10 Best Landlord Insurance Companies with Rent Guarantee in 2022-2023

10 Best Landlord Insurance Companies with Rent Guarantee in 2022-2023

10 Best Landlord Insurance Companies with Rent Guarantee in 2022-2023

In this article, we are going to discuss the ten best landlord insurance companies with rent guarantees in the year 2022-2023

Best Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance is just about customizing the policies to cover a landlord’s specific vulnerabilities and needs. Ultimately, the factors that may best fit an individual entirely depend on their unique situations.

The expert recommends that the consumers shop around for landlord insurance. But, first, they consult with the agent, broker, and insurance representatives, who can use them to determine what coverage will suit them the best. Indeed, most insurance companies do not even offer an online quotation system but instead direct the customers to their pool of agents, given how unique each landlord’s situation can be.

Overall, the basic coverage should also include the building, property protection, and liability. Alongside this–sometimes can sell as an extra on the policies–landlords should also consider the loss of the rental income coverage.

Consumers should also identify what kind of extra protection that they need, be it for the electronic equipment, a home office, or maybe a worker’s compensation, or even against the inflation, natural diseases, and vandalism. In most of the reviews ahead, we can detail what kind of extras, discounts, and benefits insurers highlight on their websites.

One of the categories that may Trent to the features more frequently in the insurance reviews is the financial strength we also listed above as one of the most vetting factors we used. All of the companies we do feature have very high ratings from multiple agencies, with none rated lower than A-.

To avoid becoming monotonous, we do not choose to include the individual ratings for the company. Consumers shopping around for the landlord’s insurance beyond the companies listed here should also consider the insurer’s financial stability.

1. Liberty Mutual 

Inflations refer to a decrease in the currency’s purchasing power, which may affect all the areas of the economy and the business, which also includes the property value. The amount of the building coverage needed will depend on the value of repairing the property if it gets damaged from one of the named perils in the policy.

That amount needs to increase as inflation increase progressively; otherwise, the purchasing power of the insurance coverage will also cover more minor than they originally intended. So liberty Mutual’s inflation does the coverage add-on, which is a significant way of protecting the property against the economic changes.

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Liberty Mutual’s coverage is very uncomplicated and Standard and can cover up to the 16 units in the 1 to 4 unit properties. In other words, it can also cover up to the 16 separate units in the 16 properties, or a maximum of 4 properties with the four units each. In addition, they can also indicate that the customers can add their LLC as named insurance.

This insurance company is available nationwide, but the consumers should speak directly with a representative, which will help them learn whether specific restrictions apply to their state.

It is also very unclear what other extras, add-ons and discounts are available without even going through the quote process-which can not be completed online– or without speaking to the agents.


It is best for the online resources. Allstate offers you the standard landlord’s insurance, covering the primary area of the liability, property/building, and the loss of the rental income. However, as with most insurance companies, it is not possible to obtain a quote just for the landlord’s insurance through the online system. Instead, landlords also need to use the find an agent tool.

However, Allstate’s best features are its copious online resources, from the detailed brochures that may explain the key aspects of the policy documents to a very common claims tool that will let the landlords see what types of claims are the most common in the areas.

Allstate does not appear to the replacement cost value of the coverage. Instead, as their policy may brochure explains, landlords also have two options: actual cash value or the building structure may reimbursement. The other latter is only available to select the properties that may meet the age and the condition requirements. That may mean that some landlords might not be that eligible to have the replacement cost coverage.

Landlords can also purchase additional coverage for vandalism and burglary, which is typically not covered in their standard policies. They also have the same options to purchase separate umbrella coverage and flood protection.

As it is mentioned above, Allstate’s online resources and commitment to educating consumers are laudable. For example, their policy guide may explain how to navigate and understand a policy document, even as far as explaining that the policy itself does not constitute a bill.


It is best for the unique coverage options. Called, alternatively, State Farm Apartment Policy and the Apartment Insurance Policy, State Farm’s landlord insurance will offer a wider range of coverage options and the add-ons that most insurers offer.

In addition to standard coverage, State Farm will offer special protection that will cover the losses from needing to move the tenants back into their units to the mechanical failures in the heating or the cooling systems. Many distinctive features are also available in the apartment insurance policy

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Building property

It covers the building and the structures at the described premises, including the garages, swimming pools, storage buildings, fences, and other structures. Building coverage also includes the owned personal property used to maintain or service the building and the premises.

Comprehensive general liability

To help protect the insured against legal liability which is caused by bodily injury, property damage, advertising injury to others, and personal injury.

Loss of Income 

Covers the actual loss of the business income may be caused by a suspension of the operations because of the covered accidental and the direct physical loss to all the insured premises.

Equipment breakage

It will provide you the coverage for the damage to cover the property, which is caused by the mechanical breakdown of all the covered equipment, artificially generated current damaging covered equipment, or the loss of the steam/hot water boilers.

Heating or Air conditioning Loss reimbursement 

It provides the reimbursement for the payments which are made to a tenant as a result of the complete loss of the heating or the air conditioning to the tenant’s leased unit, which is due to the mechanical breakdown or the electrical failure of the heating or the air conditioning system.


Farmers offer a tenant screening service through the TransUnion called Smartmove. The service also allows the landlords to request the necessary documentation, including the credit scores and the background checks, with ease. This, in turn, can make it a lot easier for the landlords to show how they are invested in reducing the tenant risk, which can also reduce the premiums.

In addition, Farmer’s insurance is highly customizable with no area of being strictly part of their standard coverage. Available policies also include comprehensive property coverage, named-perils coverage, and liability coverage. Other most common coverages are also listed as optional.

Farmer’s web page has not indicated what add-ons or discounts are available for the landlords. However, the discounts page also lists some of the discounts for the homeowners that could potentially apply to the landlords. It’s also worth asking an agent if they are applicable.


As it is one of the fastest-growing insurance companies, Hippo has also established itself as a solid competitor in the online insurance market. In addition, its usage of the algorithms to the process and the payouts claims enables the company to offer much lower premium rates for the landlord’s insurance than most of the other companies out there.

Another one of the most favorite features is that the Hippo will offer you the enhanced coverage add-ons for a very wide range of scenarios, from the modern necessities like electronics and the home office coverage to all the natural disasters, which may will insurers do not do.

Hippo standard coverage includes the building and the content damage, liability, and the loss of the rental income. Quotes offer the three preliminary ranges, “the essentials.” Consumers can also edit and change the coverage amounts they need, understanding that this will affect their premiums.

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It is the best one out there for the comprehensive coverage. Country Financial offers one of the most comprehensive coverages, which is out there. We have seen similar to the Hippo; they may break down their options into a basic package and a more comprehensive one that suits their customer’s needs.

The A.M. Best is also very highly rated by the A.M. Best and they obtained the second-highest score in the J.D. powers’ 2019 property claims satisfaction can study. Unfortunately, country financial is the only available in the 19 states at the time of their review.

Country Financials’ coverage packages-very essential and the premier- are essentially named the perils and the all-perils policy, respectively. Consumers should also note that all of the perils insurance has named exclusions and should consider if they need the additional coverage for those excluded perils.


Travelers landlord’s insurance had covered the primary areas of the protection landlords need while also offering the extras in the form of the medical payments add-ons and the umbrella coverage; these are much handy for the landlords with injury-risk properties.

Landlords should also note that the Travelers policies can only clever up to four units in a property, meaning that the additional coverage of the multiple separate properties would be needed either through very separate policies the insurer. It’s worth consulting directly with one of their agents if more units are needed to be covered. 

For the landlords looking for bundling options, we also recommend The Hartford’s and the American Family’s landlord insurance. The Hartford lets the customers add the landlord insurance to their existing homeowner insurance.

Meanwhile, The American Family’s landlord insurance can also be combined with a commercial liability umbrella policy, business auto insurance, family insurance policy, and the liability umbrella policy. Unfortunately, American Family is the only one available in the 19 states.

8. Liberty Mutual 

Liberty Mutual is a household name for home and auto insurance, earning high marks for financial strength, including an A rating from AM Best and the Standard and the poor’s. The company has also been around for more than 100 years. It is the sixth-largest property and casualty insurer in the world, with more than 45,000 employees globally.

Like all the other landlord insurance companies out there, Liberty Mutual Tailors and its policies to the individuals and the individual properties; as a result, you will also speak with an agent. You will provide the personal information and the property details to get a quote.

Final words 

In this article, we have explained the best landlord insurance companies in detail. We have also told them their pros and cons. Finally, we recommend you do some research of your own to get the best results.