10 Best Graphic Design Software for Mac

10 Best Graphic Design Software for Mac

10 Best Graphic Design Software for Mac

This article will tell you about the ten graphic design software for the Mac.

Ten best graphic design software for Mac

Macs are always the best computers for graphic design, so we have looked at one of the best graphic design software for the Mac in 2022. Graphic designers always need a vector-based graphic design tool that can quickly go way beyond the simple drawing software on the Mac.

The best graphic design software can also handle the advanced color editing in the CMYK and HSB and the widely used RGB. This also will ensure that your graphic designs look just as good in a small logo as they do when they are blown up in the posters and the billboards created in the desktop publishing apps.

Suppose you are interested in a professional artist and illustrator. In that case, most of the Mac-compatible graphic design software reviewed here are perfect for use with the drawing tablets on the Mac too. However, after too much research, we have found one of the best graphic design software for Macs.

1. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe is one of the leading industries in graphic design. Adobe Illustrator is also easily one of the best graphic design software for the Mac of 2022. Adobe is also very quickly the biggest competitor to Coral in graphic design. The Adobe Illustrator is way ahead of its nearest rival of the CorelDRAW for graphic design.

Adobe illustrator did come out of the now discontinued Adobe Freehand program and has to evolve into a potent design tool that is now the industry standard for graphic designers.

When working with vector graphics, Adobe illustrators can even just import the CorelDRAW files up to the CorelDRAW- CorelDRAW. Still, they cannot import the illustrator files, though.

Adobe Illustrator produces outstanding results when designing logos, typography, icons, and other complex illustrations. There is also an unparalleled choice of the brushed and the filters and the layers-far more than you will probably ever need that. Still, it’s also an example of how influential and complete an illustrator is.

From such enormous advertising hoardings to many tiny logos, Adobe illustrator has templates for everything. If you have already used other Adobe products such as InDesign or Photoshop, choosing illustrator will make some sense as the workflow, layout, and interface.

The Adobe Creative Cloud products are also integrated, making it easy to polish the designs and enrich them in other software such as Photoshop or the desktop publishing software on the Mac like the InDesign.

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One of the disadvantages of the Adobe software is the subscription pricing model. However, this should never be holding you back from choosing the Adobe Illustrator because the reality is, much subscription-based pricing is the way all the software is going nowadays.

2. CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW was the only finally re-released on the Mac in the year 2019. Still, there is no roundup of the graphic design software that would be complete just without featuring Corel’s products. CorelDraw is still one of the best graphic design tools out in the industry, although a very long absence on the Mac does mean it is just way behind the Adobe illustrator nowadays in terms of the users.

CorelDRAW is both vector drawing software and desktop publishing software combined. It is aimed more at the illustrator crowd than the Photoshop users. The Mac version is not as same as that of the windows version, although it is still the features of most of the same precision tools, which is for the online graphics, vector effects, and a vast choice of professional-looking templates.

The same responsiveness of the Intel Mac versions seems a little laggy at times. However, the CorelDRAW has also been recently updated to work on the M1 macs with a faster and more responsive interface.

3. Affinity Designer

In just a few years, Affinity Designer has very rapidly become one of the best graphic design applications for the Mac and won an Apple award for design. It is also straightforward to see why too, with the Abode quality features and the interface touches but without the price tag or learning curve.

Affinity Designer has started its life as DrawPlus by the developer’s Serif, but that is now a legacy product. The Affinity Designer has been replaced. It also claims to be one of the “fastest, most precise, smoothest, and although that may be pushing it, it’s certainly a very powerful and impressive graphic design application.

Affinity Designer is an incredibly fast, working at an impressive 60fps, well designed. Relatively easy to use but packs a serious design that is punched even compared to the adobe illustrator.

Some of the nice touches in the Affinity Designer include a 1,000,000 x zoom for the precision drawing, support for the Photoshop PSD import and the export, custom tool palettes, and layer support. Just for the $50, Affinity Designer is an excellent value for the professional design software for the Mac.

4. Inkscape

Inkscape is one of the best free graphic design software for the Mac on the market. Inkscape can even be imported CorelDRAW files, and there are only very few design applications that can only do that.

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Inkscape is a vector design software that is based on Scalable Vector Graphics(SVG). This open-source XML-based format can easily be imported and exported into other graphic design programs. Among Inkscape’s many features are objected creation, object manipulations, fill and even stroke, rending, and even more.

Inkscape is regularly maintained by the open-source community and is compatible with all the latest versions of macOS, including the Big Sur. On the downside, Inkscape is an RGB is RGB only. Therefore, you will also need to install the Xquartz first to run the Inkscape on the Mac. Then you need to configure the Xquartz correctly to ensure that Inkscape can run correctly on the Mac.

5. Corel Painter 2022

It is available on both windows as well as the PC. While it is not the same as Corel’s famous CorelDRAW, it’s also a much cheaper alternative aimed at professional artists and illustrators.

Corel Painter 2022 is fully motivated and aims to create stunning digital art, especially on the tablets and drawing pads. Corel painter 2022 is quite complex to learn. Still, if you are a professional designer, the learning curve can be no different from the adobe illustrator.

However, there are a lot of tutorials to get you started. The tool layout is very dry and similar to the other Corel products, such as the CorelDRAW. Some of the highlights of the Corel painter 2022 include the acclaimed Natural-Media emulation, and the digital art brushed with a very amazing range of customization options for brushed, the textures, and the other media.

You can also easily use the Painter 2022 on your Mac. Still, to get creative and create the designs naturally, we recommend you use a drawing tablet. Although there is more in the Corel painter 2022 than you will probably ever need, you can also extend its functionality with the plugins.

6. Autodesk Graphic

The hugely popular AutoCAD software creator produces Autodesk graphics. Autodesk Graphic started its life as an iDraw on the Ipad. Still, Autodesk saw its potential after being released on the Mac and bought it to create Autodesk Graphic.

Autodesk Graphic is available for both the Mac and the IOS. It has been evolved into a potent vector drawing tool for an app that will cost just $29.99.In fact, in terms of the bangs for the buck, you can not get much better than the Autodesk Graphic.

Graphic can also be imported and exported to the PSD, SVG, EPS, and PDF files and has a fully featured bezier pen tool for creating many custom shapes. There are many also tons of brushes layer styles, and it is also optimized for OpenGL.The graphic is also much similar to Affinity Designer. However, we will prefer Affinity for its Adobe-inspired interface and all the general round cases to use.

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7. Sketch

Sketch is another increasingly popular graphic design software for the Mac that’s very popular with its UI designers. The sketch is compelling enough to be a wireframe alternative to Visio on the Mac.

The sketch is also very accomplished all-round graphic design software for the Mac used by the companies such as Facebook, Apple, and google. The sketch is designed specifically for the Mac. It looks fantastic on the macOS and produces professional results, whether icon design, web design, or product design.

It’s also definitely more of a design tool than drawing the tool. Still, if you are actually into UI and wireframe design, it’s unrivaled on the Mac.

8. Gravit designer

It is very unusual because it is an online vector graphics design software that offers the power and features that you will expect from the more expensive desktop graphic design apps. However, since the Gravit Designer is cloud-based, it also works on all the platforms. In addition, it is remarkably very fast and very responsive for an online graphic design app.

Gravit Designer will allows you to add multiple layers and elements to an image without slowing it down and is used for everything from the marketing materials and the per-sensations to UI design and social media.

Advanced features also include the non-destructive Boolean operations and the ability to vectorize the borders or the offset path contours. You can also control the font styles and the weights, character, line, and vectorize the borders or the offset path contours.

9. OpenOffice Draw

If you really do not need something much complex and shiny on your Mac and just want a free drawing program on your Mac, then you have to take a look at the OpenOffice Draw. The draw is a part of the excellent office for the Mac alternative OpenOffice. It is a surprisingly accomplished drawing tool that will not cost you a cent.

It also does not have the features or polish of most graphic design apps featured here, but it is elementary to use as a drawing tool.

10. Canva

Canva is a good place to start if you have no prior design experience and want to make something quickly and easily. It contains a large number of themes, fonts, and images to choose from, some of which are free to use and others that must be purchased.

Use Canva’s drag-and-drop editor to choose from available templates or design your own from scratch. Sure, it doesn’t have the same level of customization as Photoshop, but it’s an excellent option for complete beginners.

Final words

In this article, we have discussed the software designing software for the Mac. We recommend you do some research of your own to get the best results.