10 best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts in 2022

best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts

Best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts

Numerous jobs are available in the real estate investment sector. REITs provide endless opportunities to innumerable people. The world of real estate is a relatively new and exciting asset class that people are currently considering investing in. Opportunities to invest in additional cash flows are essential when planning the financial future. So which are the 10 best-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts in 2022?

What is the average salary a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Analyst earns within the United States?

The median Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Analyst salary in the United States is $107,067 as of the 29th of October, 2021; however, the typical salary ranges from $75,705 to $143,598. Salary ranges vary depending on various essential variables, including education and certifications, additional capabilities, and the length of time you’ve worked in your job. With more live, online information on compensation than any other site, Salary.com helps you determine the exact amount you want to earn.

What is the average salary a Real Estate Investment Trust

However, applicants who command high salaries must meet specific requirements for employment that many applicants may not be able to fulfill quickly. However, the positions offer a significant return on investment, making them the ideal career option to take.

The real estate market is an ideal investment strategy, mainly when the market is in good shape. Real estate ownership and property management or becoming an investor in real estate aren’t the only possibilities for a real estate-related income stream. There are investment strategies related to real estate which can help you increase your portfolio. Let us look at the chart.

10th Percentile Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Analyst Salary $51,916
25th Percentile Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Analyst Salary $75,705
50th Percentile Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Analyst Salary $107,067
75th Percentile Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Analyst Salary $143,598
90th Percentile Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Analyst Salary $176,857


10 best-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts in 2022

Asset Management Roles: Asset management is among the most lucrative jobs in the property investment trust sector. A manager of assets oversees the financial and operational performance of the REIT’s collection of properties. Asset management functions have to work with accounting, acquisitions, development, and finance to accomplish their goal. In addition, while they are working, they must remain conforming to the REIT regulations and SEC regulations.

It is also possible to be a vice-president or senior vice president in asset management. The VP or senior VP oversees those who manage assets. To be considered for a VP or senior vice president, one must have an undergraduate degree and a minimum experience of 10 years. Like acquisitions and property management, the other departments will give you the expertise needed to fill this position. In the role of Vice President, your salary can reach $250,000.

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1. Property Development and Management Jobs

The profession of a property developer is a different way to gain from the growing market. Property developers manage subcontractors and contractors and work together when designing and evaluating a new property.

Alongside property, developers are property managers with minimal requirements to meet in comparison with a property developer. The function of a property manager’s job is to interact with clients, to sell or lease properties at the highest possible price depending on the current market prices. The pay of a project developer is contingent on the REIT company. However, it’s usually a six-figure figure. So, it’s an opportunity worth considering.

2. REITs Analysts

The job of REITs Analysts is to study and analyze potential business possibilities. They assist companies in making wise decisions when buying properties. They are also responsible for property acquisition and financing, disposition marketing, leasing, and financing. Analysts employ models and financial tools to assess the company’s current inventory and purchase.

REITs analysts also oversee REITs official websites of the company. They also monitor the social accounts of their clients. They manage REITs’ GIS system, too.

Analysts earn a good amount of returns for portfolios owned by families. They also manage investment properties for the clients of trusts. To be a REIT analyst, it is necessary to possess

  1. Analytical abilities
  2. Research skills
  3. Skills in organization
  4. Bachelor’s degree in finance, real estate, or economics
  5. Experience managing reports programs, reports, and other work assignments
  6. A good understanding of local housing markets, financing, and many more.

3. Real Estate Property Appraiser

The real estate appraiser’s task is to determine the worth of a residential or commercial property. The various economic and market factors affect the value of a property. They keep track of all these variables to calculate the value of a property.

If you want to become a property appraiser, you must pass an appraiser’s course and get an appraisal certificate. In addition, you should have an academic background in economics, finance, and real estate, and related studies.

In the US, the median salary of an appraiser is around $53,000 annually. That is why it’s an ideal career choice if you’re seeking an excellent job within the property business.

4. Real Estate Attorney Jobs

The process of becoming a REIT attorney is a different way to be a part of this lucrative business. Lawyers play a significant role in REITs. The first act of mediators is to create a liaison between sellers, buyers, and the company. To own property, you must sign contracts. So lawyers must become involved as a liaison between the parties in the agreement.

Attorneys also resolve legal disputes involving transfers and property ownership. They also mediate the issues, transfers, and documentation of title deeds and other legal disputes related to the ownership of real estate properties.

Additionally, lawyers provide legal advice to buyers as well as sellers. That helps avoid disputes during any transaction in real estate because they ensure that all participants follow the correct rules and regulations. To be a REIT attorney, you need to possess a degree in law or real estate-related topics. REIT attorney positions are lucrative. On average, REIT lawyers earn between $119,000 and $125,000 in annual salary.

5. Acquisition Jobs

In real property, the acquisition process involves sourcing opportunities to invest and then concluding an excellent deal. This job requires working with numbers. If you’re working in acquisitions, then you’ll need a perfect background in math.

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Before applying for this job, it is necessary to have an undergraduate degree and experience in marketing, finance, or capital markets. It is a lucrative job that can pay around $80,000.

6. Real Estate Agent

The job of agents in real estate are to aid in the purchase and sale of real property. Agents in real estate can handle commercial or residential properties. They deal in residential properties function as a channel to connect homeowners and buyers of the residential property. They manage residential properties such as condominiums, beach houses, and many others.

Agents who deal with commercial properties help connect the buyers with sellers for commercial property. They are specialized in shopping malls and hotels, resorts warehouses, offices as well as rental apartments.

To become an agent in real estate, you must obtain an official license. Real estate agents typically work for a brokerage. Many people mistake real estate agents for brokers. They’re entirely different, as broker licenses are valid and have accreditation to work on their own or alongside agents.

7. Real Estate Broker

Real estate brokers negotiate property prices. Like we said earlier, unlike agents, brokers are required to have licenses and must pass a test of qualification before starting work.

Brokers receive certificates that allow them to work with agents or on their own. Brokers also receive an average salary of six figures, making it a great career option in REITs.

9. Real Estate Investors

Investors are among the jobs of real estate investment trusts which not all people would perform. Investors’ duties in real estate include purchasing properties and adding value to the properties before they are sold at a higher value.

 It’s the most lucrative job in this industry. However, it requires patience, time, and the ability to be successful. To accomplish this, you must know the best time to buy, the best place to buy, and the best time to sell. You must be knowledgeable about the market and observe the latest trends. If this is the case for you, Here are some of the essential requirements you must be able to meet:

  1. Willingness to be willing to take a risk.
  2. Need to know more about investing in real estate.
  3. You must have the ability to adjust different strategies for buying and selling various properties.

10. Relations Consultant

A consultant in relations is a job that many people seek because REIT positions pay a good salary. It is thought to be an ideal career option for passionate individuals.

Their job is to communicate with inventors and identify possible projects to pursue.

Their work is focused on the interaction with stockholders, preparing investment reports, and organizing teams to hold meetings and workshops.

10 best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts in 2022

What Is A Real Estate Investment Trust?

Real Estate Investment Trusts, also known as REITs, comprise businesses that manage and own real estate. They handle a variety of real estate properties, such as hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, warehouses, and commercial and industrial forests.

In the United States, there are an estimated $3.5 trillion of assets owned by REITs. These firms earn money from real estate properties which they must pay investors back in the form of a dividend.

There are instances when trusts in real estate investment do finance estates too. REITs for real estate investment are similar to investing in stocks. However, REITs allow investors to transfer valuable assets and get an opportunity to earn an income stream that is stable and shared.

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That is why many people are investing in real estate as the ideal method to increase the income stream of passive sources. The potential for these commodities and the chance of high yields entice investors interested in investing in real property.

Are you searching for investments that are secure with high returns? Real estate investment trusts are the thing you’re seeking!

Different Types Of Real Estate Investment Trust

Once you’ve gotten more about real estate investing, take a look at these various types of REITs you could invest in. Each one generates income through rental collections, sales to residential customers, or mortgages.

1. Debt Real Estate Investments Trust

The Debt-oriented REITs are the organizations that provide cash to clients who wish to purchase real property. Like lending companies, they give loans to buyers in exchange for paying the interest due on loans.

2. Handing-Money-Stock

This kind of investment income is derived from the monthly interest rate of the loan. The only drawback to this type of investment is the risk of being manipulated. Many buyers delay their payments or walk away without having to pay interest.

3. Equitability Real Estate Investments Trusts

Equitability REITs invest by combining sectors like residential real estate, apartments and markets, shops, and resorts. After the plan is approved, REITs for real estate investments will establish the hub, supervise it, and construct it.

Following that, REITs will give investors a portion of the earnings. The investment’s income as a whole will be treated as the entire income of the REITs. The earnings will be divided according to the terms of the agreement.

4. Medical-Oriented Real Estate Investments Trusts

Medical-oriented REITs invest in property that includes multi-specialty hospitals and research facilities as well as healthcare facilities. It’s difficult to imagine how this one won’t fail, as they’re currently in great demand.

Hospitals require growing. Laboratories, special tests as well as nursing homes require their own specific needs. Therefore, it’s possible to conclude that an investment in this industry will yield profits and allow your business to expand.

5. Merchandise Real Estate Investment Trust

Investments in merchandise are shops and markets like department stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, and other centers. But, REITs won’t be able to manage or create these. Instead, they offer buyers debts and then collect their profits from retailers and the market owners.

6. Domestic Real Estate Investments Trust

The REIT will begin by building apartments, homes, large-scale community complexes, centers, and much more. In the case of domestic REITs, These are a few of the primary responsibilities of REITs.

Whatever field you choose, the land and property companies will not suffer from downturns. It is because each industry is handled through real estate investment trusts is an excellent career choice. What are you waiting for? Invest and make up the financial ladder towards prosperity and freedom.


There are always people searching for a place to live in or for business. If you look at the number of jobs offered in REITs, it is not an industry that isn’t slowing down. Many jobs provide comprehensive benefits, regular income, and even insurance. So, it’s an excellent choice should you choose to go after a career in REITs.