Best Ways to Keep a Dog Comfy When They are in Pain

Best Ways to Keep a Dog Comfy When They are in Pain

Best Ways to Keep a Dog Comfy When They are in Pain

Having a dog is like having a best friend and a child. Isn’t it? Your dog will give you the best cuddle when they sense you feeling down. They will also lick you crazy after you come back from home. This kind of love is rare, and only pets can provide this love and comfort. But they are also like children. You must constantly monitor them to ensure they do not get into trouble. Dogs, like children, cannot tell you when they are in pain or not feeling well. Dogs, like children, feel pain too. They get injuries, infections, chronic illnesses, and more. It makes the dogs feel pain too. But since they cannot tell you the same, you have to look for signs and provide them with comfort. As a dog parent, it is your responsibility to help them get through their pain and be comfortable. The blog below discusses signs of pain in dogs and a few tips to keep dogs comfortable when they are in pain.

How do you know your dogs are in pain?

You will notice some signs if your dog is in acute or chronic pain. These include:

  • Change in their breathing patterns
  • Labored or shallow breathing
  • Loss of appetite
  • Not walking properly or losing the ability to walk completely
  • Limping
  • Growling or snapping
  • Sensitive to normal touch
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Tips for comforting your dog

Get them a comfortable bed.

When you experience physical pain, resting on a warm bed always helps. Right? The same is true for your dog. Get soft dog beds for your pet where he can lie and have a relaxing nap. Also, getting a fluffy blanket can make their rest even better. If your dog is recovering from surgery or injured himself in any way, a comfortable bed and blanket will help ease their pain. If you have a senior dog or a d in pain, get them an orthopedic bed. It will ease their pain efficiently.

Check-in with their vet. 

Knowing and identifying the signs of pain in your dog is necessary. It allows you to take immediate action, like taking your pet to the vet. They will look at your dog to determine the reason behind the pain, identify it as chronic or acute, and take the necessary steps. They can provide a treatment plan for your dog, which may or may not include painkillers specific to dogs.

Take your dogs for a walk. 

Seems contradicting? But walking your dog is good, especially if they have arthritis, and it keeps them in constant pain. It has many benefits, like allowing the dog to focus on something other than pain. It gives them a chance to exercise. Lastly, it is therapeutic and low-impact, helping limit their pain. Walking also distracts them from negative thoughts and distress. But never overdo it. Walk only for a few blocks, which motivates them and makes them happier. Overdoing it will only worsen their condition and pain.

Massage the dog. 

Massaging the dog helps with their pain because it numbs it. Massaging the area helps enhance blood circulation and mobility. It also relaxes them and increases their sense of well-being. Remember that dogs are less friendly and more sensitive to touch when in pain. If they have arthritis, you do not want the massage to be more painful. The best way to ensure massage helps them and isn’t more painful is to consider taking help from a professional pet therapist.

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Get them toys.

Distraction from pain is the best medicine. And the best way to distract your dog is by giving them toys. Buy engaging and interactive dog toys, like chew toys or balls.

Change their diet.

As per their ailment, you should change your dog’s diet too. Do not feed them anything if they have any chronic illnesses or dietary restrictions. To ensure they get proper nutrients, talk to the vet about what they can and cannot have. It is essential to control inflammation and keep them comfortable.

Spend time with your dog.

The best way to ease dogs’ pain and comfort them is to be with them. Being near them releases the love hormone oxytocin in them. Your presence helps lower stress hormones like cortisol in their bodies. Thus, when you are near them, you help reduce suffering and pain in dogs. When they are sick or have undergone surgery, you should praise them. You should also offer positive reinforcement, like petting them or giving them cuddles. Being near them provides them with security and comfort, which helps with their recovery.

Try to eliminate the pain. 

Pain medication will help relieve the pain, but it is not a permanent solution. Instead, work with your vet to have an alternative treatment plan. For long-term relief, you need to try different tactics. For instance, changes in diet plans work. You can give them more omega-3-rich foods, which reduce inflammation. It also improves their mood and reduces their weight, which eases their discomfort and pain. Physical therapy also helps with relieving pain and making the dog comfortable. Balance and coordination exercises also help with pain management.

Take your dog swimming.

Many dogs do not like water, but it can help ease their pain, especially with arthritis. It is a low-intensity activity that ensures their joints work well while relaxing their muscles. The water’s buoyancy helps dogs relieve their aching joints as they work towards increasing their strength. Take them swimming when they are in pain or after surgery after getting permission from the vet. It provides dogs with the same benefits as humans.

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Comfort them using cold and heat therapy.

Heat and cold therapy also relieve pain and muscle strains in dogs. You only need to get a heating pad and press on the painful area. It will relax the muscles. On the other hand, cold therapy will allow swelling or inflammation to go down.

Paying attention to your pet is the key to keeping them happy and healthy. They need lots of love and attention if they are sick or in pain. So ensure you use the above tips to comfort your dog when they are in pain.