10 best vpn for crypto trading, Coinbase & Binance in 2022

10 best vpn for crypto trading, Coinbase & Binance in 2022

Top 10 VPN for Crypto Trading for Coinbase and Binance in 2022

The rise of the cryptocurrency industry has facilitated the fast evolution of the related currencies and evolving at a rapid speed. 

The following guide showcases the most exemplary cryptocurrency applications meant to make the lives of long-term investors and short-term traders easier. There’s something for everyone, from exchange and brokerage applications to portfolio trackers, market data sources, and wallets.

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Based on these factors, we spent several hours picking the best 10 VPN for trading cryptocurrencies. We’ve included the top-scoring applications below, along with what impressed us about each of them.

Why are VPNs necessary for Crypto Trading?

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are essential for cryptocurrency trading since they allow users to store assets without fear of hackers. A VPN encrypts users’ traffic and data, assuring the security of all bitcoin transactions. It is possible to prevent hackers, hostile third parties, and the government from tracking a user’s identity by using VPN and a safe browser to surf on the internet.

Furthermore, many VPNs include servers in many countries, allowing users to bypass geo-restrictions. Having an extra layer of security, on the other hand, does not damage you, mainly if you use a proven privacy-oriented VPN that does not track your actions.

Nord VPN

NordVPN is by far the safest and privacy-focused VPN for bitcoin transactions. Coming from Panama, it enables all types of internet traffic, including P2P and streaming services. Most significantly, it features a strict no-logs policy and an automated kill-switch that protects your IP even if your connection to the VPN server fails.

The VPN has over 5,000 servers in 65 countries, which are fast. NordVPN also supports the OpenVPN, Wire Guard, and IKEv2 protocols. Other security features include IP leak detection, an internet stop switch, and a harmful website blocker. Using NordVPN SmartPlay feature, users may circumvent geo-restrictions and gain access to restricted crypto trading sites from anywhere. Another significant privacy feature is the usage of limited servers intended for regions with VPN restrictions, such as the UAE and Turkey. These obfuscated servers conceal users’ traffic and location and cover VPN activities.

The feature that stands out about NordVPN is that it also accepts cryptocurrency. You may currently purchase a plan using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), Tron (TRX), and BitTorrent (BTT) cryptocurrencies. This feature made an edge point for NordVPN and attracted more users than ever. 

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Surf Shark VPN

If you want a reliable VPN for your Coinbase and Binance crypto exchanges, there is no better option than Surf Shark VPN. Customers’ online actions are encrypted using Surf Shark so that no one can track or steal their information. 

Malware protection, ad filtering, split tunneling, and compatibility for the Shadowsocks protocol are all included in the VPN. Crypto traders may enjoy security on any device thanks to Surf Shark’s interoperability with all devices. Users must download the VPN company’s website to utilize Surf Shark for bitcoin trading.

Decide on a payment schedule after that. After that, select a server to connect to and start using the VPN. Crypto traders would appreciate Surf Shark’s enormous servers (over 3,500), which aids in the VPN’s speed. The VPN’s security is rather basic when compared to other VPN services. Thanks to AES 256-bit encryption, 2048-bit DHE-RSA keys, and SHA512 authentication, users’ cryptocurrency transactions are secure.


VPNArea is a Bulgarian VPN service. It has been in operation since 2012 and has a user-friendly privacy policy with no history of data breaches or leaks. As VPNArea exists in a very non-famous place. VPNArea has more than 250 servers covering 65 countries and has the most versatility compared to other VPNs; VPNArea offers several features that no other VPN offers.

However, VPNArea is known for its world class privacy features and its capabilities to compete other VPN with its great security feature for safe trading of cryptocurrencies. 

Express VPN

The best cryptocurrency trading VPN is ExpressVPN. It protects your crypto transactions with the most up-to-date security and privacy protections.

To begin with, it accepts a variety of payment options, including cryptocurrency. As a result, you can purchase a membership without revealing your identity.

ExpressVPN is one of the few VPNs with an extensive network. It has over 3000 servers spread across 94 countries, including countries where VPN access is restricted, such as Turkey. This implies you’ll be able to use geo-restricted cryptocurrencies and trading sites from all over the world. Advanced AES 256-bit encryption is used.

If the VPN loses connectivity, the optional kill switch provides an additional degree of protection by preventing all network activity and protecting your identity. I found no DNS or WebRTC leaks during my tests, which increased my confidence in ExpressVPN. 

Setting up the app on a desktop or mobile device is simple. All major operating systems are supported, including Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux. This means you may trade cryptocurrencies on your smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, or any other device that supports cryptocurrency.


IPVanish offers strong security safeguards to keep you secure when surfing the web or trading cryptocurrency on any exchange like Binance or Coinbase. It follows a strict no-logs policy, which means it does not track or log your online actions. This is beneficial since it ensures that your privacy is safeguarded.

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IP-Vanish has a vast server network with over 1,900 servers globally, giving you lots of alternatives for a safe connection no matter where you are. I tried three different servers in three other places and had no problems connecting. You won’t have any trouble selecting a reliable server that will keep you safe. 

Private Internet Access (PIA)

Private Internet Access (PIA) is one of the most trusted VPNs for purchasing Bitcoin safely. It attracts a large consumer base worldwide by providing essential features and ensuring privacy.

 The VPN accepts several payment methods, including credit cards and online payment systems. It also accepts anonymous Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments. One disadvantage of PIA is that it is headquartered in the United States, a member of the 5-Eyes Alliance. 

However, it has a solid no-log policy, which means that PIA will not access your data if a request for information is made. In addition, PIA features a MACE function that blocks unwanted pop-ups and protects against trackers and other sorts of malware.

You can enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee, just like with other crypto VPNs. After that, you’ll be charged a monthly fee for using PIA VPN to trade cryptocurrencies. Private Internet Access charges $9.95 per month, $3.33 per month for a year ($39.95 yearly), and $2.19 per month if you acquire for three years ($79 every three years) as monthly fees.

Private VPN

PrivateVPN is one of the most cost-effective VPN services for cryptocurrencies. It is entirely secure, unblocks trading websites, and provides reliable speeds.

Although it has a small number of servers, they are scattered throughout 60 countries. This provides you with many options for circumventing limitations and gaining access to a variety of trading sites. Fortunately, the company’s network is continually increasing. 

In terms of security, the VPN provides a plethora of endless possibilities. For example, you may select either 128-bit or 256-bit encryption, both are safe. It also supports several protocols, including OpenVPN UDP/TCP, L2TP, IKEv2, and PPTP. 

PrivateVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to allow you to get a feel for the VPN without making a long-term commitment straight away. One problem is that PrivateVPN is subject to 14-eyes jurisdiction because it is situated in Sweden.

As a result, if required, the firm will be legally obligated to disclose your information with law enforcement organizations (even across the borders). However, because it has a no-logs policy, it would have no information to provide.


TorGuard, also known as Torrenting Guard, is a good VPN for bitcoin trading since it encrypts users’ internet data. Torrenting Guard gives merchants an anonymous IP address to use for safe surfing. Although the service is geared at peer-to-peer file exchange services like Torrent, it also works well with bitcoins. Overall, TorGuard is a top security-oriented VPN recognized for its cutting-edge encryption and extensive control over its features. It may not be the most user-friendly VPN available, but it is still more straightforward to use than other VPNs.

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TorGuard boasts over 3,000 servers in more than 50 locations, has excellent security, is ideal for torrenting, has lightning-fast bandwidth, supports up to eight simultaneous connections, and is reasonably priced. IPv6 leak protection, torrent compatibility, and a remote proxy are all included.


VyprVPN owns and operates its whole network of 700+ servers in 70 countries. Furthermore, the service gives you the option of using Wire Guard or the proprietary Chameleon tunneling technologies for speed or security. Moreover, you can engage in P2P activity on any server without fear of being restricted.

The VPN is also extensively audited, with reasonable longer-term contracts and a proven anti-censorship stance. They feature Wire Guard, which is an additional benefit in connection speed. VyprVPN is an excellent choice for privacy. However, they do not yet accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, but you may still trade your cryptocurrency without issue.

Mullvad VPN

Mullvad VPN is based in Sweden, whose core operating value is privacy. Mullvad is one of the finest VPNs for bitcoin trading since it secures traders’ online activities and keeps users’ identities private.

Mullvad offers a cheap price plan that comprises a monthly charge of $5 for optimum flexibility. Mullvad has a monthly plan, a yearly plan, and a decade plan for the same monthly bill. 

They also provide a 10% discount when you pay with cryptocurrency owing to reduced fees and less administration on their end. Not to add that Mullvad now accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (BCT) payments. Mullvad VPN also provides:

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Five simultaneous device connections.
  • A no-logs policy.
  • A reasonable price.


There are just a few risks to consider while using a VPN to buy cryptocurrency if you are in a country that allows trading on a specific platform. Having a trustworthy VPN service on your device can only help your privacy. Furthermore, note that while using Coinbase, the application does not explicitly prohibit VPN use, but continuously changing your IP address can trigger their security procedures and result in your account being locked. As a result, it is recommended that you utilize a VPN with a dedicated IP address.

The VPNs listed above are not only the finest that take cryptocurrency payments, but they are also the most excellent services for all of your crypto trading activities. These VPNs accept cryptocurrency as payment, indicating that anonymity and privacy are essential. NordVPN is our #1 pick because of its robust security and extensive server network.