10 Best Travel and Airline Credit card 2022 review for air miles & rewards

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What are the best Travel and airline credit cards for 2022?

It seems that after the pandemic, it is the first time we can see the other side of the tunnel. With daily cases coming down, many travel enthusiasts like us will again pack our bags and buy an air ticket. The purpose is to spend a great holiday on a beach or our favorite destination. Retail Travelcards are explicitly designed to be used by frequent travelers. Using these cards at specific merchants earns you more points that can be useful to purchase hotels,flight tickets, and others. So what are the best travel and airline credit cards for 2022? How will you pick the best one for the new year?

  1. Points: Compare the cards based on the points they award for every $100 you spend; the one that provides you with more points may be thought of as the winner.
  2. Annual fee: find out if you can waive this fee. If not, the bank gives you points after you’ve reached a certain threshold of spending.
  3. Acceptance: verify whether the card is accepted by most or all merchants
  4. Customer Service: This is crucial since this team is helpful in times of need.
  5. Regular offers: The card issuer should offer regular deals such as 5x/10x points instead of 1x spending.

Which airline credit card should you choose this year?

In deciding between a major airline’s credit cards, one of the main factors to consider is access to lounges at airports. American, United, and Delta all have premium cards that offer more significant benefits in general, one benefit being access to their line of airport lounges. The annual charges for these cards can be several hundred dollars.
If you believe that lounge access is worth the price, then get the card with premium benefits. Some high-end general travel cards also provide access to lounges. If they charge a lot, you may opt for a basic card. Certain airlines have cards that do not charge annual fees. However, they do offer fewer benefits.

Top Travel and Airline Credit card 2022 review

A distinction between co-branded credit cards for different airlines is less obvious, particularly when it comes to Southwest Airlines. It is challenging to choose one card which takes care of all your needs. The most important thing is whether you’ll use enough of the card’s higher-tier benefits to justify paying a higher annual cost.

No one credit card is the ideal choice for every family, each purchase or budget. Instead of deciding on the “best credit card” and evaluating the following ten choices, we have highlighted the top travel cards to suit a range of scenarios with benefits.

Know your needs before selecting the credit card

Suppose you take a trip every once in a while or take a trip more often to work. In that case, there’s a possibility that you can benefit from an extra reward or advantages. Credit cards and reward programs provide some of the best benefits. There are many ways to avail of these benefits when traveling or working.

With numerous credit cards to select from, choosing which one is the most suitable for you can be expensive and complicated. Do you need to pay an annual cost for credit cards? Which is more beneficial: hotel co-branded and airline cards or standard reward cards for travel? To answer these kinds of questions, think about how you can make use of the card. Consider these questions before you make your decision:

  • Are the advantages worth the annual charge?
  • Do you have the ability to pay your entire balance every month to save yourself from interest charges?
  • Do you frequently spend your money on purchases that bring the most reward points?
  • What’s the worth of the new cardholder sign-up bonus, and are they possible to earn them by spending your regular money?
  • Do you have to pay a foreign transaction cost when you travel to another country?
  • Can you earn  reward points for free hotel rooms or airline tickets by simply using these credit cards by making everyday purchases.

How do I choose the top travel and airline credit cards in 2022?

Am I a frequent flyer?

The most crucial factor to consider when selecting airline cards is not related to the card’s attributes. Airline cards earn miles and points when a carrier participates in its frequent flyer program. In the case of significant airlines, credit card offers are comparable.

In the end, it is dependent on the frequency you fly with a specific airline.

 Is one airline dominant at the airport you prefer to fly to?

If you’re located in Atlanta or Minneapolis, the most likely choice is Delta Air Lines. If you’re located in Houston and San Francisco, a strong alternative could be United Airlines. If you’re in Miami or Charlotte, you’re likely flying American the majority of the time.

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Suppose one carrier is dominant at your airport of choice (or you’ve already bonded to a particular airline (or the alliance partner). In that case, your search is almost complete. It is recommended that you earn and redeem miles with the airline you travel with often, even because you don’t have a choice. Why? When you have enough miles to qualify for a free flight, you’ll want to be able to spend the miles on a flight you’d like or need. Also, you want your card’s benefits, like free luggage, helpful for as many travels as feasible. It’s not sensible to take advantage of the attractive welcome bonus to use it on a plane you seldom travel with.

What airline do you use the most?

Suppose you are a frequent flyer on an airline. In that case, your next option is to pick from the credit card options of a single airline option. It may range from a basic one, some with no annual cost, and a more expensive card with access to lounges at airports. If you frequently travel to Dallas, for instance, American Airlines or Southwest are the top choices. Further details on that are below.

Do you fly to small cities?

You have airports and airlines if you frequently fly to major cities like New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. Not all airports are filled with big airlines. For example, if you’re flying out of Fort Lauderdale, you may choose JetBlue, Southwest, and Spirit. For Seattle and Portland, you could swear allegiance to Alaska Airlines.

Midsize cities and cities of mid-sized size, like Cleveland, Des Moines, Iowa, and Syracuse, New York, are typically served by several airlines without a single one dominating. The airline you select for a particular flight depends on the destination and the cost of your flight.

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Best credit cards to get airline miles in 2022

Best credit cards to get airline miles in 2022

American Airlines advantage card from Barclays

The first card that I’ll be discussing will be the American Airlines advantage card from Barclays. It includes an annual fee of ninety-five dollars fee. I chose this card in preference to the Citi benefit card because you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars during the first three months to get the sign-up bonus. All you have to do is complete the required annual fees and one purchase. So when you apply for the card, you can purchase one bottle of water at Walmart and pay the bill in full. 

You’ll automatically receive fifty thousand American airline miles. The advantages of this credit card are the initial bag being checked free for you. It also applies to four other passengers accompanying you on flights that are operated domestically through American Airlines. Also, you’ll get an early departure for you and up to four passengers.

Additionally, you’ll receive 25% off purchases on the flight, like snacks and drinks that you purchase on the plane. You get two miles for every dollar you spend on American Airlines. Additionally, you will earn 10 percent mileage back when you exchange your miles on flights that are up to 10,000 miles per year.

Delta Gold Credit Card issued by American Express

With this card, you can get 30,000 miles after you purchase $1000 within the first three months. It’s an ordinary bonus, but often all through the year, they also offer an extra reward of up to 60,000 miles, so I’ll be patient until there is a better deal to sign up for. In addition, you’ll earn the credit of $50 when you make a Delta purchase in the first three months, too. You can activate the credit on your statement by buying the $50 gift card offered by Delta. It is never expiring and can be used on any Delta flight that you make shortly. It is identical to that of the American Airlines card. You will earn two miles per dollar for Delta purchases. You will also be given priority boarding and the initial check back for free instead of a 25% discount. You receive only a 20% discount on drinks and snacks you purchase on a Delta flight.

United Mileage Plus Card

The card can earn 40k miles when spending $2000 within the first three months. Additionally, it comes with the advantages of free checked bags as well as a priority board. One of the benefits of the card is each year. It allows you to United lounges one-time passes. 

JetBlue Plus card

The last card I’ll discuss is my top credit card for airlines in 2022. It’s the JetBlue Plus card. With this card, you can earn the equivalent of 40,000 miles once you spend $1000 within your first 30 days as a cardholder. The first payment back to free on your behalf and three other travelers traveling with you. You’ll get six points for every dollar you spend on JetBlue purchases. 2 points per dollar for restaurant and grocery store purchases. And one point for every dollar spent for everything else.

 In addition, you can enjoy 50% off of drinks and food you purchase on JetBlue flights. Every year that you hold the card, you’ll receive 5000 points in return when you have the card. One of JetBlue points’ advantages is that they can reserve a seat for any plane. There is no need to search for an available word similar to other airline miles. When a plane has an empty seat, it is possible to purchase with points as quickly as buying it in cash. The worth of points here is approximately 1.4 cents per point. The five thousand points you collect each year will be worth seventy-five dollars, which will cover the bulk of the $99 annual fee.

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American Express Platinum

Select the official card for your airline, or one that lets you transfer points to the account of your airline. Having said so, no credit card list is complete if American Express is not there. It would be best if you also looked into American Express. This Platinum Amex is an excellent card to enjoy travel advantages, and points can be transferred to 16 airlines.

However, Suppose you plan to own multiple points cards in all likelihood. In that case, you need at least two hotel cards along with any airline or Amex cards you select to acquire. Hotels cards are beneficial to earn points. Some offer an opportunity to get a free night every year on the anniversary date for getting this card. That is very beneficial. I’ve used each Marriott and IHG (InterContinental and Kimpton and Holiday Inn) card, and the free gold nights.

Best credit card to get airline rewards in 2022

Chase Sapphire Preferred

  • No foreign transaction fees
  • You get 40,000 bonus points when you spend $3000 within three months. It’s enough for a few nights in the Hyatt and more than enough to purchase an all-around coach ticket through United or its associates anywhere in the world.
  • No annual cost the first year
  •  The presence of a chip makes transactions more convenient abroad, especially in Europe. Please don’t confuse it with chip and PIN; however, this isn’t widely used with U.S. cards.
  • You get 2x points on everything, including dining out and travel.

The Chase Hyatt card

  • Two free nights at any hotel in the world, after spending $1000 over three months.
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • There is no annual charge the very first year.
  • Chip and signature
  • You also get a certificate for each year that is redeemable at the category 1-1-4 Hyatt hotel. That alone is enough to justify the annual fee of $75.
  • Free Hyatt Platinum level will grant you access to free WiFi and upgrades in addition to other benefits.

Citi American Airlines credit card or a Chase United Mileage Plus Explorer card

  • If you travel with any airline frequently, these cards could give you access to lounges and priority boarding, as well as and a free baggage check, as well as other benefits.
  • I rarely spend money on these cards, as other cards such as the Sapphire Preferred earns twice as many points for every dollar. I carry it around in my purse to enjoy the benefits of flying.

It is a benefit since it’s not a credit card, but a debit card: Charles Schwab High Yield Checking account for Investors.

  • You can utilize the debit card for cash withdrawals free in any ATM anywhere in the world, however many times you’d like. I’m not one to carry money, and so typically only withdraw a small amount every time I require cash. That keeps me from carrying vast quantities of foreign currency after my trip is over. Schwab will pay the ATM fee at the close of the month.
  • There aren’t any required minimum balances. I can leave a small amount – enough to cover immediate expenses for travel.

I didn’t include the American Express card in my answer because the only card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees can be the Platinum card.

what are the top travel credit cards to use in 2022

So, what are the top travel credit cards to use in 2022?

1. Chase Sapphire Preferred(r) Card

  • The Chase Sapphire Preferred(r) Card is among the most sought-after credit cards for travel rewards available. With a high return on dining and travel purchases, the card offers much value, quickly covering the $95 annual cost. Cardholders can redeem points for 1.25 cents for each trip booked via Chase and transfer them to any of Chase’s 14 important hotel and airline partners. Earn 5x on travel purchases by Chase Travel, 3x on eating out, certain streaming services, and online purchases at grocery stores, 2x on other travel, and 1x on everything else.
  • Hotel credit of $50 per month when you book through Ultimate Rewards
  • Premium travel protection benefits, including cancellation insurance for trips and primary insurance for car rentals, and insurance for lost luggage

2. American Express Platinum Card

It is the Amex Platinum that is unmatched when it regards travel benefits and perks. If access to lounges or hotel elite status and credit on your statement each year is essential to you, then this card is worth the cost of its annual fees.

The welcome bonus currently offered on this card is handsome. TPG estimates the bonus at $2,000 without including any points you could get from the 10x temporary bonus categories.

This card is backed by numerous advantages, including the ability to access Centurion Lounges, free Elite status at Hilton and Marriott, plus more than $1400 in annual statement credits and many more. (enrollment required)

Amex Platinum Amex Platinum comes with access to a concierge service. It will assist customers with all aspects of making reservations that are difficult to obtain, from finding guidebooks for your destination to helping determine your next destination.

3. Citi Premier(r) Card

  • Thanks to its large bonus spending categories, this Citi Premier Card is one of the top travel rewards cards. Earn 3 points per dollar spent on food, grocery stores, and gas stations, as well as hotels and air travel. It’s not just about earning triple points on flights and hotels. However, you can also earn points on grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations, giving you plenty of chances to earn points on everyday purchases. Most importantly, the earned points can be transferred to various frequent flyer rewards across all alliance airlines. Also, you can enjoy an annual hotel savings of $100 benefit via Citi on single-stays that exceed $500 (excluding fees and taxes).
  • A $100 savings on hotel rooms per year (on single hotel stays of $500 or more made by thankyou.com).
  • Points transfer to more than 15 airline programs, ranging from JetBlue up to Virgin Atlantic. For a short period, it is possible to transfer them into American Airlines.
  • World Elite Mastercard benefits extended warranty, theft, and damage security.
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4. Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

  • In terms of simplicity and substantial rewards, suppose you’re looking for a rewarding and straightforward card. The Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card is an excellent option for travelers of all kinds. Earn 2x miles with each purchase. There aren’t any bonus categories to remember, which makes it an excellent card for busy lives. The card is flexible and offers an impressive sign-up bonus of 60,000 miles. It’s valued at $1,110 based upon TPG’s valuations, not offered through the company that issued the credit card.
  • You’ll earn 2x points on each purchase, meaning you won’t have to think about recollecting the bonus categories.
  • The rewards earned are flexible. They can be exchanged at any time for any hotel or airline purchase to earn the amount of a statement credit or transferred to more than 15 travel partners.

5. American Express(r) Gold Card

  • It’s not just a card that’s beautiful to take a look at. It’s packed with a punch by offering points of 4x on dining out at restaurants and U.S. supermarkets (on the first $25,000 of purchases per calendar year; and then 1x). Additionally, there’s a $120 dining credit per year on purchases at many stores. You may count Grubhub, Seamless, The Cheesecake Factory, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Boxed, and other participating Shake Shack locations. Plus, it can earn up to $120 per year ($10 monthly) of Uber Cash, which can be used for Uber Eats orders or Uber rides within the U.S. That makes it a strong competitor for all food items that have grown into an increasingly popular spending category. Participation is required for some benefits. Earn bonuses Medallion Qualifying Miles (MQMs). It also earns you Medallion Qualifying Dollar (MQD), waived once you have reached specific spending limits with your credit card during the calendar year.
  • You will receive a Domestic Main Cabin round-trip companion certificate every year.
  • Credit for fees to TSA PreCheck and Global Entry.
  • The first checked bag is free.

6. The Bank of America Travel Rewards credit card

  • This credit card from Bank of America is like a breath of fresh air. There is no annual fee, 1.5x on all purchases, and the possibility of redeeming points towards travel purchases through your credit card statement. There is no annual fee.
  • Earn 1.5 points for every dollar spent for all purchases without restrictions.
  • No foreign transaction fees. This card makes the perfect first credit card.

7. Capital One Venture One Rewards Credit Card

  • Suppose you’re interested in dipping your toes in the ocean of travel rewards. In that case, the Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card is the perfect option to start. With no annual cost and just 1.25x miles per purchase, you don’t need to manage multiple bonus categories – earn rewards on every buy! With the 20,000-mile reward for signing up, you’ll be able to make use of your rewards to book travel. You can transfer funds to Capital One’s loyalty partner partners and do other things. There is no annual cost.
  • Earn 20,000 bonus miles when making at least $500 in purchases within the first three months after the time of account opening.
  • Use points to make reservations flights or pay for travel with a 1-cent value or transfer them to loyalty programs for potentially even more value from your reward points.
  • Earn 1.25x miles for any purchase.
  • No foreign transaction fees.

8. American Express Platinum Business Card

Its Business Platinum Card from American Express is an excellent credit card for frequent travelers wanting to add a little elegance to their business travels. Although the card comes with a cost for high annual fees, it also comes with many benefits. The benefits include huge annually credited travel credit, unbeatable access to lounges, including Amex Centurion Lounges, and many more.

  • Credit up to $100 for global Entry and TSA PreCheck fee per 4 to 5 years.
  • A maximum of $400 per statement credit on the U.S. Dell purchases (enrollment necessary)
  • Gold status for Marriott or Hilton hotels and access to Fine Hotels & Resorts program and the Hotel Collection (enrollment is required)
  • Warranty protection extended; International Airline Program; and Cruise Privileges Program.

9. Ink Business Preferred Credit Card

  • The Business Ink Preferred credit card’s welcome bonus is among the best we’ve ever seen from Chase. The card includes security for shopping, travel, and protection. It provides the primary coverage when you rent cars for business use for employees and you. You can also earn points in the four categories of bonus (travel and shipping, as well as advertising and telecommunications providers), which are the most sought-after for firms. One of the best bonus offers for signing up we’ve seen 100,000 bonus points upon spending $15,000 in the first three months following the card’s opening.
  • Log in to Chase Ultimate Rewards to make points redemption.
  • There is a reasonable annual fee of $95.
  • Bonus categories are relevant to business owners—primary insurance for cars.
  • Perks include cellphone and purchase protection, extended warranty; trip cancellation/interruption insurance; trip delay reimbursement.

10. Chase Sapphire Reserve

  • $300 per year as payment for purchases made on travel to your credit card each anniversary year.
  • You can join Chase Ultimate Rewards hotels as well as airline partners.
  • 10x on hotel rental cars, hotels, and purchases at Chase Dining through the Ultimate Rewards portal, 5x on flights booked through the Ultimate Rewards portal, 3x points on other dining and travel purchases, other purchases, and 1x on all other items.
  • 50 percent more value when you redeem your points to pay for journeys directly via Chase Ultimate Reward

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