11 Things to look out for when Buying the correct harness for Your Dog.

11 Things to look out for when Buying the correct harness for Your Dog.

11 Things to look out for when Buying the correct harness for Your Dog.

There is no denying the importance of outdoor walks for your furry friend. Outdoor walks are the happiest, most enriching, and best way to boost healthier practices in dogs. However, when you plan to take your dog for a walk in public, never do so without the right gear. This not only ensures the safety of your pet but also of others. You can use a collar belt or a harness to have your furry friend on a leash. Both belts and harnesses are highly advantageous, but most pet parents are switching from collar belts to harnesses.

There is an extensive range of suppliers claiming to offer best-in-industry harnesses. This makes selecting the suitable harness for your pet a daunting task. However, the breed, size, age, activity level, and training level of your pet play a crucial role in selecting the proper fit.

Remember, only a right-fit harness promotes comfortable walking and the safety of your furry friend. So, we have curated some pointers to look out for to shop for the ideal dog harness.

11 Pointers to Shop for an ideal dog harness

Checkout size and fit

The first and foremost point is to checkout for proper sizing and fit while buying a dog harness. Never settle for a harness that is too loose or too tight.

Harnesses available in the market are according to the breed and are adjustable. However, measuring your furry friend to get the best fit is advisable. As your dog may be small or big from the regular breed size. So, when you measure your dog, the chances of getting the perfect size and fit increase significantly.

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The best practice is to measure your dog’s girth, which is their chest circumference right behind the front legs. Once you have measured the circumference, compare it with the sizing chart provided by the company.

The easiest way is to use a measuring tape. Ask your friend or family member to hold the dog while you measure the body for exact measurements.

Material and durability

Next, start looking for a durable material and high-quality harness. For instance, nylon or padded mesh harnesses are the most durable and sturdy materials. Also, check the harness for the stitching and hardware. The right material, stitching, and hardware promote maximum activity levels as these can withstand the highest of activities compared to cheaper materials.

Type of harness

Again there are several types of harnesses available in the market. And if you are looking for a dog harness in Australia, dual clip, front clip, and back clip harnesses are a few. While each has its advantage, the selection solely depends on your dog’s walking preference, activity level, and training level.

Here is a brief description of the three significant types of harnesses:

  • Dual clip harness– It provides front as well as back attachment points. Therefore, it provides the most versatile walking movements for a dog.
  • Back clip harness– It provides attachment only on the back. Therefore, it is well-suited for well-behaved dogs that prefer to walk calmly.
  • Front clip harness– This harness attaches to the chest. It allows owners to redirect pulling, making it an ideal harness for dogs that pull a lot on walks.


The best advice is to always shop for a harness with an adjustable strap. It is a savior. It allows the owners to customize the size and fit as per their dog’s measurements. It even gives scope for the right fitting when a dog witnesses growth or weight gain. Thus you always end up achieving the perfect fit for your dog.

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Use the two-finger rule.

The best approach to checking for the correct size and fit while shopping for a harness is to follow the two-finger rule. It is as simple as it sounds. You must insert your two fingers between the dog’s body and harness. Afterward, ensure that the belt isn’t too loose or too tight. If the harness’s fit is loose, fasten it to get the right fit.

Safety features

Apart from the basic features, choose a harness that comes with additional safety features. For example, you should shop for a harness with reflective strips if you take out your furry friend for walks at night. These reflective elements on harnesses boost safety and visibility during low-light conditions.

Ease of use

Next, shop for a harness that is easy to put on and take off.

While some harnesses come with step-in designs, others need the dogs to put their head through. Again depending on your convenience and your dog’s comfort level, you can go for any style.

Consider padding and comfort.

If you own a dog with sensitive skin or short fur, shopping for a harness with add-on padding and comfort is advised. Look out for harnesses that offer premium padding on the chest and back area. Such padding features provide additional comfort to the dogs.

Assess the fastening mechanism.

Amongst several types of fastening mechanisms, settle for one that is secure and the easiest to use. For instance, harnesses with buckle or velcro closures are the easiest to handle while walking the dogs. Further comparing the buckles and velcro fastening mechanisms, harnesses with buckles are considered more secure. On the other hand, velcro closures do offer adjustability features but aren’t as secure as buckles.

Easy to clean

As you will be taking your dog out for walking multiple times a day, ensure investing in a harness that is easy to clean and maintain. You will drag the leashes on the road, park, and so on while dog walking. It will attract most dirt and dust. So, you must regularly wash and clean a dog harness to keep it clean and well-maintained.

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Reviews and recommendations

Last but not least is to always consult your veterinarian or an experienced dog trainer for the best-in-industry recommendations. It would be best to read reviews and recommendations from other pet parents. It saves time and energy while giving the appropriate insights into specific products, styles, and types.


Remember that every dog is unique while shopping for the correct dog harness. Therefore, you might undergo a trial and error method to get the perfect harness for your pet.

However, the critical concern is to check for the dog’s comfort, behavior, and fit. It is the ideal way to determine whether the shopped harness fits comfortably.