4 Tips On How To Make Free Money


4 Tips On How To Make Free Money

Earning money without doing anything seems very unrealistic. After all, we all understand that money does not grow on trees. Nor is it acquired without any effort. However, surprisingly, that is not the case here. There are possibilities to make money without any labor required. These are the 4 tips on how to make free money.

Switching banks

Most of us are members of a certain bank. Usually, when we choose our bank, we tend to stay with it for a very long time. Why fix something that is not broken? However, sometimes, the change could not only be good for you but could also bring free money with it.

Switching banks is a burden. This is why banks are willing to pay you a bonus if you switch to them. Besides the bulk payment, other banks may have better conditions. This would translate to more savings in the long run. 

All you have to do is check which banks offer such switching payments and go for it. This is even better if you are not satisfied with your current bank. A payment would surely make you finally go for the switch, and get some free money on the side.

4 Tips On How To Make Free Money

Sign-up bonuses

Instead of offering you a payment to make a switch, some services straight up give you a bonus just for joining. These services range from financial ones to ones related to shopping. Here, all you have to do is register for the service itself and collect your reward.

Needless to say, there could be some conditions to be fulfilled in order to get your payment. With financial services, you usually have to spend a certain amount of money to get the bonus. Of course, this means that the payment is not free money anymore.

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When going for these offers, make sure you read the conditions carefully. Non-financial services usually grant you a small payment without any prior deals or tasks that you would have to do. This is mostly true for survey sites and other micro-task-related services.

Passive income applications

With passive income applications, there is no actual effort required. As it says in the name, these applications are completely passive. This means that they usually run in the background and do everything for you.

On paper, such a concept sounds like a scam, but that is far from the truth. The free money in these applications is given for things such as sharing your unused internet bandwidth. While you do nothing, the application shares your internet traffic and you get compensated for it. This makes passive income applications as close to free money as possible.

In the use cases of Honeygain, one of the passive income applications, your internet is used for price checking, brand protection, and so on. Here, you are rewarded with credits for the internet traffic that you share. For 10 MB of such traffic, you get 3 credits. 1000 credits are $1. It does not sound like much, but you get completely free money here, as you do not have to do anything active for it.

Related to the sign-up bonuses mentioned above, Honeygain currently offers $5 worth of credits just for signing up. There are no other conditions for that, a simple registration grants you this bonus.

Survey sites

Survey sites are one of the older methods to make some money. Here, you are rewarded for completing surveys. The prices vary from service to service, but there are so many sites like that, that you are bound to find one that suits you best.

The free money you get depends on how long the survey is, its difficulty, and other factors. The longer and more difficult the survey, the bigger payment is given for it. Governmental surveys tend to be harder as they ask for political preferences. Some prior knowledge may be required for those.

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Regarding the surveys themselves, they usually ask about your preferences for certain products. They may also ask about your habits or usage of certain services. Mostly, they are not intrusive and do not ask for too much private information. Besides that, even the longest surveys are not that long and are worthy of the free money you get.

As you can see from the tips above, getting money for almost nothing is completely possible. By using some or all of these methods, you will surely improve your financial situation. Of course, the payments are not massive, but every bit helps. All in all, it is worth a shot, since it is free money after all.