trained but still hump, you can put that training to good use. The most effective technique to treat humping is to divert your dog’s attention. This portrays an image to the dog that the behavior is undesirable and allows for a positive reward if they successfully perform another instruction. 

When the humping begins, ask the dog to sit, lie down, or stay and treat them when they comply. Moreover, distract your dog with a game of fetch or by taking your dog outside for some exercise.

Urinary Problem

Humping can signify a urinary problem in some dogs, such as a urinary tract infection or urine incontinence.

Behavior changes

Disorders are recurrent tendencies in dogs that can be uncomfortable and interfere with their daily routine. Humping can develop into a compulsive behavior that involves behavioral intervention.

Erection Problems

When humping is nearly always coupled with an erection, it could indicate that your dog has priapism or persistent painful erections.

How to deal with a Humping Dog?

Here we have listed some of the best ways to stop your dog from excessive humping.

Keep your dog busy and distracted

As humping is inappropriate or irritating, try distracting your dog by giving a command or trick. For example, sitting, shaking, or rewarding your dog with a favorite treat or toy for behaving respectfully without humping.

Distraction is beneficial if used before your dog begins humping or when you first discover symptoms that humping is about to commence.

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Prefer neutering

While spaying and neutering may not always stop humping, as discussed before, humping can also be found in neutered or spayed dogs. Moreover, neutering can help to lower your dog’s sex desire

This is especially useful for male dogs who ride around female dogs in heat and female dogs who mount while they are in heat. 

Play Games

If your dog frequently humps other dogs or people while playing, consider showing them alternative dog games. For example, instead of humping to initiate play, your dog will be able to enjoy playing tug or fetch with other dogs and people.

Give the silent 

Ignore and give the silent treatment: Dogs crave attention, so as easy as it may appear, ignoring the behavior may do the trick. 

Leave the room quickly. Ignoring your dog’s performance will send the message that his humping does not meet with your approval. If you cease paying attention to him, your dog may quit humping.

Spray Water on your dog

When your dog begins to hump and mount, spray them with a water bottle. For experienced dog humpers, keep a spray bottle on hand at all times. Having a water spray bottle on hand is a friendlier way to convey to your dog that this is not a decent thing to do and quit it immediately.

Daily Exercise 

Exercise is essential, as daily exercise aids in the release of pent-up rage, energy, stress, and hump desires. Humping is usually caused by stress or aggression, especially if the dog touches other dogs. 

Every day, take your dog for at least one long, rigorous walk and playtime. Allow ample time for the dog to tire out before ending the workout.

Reward your dog

Last but not least, when your pet obeys your directions, thank them with a tiny treat or a favorite toy. Give your dog rewards by giving them treats or appreciating them when they are playing a game with you or having a good time without humping or stopping humping at your command. 

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Keeping your focus on the positive will assist your dog in understanding what behaviors you want to see to change.


This article discussed some of the best ways to stop your dog from humping. We also discussed some of the reasons why your dog is humping and some of the best tips on how you can stop it.