Best sleeping position to lose Belly Fat

Best sleeping position to lose Belly Fat

How you can Burn Fat by sleeping?

Having a couple of pounds of excess belly fat on your body can feel like a significant issue, and this fat may also be noticeable. There are many means to lose it readily and securely and if you’re looking for the best sleeping position to reduce belly fat, then look no further because we have got you covered. We will answer all those questions and reveal all those options from where you can get rid of your belly fat very easily. 

How does your sleeping position affect your overall health?

Sleeping in the correct position will not only help you lose some pounds, but it will be providing several benefits to your body like it makes you feel relaxed, increase the general health of your brain, and assists in the elimination of the waste found in the brain known in another name as interstitial brain waste.

When this waste is cleared from the brain, it minimizes the chances of a person suffering from several different diseases; sleeping on the right-hand side exerts minimal pressure on the heart and stomach while enabling digestion to take place smoothly. This eliminates the flow of Qi and improves the functionality of your heart. 

Best sleeping positions to lose fat. 

1. Sleeping on the stomach 

Sleeping on your stomach is considered one of the best sleeping positions to lower your belly fat. In this position, the person sleeps by lying horizontally on the stomach and the head on the pillow.

When you lay on your stomach, what happens is that your abdomen will get additional pressure from the body’s weight. Due to which it blocks your abdomen and prevents any excess fat accumulation. As all of us know that stomach sleeping is recognized as an unhealthy sleeping position, we have covered you; there are some measures you can take to prevent it from affecting your health.

  • You can try switching from stomach position to side position between your sleep. This way, you can prevent any breathing obstruction, chest tightness, and blood flow in your body.
  • Suppose you are a side sleeper or back sleeper and aren’t comfortable sleeping in a stomach position. In that case, you should try lying on your stomach for a few minutes every night until you get a relaxed sleeping stomach or prone position.
  • You can also switch to your regular sleeping position after two hours.
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2. Abdominal breathing 

 Breathing exercises are gaining popularity nowadays as they are effective in the abdominal area and have also proven an essential factor for losing belly weight. If you are looking forward to losing belly weight, you must do abdominal breathing and follow the sleeping positions to see noticeable results

The best thing is that it is so simple and can be done anywhere, whether you are at work or home. You can do it and lose pounds of abdominal fat; you have to inhale the fresh air from your nose and just let it go from your mouth. This exercise improves your bowel movements by working on your stomach and waist. Doing these exercises regularly will find a noticeable change in your waistline. 

3. Back sleeping position 

The next position that will help you lose your belly weight is this back sleeping position. It is not as effective as that stomach sleeping one, but it gives you shocking results. When you sleep on your back, your body has difficulty transforming the food you have taken into fat. Instead, it turns that food into energy or promotes it to leave the body.

This position can work on your stomach pressure. This position is not only good for people fighting to lose weight but is also great for people suffering from back and knee pain issues. One of the best things about it is that you can remain in the same position for the whole night, and it will not harm you in any way.

Factors that can build up belly fat loss effectiveness

These sleeping positions can only work when you work on the following factors. These are

Sleeping early

If you want to avoid belly weight or reduce it, you need to avoid staying up late at night. Sleeping late destroys not only your mental health but also increases the chance to eat something, which can cause weight gain. We will suggest getting rid of all of your work in the daytime. 

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Apart from preventing you from eating something late at night, it also results in good health, helping you take a good amount of sleep and losing fat effectively. 

Avoid using your phone before sleeping.  

Using electronic devices right before your sleep not only affects your mental health, it can provide negative energy and might become a potential distraction when you try to sleep. The blue light emitting from your electronic device is very harmful at night. It can also hamper the melatonin production in your body, which can cause you to sleep less, and the less you sleep at night, the more your body tries to make up for overeating.

When we take a less amount of sleep, it causes a lot of problems to the body, therefore, it is advised to stop using the phone before you should sleep for at least 2 hours and it is that important than you should use blue light mode on the phones it cuts out the rays and helps you sleep well.  

Intake of foods that increases the metabolic rate 

Before sleep, we should eat foods that increase our metabolic rate because it automatically burns more fat in our stomach when the metabolic rate is increased. These usually include meat, milk, ginger, eggs, and lemons. These things increase your metabolism and are also very helpful in providing your body with several nutrients.


Exercising is one of the effective ways to lose belly fat. Suppose you do exercise like four to three hours before sleep. In that case, it increases your metabolic rate and helps you sleep fast and on time exercising is one of the factors. It helps your body in several ways. It increases the blood flow which in return keeps the heart working well and enhances your metabolic rate. It helps you burn fat fast when you fall asleep. 

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After exercising, sleeping on a stomach can help you get excellent weight loss results. You will feel a very noticeable difference in your energy level and feel good about yourself. 

Sleeping at a cool temperature 

Most people sleep better in a cool temperature room. Apart from this, a colder room is more helpful for burning calories as we need some good fats in the body to process.

Brown fat, which is brown adipose tissue, is utilized for acclimating to your surroundings. This fat is activated through cold temperature, acting as an internal heating jacket for the body.

This can help activate more brown fat cells and eventually help burn your fat. Therefore, it is beneficial to sleep at a colder temperature to help you lose weight.

Sleeping in a Darkroom 

A dark room can help provide a sleep-promoting hormone known as melatonin. Sleeping can regulate the hunger hormones more in the body and help the calorie-burning process.

The melatonin provided will also transform food into energy instead of fat. Melatonin can help increase your metabolism rate and can help in converting the brown fat, which is considered harmful for your body, to white fat.

White fat is essential for the body, and the best thing is it doesn’t impact or accumulate around other areas of the body or the stomach. 

Small light exposure can also impede melatonin production, which is good, so it is better to sleep in a room with complete darkness to prevent those extra fats from your body.

To achieve total darkness, turn off all the lights in your room and cover the curtains, which will help block any light from passing your room. A dark room can also help in providing coolness and make you sleep better at night.

Having green tea during the day 

Green tea contains various compounds that will help you burn fat faster. It includes antioxidants such as ECGC that will improve your metabolism, caffeine, burn the brown fat from your body, and more.

Because of some caffeine involvement, it might not be the most sleep-friendly beverage for a lot of people, due to which it is often consumed a lot during the daytime. The best thing about it is that beneficial properties work even after intake hours. Therefore, a regular tea intake can help you burn calories and fat faster.


Losing weight is very tough for everybody. But using proper measures techniques can make the journey much easier. You should research these positions by yourself before you go any further.