10 Best Travel Insurance Companies with Primary Medical & Covid Coverage in 2022

10 Best Travel Insurance Companies with Primary Medical & Covid Coverage in 2022 | 

10 Best Travel Insurance Companies with Primary Medical & Covid Coverage in 2022 | Best Travel Insurance in 2022

In this article, we will discuss the ten best travel insurance companies with primary medical & Covid coverage in 2022

Best travel insurance companies 

In the light of the current Covid-19 pandemic – and the accompanying social distancing and the travel restriction which measures the implemented across the world – record the number of flights, crisis, vacations, and the other travel plans that have been thrown into disarray. While all the other responses from the hotel chains and individual airlines have relaxed their cancellation policy, travel insurance companies are a different story.

The travel insurance policies are the types of policy that would apply to most of those canceled plans: trip cancellation or even trip interruption, both of which are usually named-peril plans.

This means that they are honored coverage on the insurance policy, but only if the reasons for the cancellation are to be listed in the plan. And neither the fear of contracting the coronavirus nor the fact that there is a very real worldwide pandemic are listed for the reasons.

There is one notable, albeit more expensive option out there if you will purchase a Cancel For any other reason add-on policy. You can do precisely that: you can change your travel plans entirely and practice social distancing at home.

To qualify, you must have to purchase the CFAR within the insurer’s specified timeframe after making your very first payment, and you must ensure the totality of the costs of your trip. You should always know that even a CFAR only goes so far – you would not be fully reimbursed, even though you are insuring 100 percent of your costs – most of the travel insurance policies will give you the option of a 50 or 75 percent reimbursement.

Given this situation, before you book any travel and purchase travel insurance, we recommend you follow the current center for disease control. In addition, it would help if you asked yourself these questions.

  1. Are coronaviruses surging or spreading at your destination? 
  2. Do you live with someone at a high risk of infection from the coronavirus?
  3. Likewise, are you at a very high risk of becoming gravely ill from the coronavirus?
  4. And finally, does your destination have any of the travel restrictions or the requirements?

This fourth question is critical since it can significantly derail one of your plans – many of the state, local, and territorial governments that have implemented the restrictions of varying degrees, from the mandatory testing or quarantines to the outright travel bans.

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From the very instant, the European Union just extended its travel ban for the U.S.citizens. At the same time, Ireland and Hawaii allow travel but still require a two-week, in-court quarantine. In Short, we will recommend you to take the time just to verify if this is the only case in your chosen destination, either on the state or the local public health websites if you are traveling within the continental U.S. or through the U.S. Department of State’s Country Information page. 


For the consumers who want to compare shopping convenience, TravelInsurance.com is a perfect choice for you; it allows you to compare many of the policies simultaneously. Customers are also asked to fill in a simple web form that asks for the dates, destination, and total cost of the upcoming trip. The website will instantly generate a list of the available policies, coverage, issuer’s strength ratings, and costs. Prospective travelers can also make side-by-side comparisons of the smaller number of policies.

Travelinsurance.com is not an insurer itself, but it partners with a large number of the insurers we recommend. Therefore, before you are about to purchase any travel insurance policies, it is an excellent idea to research the company that is issuing it together with even more information about it.


Strictly speaking, Medject will not provide you with travel insurance in the classic sense. For instance, there are no coverage options for the trip cancellation, baggage loss or delay, or any other standard travel medical insurance features.

For those, you will have to purchase a standard travel insurance policy from another provider. In addition, Medjet will offer industry-leading global medical evacuations services to private and corporate clients.

With a network of hundreds of air ambulances and medical escorts located worldwide, if you are hospitalized, Medjet provides you with the transport to the home-country hospital of your own choice abroad aircraft outfitted with state-of-the-art emergency medical equipment. Although travel insurance will typically require you to be treated and recover in the “nearest acceptable facility,” Medjet will allow you to get to the hospital at home.

Medjet operates on the membership model, With several programs calibrated to fit the needs of all the different types of travelers. Short-term memberships for all the short trips are also available here, as are the programs for students, professors, and long-term expatriates.


This insurance is best for travelers who are on a larger budget. While a swift glance at the AXA’s rather than the generic websites might suggest that there is nothing special about this company, the true value of its policies becomes much apparent when you will look at what is covered.

The Platinum plan for our $3,000 trip will cost a quoted $125 and may include a remarkable suite for the coverage. With the medical expenses capped at $250,000 and the medevac and the repatriation capped at a cool million, the plan will truly live up to its precious metal namesake.

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Trip cancellation and the interruption will pay out at an industry-standard 100% and 150%, respectively, and the baggage protection is always within the normal range.

But the Platinum plan will shine when it comes to the little touches, such as a $25 for a day peet the boarding benefit for your trip delays, $1,000 for the sports equipment rental, and $500 to the lost golf rounds and skiing days. That is a lot of value for the 4.17%, which is the price of your overall trip.


Generali will provide you a great value to your buck. Generali’s will connect you with a network of American doctors for non-emergency medical consultants, prescription, and advice.

The premium plan offers you a million dollars in medevac coverage and nice extras, like $500 for the sports equipment delays and $1,000 for the missed connections. This policy is ideal for the well-to-do traveler with a lot of money invested in a trip.

Generali scored very high with us because, as the travel insurers go, they will offer some of the most comprehensive coverages, highest payout maximums, and many of the additional policy features that other providers do not.

All the standard trip interruption and the cancellation reasons are actually provided for, and then some. Additionally, the company has generous provisions for the baggage and the trip delays. Finally, Generali shines when it comes to its traveler assistance services.

Along with all the usual customer assistance features, the company can also provide such things as specialty food delivery, an emergency cash advance of $500, and travel companion may meet and greet services. Pound for pound is one of the most extensive offerings out there.

5. The Generali Promise 

Generali is unique among the travel insurers; it will also provide you with the trip cancellation converge in the event of the sickness/death of a service animal. In addition to all the standard trip cancellation reasons, the company does include the coverage if you cannot get a vaccination necessary for the trip and the coverage if you have to cancel due to the notification of a successful organ match.

Generali will boast many more customer assistance services than the standard among the travel insurance providers. These may include identifying the theft resolution services, procurement of hard-to-find items, personalized retail shopping assistance services, limousine pick up of the friends and business partners. In addition, Generali’s 24-hour emergency hotline can easily be accessed from anywhere globally, including medical, concierge assistance, and travel.


World Nomads a choice of the two plans. The primary difference between the two, apart from the cost, of course, is the benefit limits associated with each other. Both of the plans offer the same types of coverage, including trip cancellation, trip interruptions, and personal property losses. We used a hypothetical $3,000 trip to the France world Nomads policy to the competitive pans.

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The Standard Plan of the World Nomad has a benefit limit of around $2500. Therefore, it would never cover the entire cost of our hypothetical trip to France. Still, it would undoubtedly lessen the economy below for the cancellation or the interruption. World Nomads explorer plan has a benefits limit of $10,000 for the cancellation and the interruption.

It would also fully reimburse the cost of our hypothetical trip. It is also essential to understand that you can not collect any more than your cost rip cost with the trip cancellation or the interruption coverage, no matter how high the benefits limit of your policy is. Our hypothetical traveler would always want to compare the premium difference between the two plans. If it were more than $500, then the world nomad’s Explorer plan that you can not make financial.

7. Berkshire Hathaway Travel protection 

One of the good things about Hathaway is that its plan includes 24/7 travel assistance that can aid in replacing or finding the lost luggage and assist you with lost and even stolen wallets.

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection will let you choose from a selection of travel insurance plans and receive a free online quote just in minutes. The company not only offer travel insurance specifically for cruises and flights, but it also offers three tiers of coverage that you will be able to choose for your vocation 

8. Allianz 

Allianz is an excellent insurance provider globally, which in itself will not mean that much. However, with that size, that comes with a great deal of experience and an extremely diverse portfolio of policies, including the annual plans covering the multiple trips policies that cover the extended trips up to a year long. These specialized offerings are perfect for families traveling together or temporarily moving to another country.

9. Amex Travel 

Long associated with international travel, American Express’s travel insurance wing will provide four tiers of protection, from a bare-bones policy to comprehensive coverage. In addition, you can also create your policy, where you can pick and choose your preferred areas of coverage.

The website will also provide a sample policy contract to read before you buy in the rare move. This flexibility will appeal to travelers who need the coverage and do not want to waste money on coverage that they do not.

10. Travelex

Travelex remains a trendy choice for travel insurance, a very old standby and originally an arm of the Mutual of Omaha. Travelex offers you two levels of legal protection and several policy add-ons to build just the right insurance for your trip. However, on the pricey side, the cost is much more than the offset by the top-flight concierge services.

Final words

In this article, we are have discussed the best travel insurance companies with primary medical and covid coverage in 2022. However, we recommend you do some research of your own to get the best result.