10 Best Pinterest Growing Tools for Likes, Shares, and Followers

10 Best Pinterest Growing Tools for Likes, Shares, and Followers

10 Best Pinterest Growing Tools for Likes, Shares, and Followers

Pinterest.com is a social network where people share what they are interested in, called “pinning.” It has been growing in popularity lately and has allowed many professionals to take advantage of this new and unique platform to grow their business. From using it as a lead generator, finding product inspiration, or getting ideas on how to market your brand, these tools will instantly improve your Pinterest game!

So get ready for some free time with these clever tools that will save you from the pinch of Pinterest burnout and allow you to spend more time on what matters most- promoting your business!

Pinterest Tools for Business


Tailwind is a top-rated Pinterest marketing program for people looking to grow their Pinterest followers. Tailwind offers up to 100 free monthly pins, and that’s just the beginning. With Tailwind, you can save time and automate your Pin Scheduling without checking on it every day.

This tool is worth a shot! It’s quick and straightforward to get your account going and start bringing in new followers.


Hootsuite is a social media scheduling program that allows you to schedule posts for all of your social media sites from one location, eliminating the need to switch between several accounts. From a Pinterest standpoint, this can be beneficial because Pinterest posts will also appear on other networks and vice versa. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on an opportunity for exposure again.

Hootsuite is available for iOS, Android, Windows phones and tablets, and Macs, PCs, or Chromebooks. Visit the Hootsuite website at hootsuite.com to download the app or add the bookmarklet to your browser.

When using Hootsuite, any images you upload must have a Pinterest link attached, which can be slightly time-consuming. If you use an image without a link, it will still upload but won’t show up in your schedule. To create a pin with multiple links, add all appropriate platforms into the ‘add your content’ box and add the image as usual.

For example, if you want to include a Tweet and a pin on your schedule, you need to attach both platforms. A sample tweet will look like this:

It may seem like a hassle at first. Still, it becomes second nature once you get the hang of it. It isn’t much more time-consuming than scheduling one platform separately. Press creates, fill out your description, and click save once the image is uploaded and the links are attached.

It is also possible to use Hootsuite to schedule pins on Flickr, Twitter, Spotify, Tumblr, and any other platform with an API connection. Again, you can find the list of compatible services on the website.

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Hootsuite allows you to post content to all your social media sites from one account and allows you to record videos, set up scheduled posts, and manage multiple profiles at once. It is easy to use and will help you get more out of your social media presence!


MiloTree offers a range of tools to help you create your content, manage your pins, find influencers, etc.

MiloTree offers free tools too. MiloTree app is designed to do just that; make it easy to find your work and stay focused on finishing it. It works just like a Pinterest board where you can keep track of everything you’ve pinned and all of your projects.

After downloading MiloTree, You’ll see that it has simple and colorful images that are easy to understand. You can customize every aspect of it, and it works with everything from iPhones to iPad.

If you’re familiar with Pinterest, MiloTree is very similar but has some unique benefits that make it even more useful for getting projects finished. It’s compatible with all Apple devices, so you’re good no matter which device you use for work or play. You don’t have to worry about switching back and forth between apps.

The app is convenient for the times when you’re away from the computer but still want to get your thoughts out of your head and organize. Maybe you’re in a meeting or waiting for a bus – anywhere you can carry your phone, MiloTree is there with you. 

And as soon as you can get back to your computer, just go through all of your pinned images with ease and start working on the next thing that needs doing. Again, the combination of pinning and organization will help keep you focused on finishing one thing at a time.

With the holidays coming up, there will be plenty of gadgets and ideas that your friends and family will be giving you. MiloTree is perfect whether you have a new iPad or an old phone. You can use it on any device, and it works with computers. This is something that everyone could use to help their creativity, organization, and focus!


Reply is a Pinterest automation tool that allows you to pin images to multiple Boards at once. The paid version gives you access to a range of extra features. This tool makes it easy to follow users and get the most out of Pinterest.

Tailor-Made Social Media Campaigns

If you need a tailored social media campaign on Pinterest, Tailor Made Social Media Campaigns could be right for you.


ViralTag is a tool that allows you to find and follow the best Pinterest accounts in your niche. You can also keep track of your pins using the Viraltag Pinboard software.

Viraltag is a powerful and straightforward way to grow your Pinterest community of engaged followers. Viraltag can be used for marketing, editorial content, list curation, and more. Increase pins by up to 60% with Viraltag!

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Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social media sites on the net today. With 120 million users, 1 in 5 visits is made to Pinterest each month, with 30 billion pins and 2 billion likes. The platform has become one of the most popular social media sites for marketers due to its simplicity and ease of use for deep engagement. The Problem:

Most marketers who use Pinterest find it an effective platform for engaging their fans but are also frustrated with the lack of power available to them as a Pin link away from the pin description. There is no way to add a call-to-action, no way to get credit for the referral, and no way to track the user who pinned. 

As a result, many marketers are using different links on their Pinterest pages, resulting in lower engagement. The biggest issue is that Pinterest only allows one pin per website domain name. As a result, you could be missing out on gaining new traffic to your site and increasing your number of sales just because you need more pins on your site. 

Viraltag can raise your blog’s engagement, referral traffic, and exposure with Pinterest by giving you a call-to-action that lets your readers share the pins they love to Pinterest while also giving you back more influence over your site’s exposure and engagement. 

Viraltag automatically tracks the user who pinned, which is crucial in determining if your link was added as a referral or if someone just pinned your website as a general Pinterest user. 

Viraltag converts the referral from your link into a click that links to the URL of your website, giving you back more control over how your site is seen on Pinterest and increasing your pins. To use it, you simply add a link button that points to your Pinterest page or board in the usual way. Then, when someone pins one of your links, Viraltag will track which user pinned which pin.


Diamond helps brands and influencers to create visually compelling content, mainly for Instagram and other social media platforms like Pinterest. 

Diamond is a new site where people can showcase their favorite boards. It will help you find the best pins on Pinterest and save your favorite pins in one place. You’ll never miss any of your favorites again! It’s completely free!

The aggregated content of Dianomi includes curated ideas of what’s trending in different categories like food, design, movies, tech, and more. With its unique browsing experience, it will satisfy your hunger for all things new!

Dianomi also allows you to share your discoveries with other users by posting comments on posts by other members or even reposting a particular article as an article on their site.

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Well, Dianomi has been created to solve many issues present with other popular pin sites such as Pinterest, like recommended pins being changed to paying for sponsored pins and having to pay for a monthly subscription. On Dianomi, you don’t have to worry about these topics. 

The platform offers a range of tools for growing brand awareness, generating more engagement, and connecting with people who love something similar to what you do. For example, it makes it easy for you to discover how others use Instagram, learn from their mistakes and implement the best practices into your content marketing strategy.


Starting on Pinterest, you might only have a few thousand followers, but take advantage of these tools if you want to grow your account quickly. Viral Woot allows your business to gain more exposure and make the most of the traffic situation that is Pinterest. 

Using these tools will help your account grow at an exponential rate. As well as being there for when they need it most though, they also provide valuable insights into what people are looking for and even automate some tasks so that you don’t have to spend hours searching for details that are under-appreciated.


Do you use Google Analytics to track essential traffic data? While this is one of the most popular ways to see how your website performs, it’s sometimes inaccurate. Crello displays relevant traffic data in real-time and provides you with an overall idea of where your visits are coming from.

This helps you to determine which areas need more exposure and whether or not Pinterest is actually responsible for a large portion of your traffic. Sometimes, these insights can be invaluable in helping you to make the necessary changes to streamline the Pinterest process.


IFTTT or “If This Then That” is an app with a simple use that can help you grow followers on Pinterest. IFTTT works by allowing users to create conditional statements and junctions between two apps. For example, suppose I post a new photo on my Instagram account and tag it with the #pinterest hashtag. In that case, IFTTT will get this picture posted onto my Pinterest account and tag it with both the #instagram and #pinterest hashtags.

IFTTT allows users to create conditional statements and junctions between two apps. For example, suppose I post a new photo on my Instagram account and tag it with the #pinterest hashtag. In that case, IFTTT will get this picture posted onto my Pinterest account and tag it with both the #instagram and #pinterest hashtags.

The best part of using IFTTT is that there are currently over 130 different services you can connect to, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Drive, etc. The possibilities are endless.

This doesn’t mean you will be getting more followers just by using IFTTT, but it is a tool to consider. It allows you to rapidly grow your followers and give you an edge over other users on Pinterest who don’t use these tools or don’t even know about them.