10 Best LinkedIn Growing Tools for Likes, Shares, and Followers

10 Best LinkedIn Growing Tools for Likes, Shares, and Followers

10 Best LinkedIn Growing Tools for Likes, Shares, and Followers

LinkedIn has become an unstoppable platform for business. It is an effective way to get in touch with the modern workforce and influence their decisions. However, it can be difficult to share your expertise and build up your following on this massive social network. 

This article will list 10 top tools that can help you grow your reader base as well as make your profile more attractive to employers.”

Post Planner

Post Planner is a tool that allows you to set up an editorial calendar for your Linkedin posts in advance. This tool will automatically publish your posts and make them available on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. In addition, it will include a link to the post on your profile page, and, except LinkedIn, all social media sites will be linked. 

The posts will be timed according to the schedule you’ve set and they are presented on your Facebook page as blog posts rather than status updates. This can get boring quickly but you can use options within Post Planner to change how they are displayed so that they appear consistently across all social media sites. 

When you opt in to use Post Planner, it will be turned on for you automatically and you’ll need to set up your schedule for when it’s turned on. You can choose six-month or 12-month plans or a combination of the two. You can also decide whether or not the system automatically posts your new posts and turns off when you’re not using it.

Social network integration makes it easier for you to share your content and stay in touch with a larger audience.

Like A Boss

This tool uses LinkedIn search feature to find people based on their professional interests. You are able to follow the experts on this platform as well as see their latest updates. You can also like or comment on the posts of influencers if you feel that their content is worth sharing with your readers. 

This tool helps businesses find relevant social media influencers based on their industry. This platform allows you to discover influencers and serves as a platform where you can engage with them through live chat. In order for you to avail of this feature, you need to create a Social Suite account.

The tagline of this tool is “Build your tribe” and it truly lives up to its name. This platform allows you to engage with a diverse set of bloggers, podcasters, and social media influencers who are within your niche. In addition, this platform helps users search for experts in any given field such as fitness or entrepreneurship.

This tool would most likely be beneficial when you want to locate influencers based on their interest in certain products or services. 

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If a brand has a new product/service, they may opt to use this platform as both parties can leverage each side’s benefits. Additionally, this platform is beneficial for businesses as this is a low-cost solution for them to market their products and services through the power of social media.


Klout is a tool developed to analyze an individual’s online reputation and rate them based on their influence. The score will be reflected in a number from 1-to 100 and it can be used to predict how the person will react to your post. This information can prove useful when you are targeting specific audiences on Linkedin.

Your connections will pay more attention to your posts if you have a high Klout score.

For example, Klout can help you decide which influencers are the best in your industry. You can search for them based on keywords and see who has the highest score. If a person has a high reputation, it is worth it to create mutual connections with them based on their area of expertise. 

The higher their score, the more people they are likely connected to. Both parties benefit from this relationship because they now have access to each other’s network of online business colleagues and peers.

Once you get connected with the influencer, post information about things happening in your industry that you think might be of interest to them. You could also add them to an important industry group on LinkedIn and continue to update it with valuable content. Once they are in the group, they will see all the valuable content you post. Just make sure to always include their name in the post so that they know you are speaking directly to them.


Tweroid is a platform that identifies influential people on social media by analyzing their followers, interactions, and authority levels. This tool allows you to search for users based on professional interests as well as use it to develop strategies for growth and marketing. It also allows you to explore and find new connections to form relationships with successful individuals.

Tweriod app makes it easy for brands to build their presence on multiple social platforms at once, allowing them to grow their influencer network exponentially and become highly targeted in the process by optimizing their entire profile with one application.


This tool accepts your post as an opportunity to earn more followers and shares. You will be able to promote your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. The more your followers engage with your content the more they will be rewarded with points in tweet rewards. 

The higher the score is, the higher the number of points they will enjoy. This method can also help you reduce unfollows to combat spam during account promotion campaigns. 

The more followers you have, the more points they will have. Therefore, the number of points will increase with the number of followers they have. This presents a huge challenge to a Twitter account as it requires a lot of effort to gain more followers. 

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It is not easy to promote your Twitter account and gain more followers, but with Tweetreward, it requires just one click. Users are encouraged to follow your account so they can be rewarded with points. 

In this way, you can easily increase the number of people following your tweets and at the same time earn points for each follower. Additionally, you can get paid for every tweet that you would like to share online or use on other social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Google+. 

The more you share and interact with your followers, the more you will earn points. These points can be redeemed for cash and products from a wide range of suppliers. It is one way to grow your customer base and earn extra income while doing it. 

Tweetreward works 24/7 even when you are not online. They do all the hard work for you by sharing your tweets online 24/7 as soon as it is posted by using their own social media contacts. 

They have great relationships with communication personnel from social media giants such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. This gives them an edge over other services in the market today. 


Topsy is a powerful tool that helps you track your digital reputation. It offers a variety of useful reports based on your digital presence and engagement level. For example, this allows you to see which messages generate the most response and how many impressions each post has garnered. The statistics provided by this tool are also beneficial when it comes to using analytics tools like Google Analytics and Internet Marketing Tools such as AdWords. 

The Echo Chamber

The Echo Chamber is a tool that allows you to find influential people based on their social media points and followers. This platform is able to identify people who have the same interests, skills, location, and professional profile as you have. 

It also helps you to find people with similar interests and get more out of your social media experience. 


 AddMeFast is a tool that accepts your LinkedIn profile and searches for targeted users to add as connections. LinkedIn limits the number of connections that you can make within a specified period of time, so this tool is beneficial for growing your network. 

This tool also allows you to link contacts from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram so that it will be easier for you to promote your content on those networks. 

This means that once you have added a new contact to your account, you can immediately share content from your profile on those networks.

This software is intended for private use and there are no plans to introduce it commercially in the near future.


This tool is designed for professionals looking for ways to effectively manage their online reputation on LinkedIn. Lempod has a powerful search engine that allows you to search for people based on professional interests. 

This tool also allows you to search for industry experts, supervisors and co-workers, schoolmates, neighbors, classmates, clients, and so on. 

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The search results can be filtered by location and relationship type. Lempod also provides you with helpful recommendations to manage your social media account effectively. 

LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn pulse is a powerful application that curates digital content from around the web as well as from prominent figures on LinkedIn. You can follow the writers and relevant publications in your industry to keep track of new developments in your field of expertise.

LinkedIn pulse is an excellent application to keep up-to-date with the latest news in your industry. This application aggregates articles automatically and displays content as cards that you can easily browse through. 

You can also customize what content you want to see in LinkedIn Pulse, so you don’t miss out on important and new developments. LinkedIn Pulse is free to use but contains ads if you choose the premium subscription. 

If you are not familiar with LinkedIn, start with this tutorial and learn how to create a professional profile on LinkedIn. The primary objective of LinkedIn Pulse is to provide content about your industry and related fields of interest in an easier way. 

This application will serve you as a digital personal assistant by helping you stay up-to-date with the latest news from print, digital, and video sources. You can customize the publication list and save articles to read later.

LinkedIn Pulse has been around for a while now, yet it remains one of the most effective means of keeping up with developments in your industry and those that are important to you personally. 

LinkedIn pulse displays content as cards that are easy to browse through and scroll through on your profile page or on other business sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

LinkedIn pulse allows you to follow content from a mix of sources that are important to you. You can also save content for later and the app looks for relevant articles based on your industry and publications you have followed.

You can customize the list of what you want to see in LinkedIn Pulse:

LinkedIn Pulse allows an unlimited number of publications, so if you are an active writer, do not hesitate to share your writing with others. The content listed in LinkedIn Pulse is only original articles that were published by themselves or as part of a group. This is an excellent way to get quality content in your LinkedIn Pulse stream.

Importance of posting regularly on Linkedin 

In the past, most people used Linkedin as a platform where they could find new jobs. Many users would infrequently use the site because they were not posting regularly. Post Planner recently released an infographic displaying why users should post more content on Linkedin. 

According to statistics, each post you write about something interesting will attract many more viewers than an average update that only tells other users about something you have done. The results that came from a study conducted by the company show that just one post per day can help you generate twice as much business and three times as many opportunities if you are active on the site.