10 Reasons to Switch to Android TV

10 Reasons to Switch to Android TV

10 Reasons to Switch to Android TV

Digital technologies have become an integral and inseparable part of our life. Every single day, new items are arriving at the market, aiming to simplify and improve our existence. Google is one of those enterprises that never stop inventing and creating new mind-blowing technologies. The Android TV app is one of their recent inventions. This version of their classic mobile operating system is configured specifically for TV and makes all fantastic science-fiction dreams about smart houses true. 

Its story began in 2014 when Android TV was announced as the Google TV successor. Ever since then, it revolutionized the industry and made us forget about good old-fashioned boring TVs. Android TV is changing our watching experience forever. 

  1. This application’s main goal is to help you enjoy your beloved content through your personal media collection (Plex etc.) or your subscriptions (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Google Play Music, etc.)
  2. Numerous TVs (Sony, Philips, Hisense, and TCL) have it preinstalled in their default packages. And if it is not automatically included in your TV functions, you can easily buy it for a reasonable price from the best manufacturers, including Nvidia, AirTV, and Xiaomi, and set it up on your own, using your Google Account.   
  3. Thanks to the app’s access to the Google Play Market, your content search will be simplified. In their portfolio, you may find top content apps designed in frames of a 10-foot experience program. This means no more struggle when navigating the app or reading texts in tiny fonts.
  4. Google Assistant, which is embedded in every Android TV version, guarantees you absolute voice control over TV content and other smart home apps, which are automatically synchronized.  
  5. Google Chromecast — another integrated product that allows you to initiate screen sharing from compatible smartphones, browsers, and apps as well as to cast videos.
  6. Interface is user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to use. 
  7. Media apps are demonstrated in a form of horizontal “ribbons.” They put together special sets of suggestions, which summarize recommendations created specifically for you together with recently viewed content from particular apps.  
  8. Gaming. Under the Apps row, a list of the games may be found. Online and offline gaming is supported in single-player and multiplayer modes. Up to four gamepads may be used along with other Android devices like phones and tablets. What’s more, you may change devices without losing your progress, pass some levels on the phone, and then change to the TV. Google Play Games will take care of saving your achievements from all gadgets. 
  9. Wide range of advanced TV features like HDR, 4K UltraHD, and Dolby Atmos is supported by Android TV. 
  10. Regular firmware and app updates that improve functionality. 
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As you may have already concluded, Android TV is a pioneer in the world of smart apps. Its constant development created promising future functions for users. Stay tuned for the latest updates and don’t miss the chance to see the future with Android TV.