7 Things You Must Know to be a Mesotherapist

7 Things You Must Know to be a Mesotherapist

7 Things You Must Know to be a Mesotherapist

As we grow older, our skin starts showing signs of aging. While many people resort to old age creams and expensive treatments, it helps so little to erase age marks. Moreover, not everyone is comfortable with surgical treatments with traditional fillers.

So, the newer practice that celebrities are embracing is mesotherapy. It is a cosmetic nursing practice that aids skin rejuvenation by injecting hormones, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals into the skin, similar to acupuncture.

The global mesotherapy market was estimated at USD 98.9 million in 2020, with a 14.4% rise rate expected till 2028, especially after the pandemic.

So, you can guess that becoming a mesotherapist can be a beneficial and successful career choice.

So, here’s everything you must know to be a mesotherapist.

How does Mesotherapy work?

Mesotherapy is a French technique of injecting various substances into the skin to rejuvenate it. Initially, an examination is performed on the patient to identify the problem. Then, an appropriate solution and its dose are decided.

The particular area of the skin is covered with an anesthetic cream. The needles with the solution are injected in small amounts, sometimes with a mechanized gun. The effect of the solution on the patient determines the number of sessions after that.

Types of Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is categorized into three types, depending on the kind of injection technique used. The first is called the Dermapen, a type of controlled damage treatment. It simultaneously injects the solution into the skin and triggers collagen remodeling.

The second one is called deep mesotherapy because the solution is delivered to the deeper layer of the skin. It is mostly used to restore youthful skin.

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The third type is bio-revitalization, done on the skin’s shallow layers. Hyaluronic acid is injected, giving a bubble effect on the skin, which heals after they are gone.

Becoming a mesotherapist

As mesotherapy is becoming widely popular, more people are joining the line to become trained mesotherapists. A wide range of institutes is also budding everywhere. But make sure you only get trained in reputed institutes.

If you’re based in Australia, the CPD Institute will be a great choice for mesotherapy training through certification and hands-on courses.

They also offer a 1-day blended learning program specially designed for medical practitioners and nurses.

Choose the right workplace

Once you get your certification as a mesotherapist, you must know your workplace. The clinic should be registered for mesotherapy, and the devices they use should be medically registered. Conduct a thorough background check on the clinic – their clinical trials, white papers, backstory, and the treatments they have done before signing on with them.

Ensure you check the authenticity of the products they use before administering them to unassuming patients. Otherwise, you will also risk becoming a victim of immoral service providers.

Results of mesotherapy

Be aware of the recovery process so that you can answer prospective patients’ queries. There is no downtime for mesotherapy, so the results appear almost after the redness on your skin disappears.

So, patients see a difference just after a few hours of treatment. Mesotherapy heals the skin from the inside out, so the effects stay longer for a few months.

However, it is advisable to top off the treatment within 3 to 6 months of your initial treatment to continue the results of the procedure.

Learn the dos and don’ts after mesotherapy

Always aim to give your patients full knowledge about the dos and don’ts of the treatment.

For instance, some precautions after mesotherapy are:

  1. No water, make-up, or unwashed hands should touch the area where the procedure has been used.
  2. Alcohol, caffeine, and high-protein food consumption should be prevented.
  3. Do not put pressure on the area; use only a cold compress to reduce redness and bruising.
  4. Don’t exert yourself physically; consume only healthy foods before and after the treatment.
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During hands-on practice, you will learn more such tips and tricks to help patients. So, note them down somewhere to be the best mesotherapist ever!

Enlighten your patients further

Most patients believe that mesotherapy is just to reduce lines and wrinkles on the face. And it’s not their fault that they aren’t updated with the latest use of this technology.

Nowadays, it’s also used for better hair growth and to diminish body cellulite. However, make sure you don’t overwhelm your patients by forcing them to take new treatments. Especially, if it’s their first time, you might scare them away for good.

Instead, follow a proper process whenever a patient consults you. Listen to your patient’s actual issue and provide them with the required treatment. Schedule regular appointments to follow up on their progress.

Once they are all healed up, they will feel much more confident and have more faith in you. Now, they will have higher chances of agreeing with you as they trust your judgment and skills.

That’s when you bring up the more possible procedures they can get done. This way, you will also be able to retain your patients in an ethical way.

Help your patients stay grounded in reality

Mesotherapy is not a magical tool to keep anyone youthful forever. To lengthen the effects of this procedure, your patient needs to take preventive measures.

So, create a daily routine for them, including the following list of things:

  1. Daily application of SPF: mention during hours they need it, how much SPF, reapplication routines, and proper application amount.
  2. Recommend a suitable AM and PM skincare routine
  3. Suggest a balanced diet and exercise or recommend them to a dietician

Next, remind them how long the effects of the treatment will last if they maintain a healthy routine. Tell them when their next appointment must be and ask if they are interested in a pre-sign-up for that.

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Again, don’t force them for the appointment, or they’ll assume you’re only interested in getting more money!

Wrapping Up

Learning mesotherapy is no cakewalk. So, be dedicated to your goals and put enough effort into learning the skill and gaining crucial knowledge. This way, you will satisfy your patient and make a great name!