5 Best Upgrades You Should Do In Your Car for Stellar Performance

5 Best Upgrades You Should Do In Your Car for Stellar Performance

5 Best Upgrades You Should Do In Your Car for Stellar Performance : Performance Exhaust and more

Cars are our prized possession. And above all, we all want a good car worth the money that will give us smooth performance for years. But that’s not the case for most popular models in the market. Machines are meant to break down, and that’s their inherent nature, not the fault of your car. Even flagship and luxury cars demand frequent visits to the workshop. That is okay! Maintenance doesn’t necessarily mean the car is bad or has started to break down. It is almost like most humans have to visit a doctor for their ailments frequently.

But just like you need the right medicine in the right doses, cars also need crafty maintenance. We need the right amount of nutritious food to get better and stay fit. In the case of our cars, there are going to be upgrades that you’ll need periodically to keep the performance up!

Now, there are a lot of assumptions and confusion regarding this. Your friends, colleagues, and even the auto shop mechanic would suggest different items when it comes to repair, maintenance, and upgrade.

To end this, we’ve searched the depths of the internet, researched the automotive industry, and talked to the experts. Presenting before you, here are our top 5 items that you can’t afford to miss upgrading this year.

1. Wheels and tires

Most car owners change or upgrade their wheels and tires only after these get completely damaged beyond repair. But being such an important part of your vehicle, we highly suggest you consider upgrading these things first if you plan on making changes. Wheels, particularly the tires, face heavy abrasion from the rough patches of road and while climbing altitudes. Choose all-terrain tires if you regularly go on trips in the high terrains and mountains. In Plains, a standard all-purpose all seasons tire is a good purchase.

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For starters, you can change the size, color, and, most importantly, the metal of your wheel.

For their impeccable strength and affordability, steel wheels are the favorite of many, but they’re too heavy and often catch rust if not properly maintained. The second best option would be aluminum wheels which, despite being lightweight, are durable enough. Cast aluminum wheels cost far less than the popular forged aluminum ones.

2. Gears

Factory-made pre-installed gears are good for a while. But when you start going off-road and climbing high altitudes regularly, these fail. This is even more noticeable when you have installed a lift, which we will discuss soon.

The ultimate goal of upgrading your automotive gears is to look durable and make it durable inside out. Fuel economy is such a vital thing to keep in mind for all types of car owners. Now factory gears come in okay-ish ratios for regular moderate driving. Still, if you drive a commercial cargo car or just drive your favorite car a lot every day, you might need to improve quality gear to get better mileage. And when buying gears, this being a fundamental part of the utility truck mechanism – always make sure you buy genuine parts only.

3. Performance Exhaust system

Factory Exhaust vs. Performance Exhaust: the basic difference

Factory Exhaust is the basic exhaust system that your car manufacturer company gives you with the car. It contains the bare minimum to maintain average functions. Performance exhaust (aftermarket exhaust) is the reinforced exhaust system with better parts and robust performance that many premium car users install later for added benefits.

  • Larger pipe diameter – fast and voluminous flow
  • Mandrel pipe bending – consistent free flow, no obstruction
  • Better quality material – improved longevity and integrity
  • More power – fullest potential
  • Better fuel economy – high on savings

Why upgrade to the Performance Exhaust?

There are certain immediate benefits for which you must upgrade your car by getting a  Performance Exhaust online today –

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Noise-free better sound

You certainly don’t want lousy rusty engine sounds to disturb you when driving a premium vehicle. But your average factory-built exhaust doesn’t give you that luxury. Performance exhaust provides a far better, deep, growl-like cool sound that would surely make people turn their heads. Slightly longer pipes are used here solely for this purpose which will create a rumbling, regulated noise.

Smooth performance

The overall driving experience would be smooth with a premium-grade performance exhaust system. The factory Exhaust often cuts on budget and uses only the basic minimum parts that are needed to just let gases out. And even if you talk about expelling the gases, with a broader pipe diameter, smoothly bent pipe and using more power helps establish a streamlined, smooth flow of gases. The net carbon footprint is also considerably lesser, and the emission of toxic gases and activated particles are balanced due to an enhanced catalytic converter.

Improved horsepower

As you already know, the basic function of an exhaust system is to expel dirty air from the car. The aftermarket exhaust system does this a bit better. So the dirt and smoke go away quickly, allowing a cleaner airway. The engine gets rid of the dirt faster and better and breathes better. Now, the engine takes in more volume of the fresh year each cycle, exponentially increasing the oxygen saturation, which means more power. This enables the complete combustion of fuel and the generation of more energy by consuming less fuel. That provides you with improved horsepower.

Also, wastage of fuel can be avoided, and maximum energy is generated. In addition, performance exhaust systems ensure optimal air levels inside the engine. These optimal levels then reduce the need for your car engine to consume any extra fuel that might be needed as compensation for dirty air levels. Significant increases in fuel economy of around 1-2 percent after installing a high-performance exhaust system are generally reported.

4. Wi-Fi and Stereo system

Those long journeys on vacations can kill you with boredom when sometimes even the daily trip to the workplace seems like utter nonsense. Install a Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi-supported stereo system for a chance to play music and radio. This will certainly make your en-route experience better. Buy a USB and Bluetooth-supported model so you can play that favorite song from your mobile and pen drives. You can get an Android smart monitor that can play music, receive calls, and show directions on the map while you’re busy driving.

5. Sidesteps or footboard

This is a pretty much-neglected item that nobody cares to upgrade. But boarding and getting out of a car can be difficult if you don’t have an appropriate height and width footboard. You certainly don’t want to draw attention while getting out of the car, especially not for stumbling, right? That looks embarrassing. Get a sturdy aluminum or fiber-coated alloy sidestep now.

These five things are enough to give your car a new life. Make sure you don’t just scroll down and forget. Get to the shop, call the garage, and do these upgrades immediately.

Just do it. It’s worth your money. We assure you.