5 Best Websites For Guest Post Services In 2022 | Find the right opportunity

5 Best Websites For Guest Post Services In 2022 | Find the right opportunity

5 Best Websites For Guest Post Services In 2022 | Get the right opportunity

Do you know what the most repeatedly asked question about guest posting is? The question is whether the guest post services are worth using or not. Are guest posts submission works better after investing your time and money?

Overall, authority building, and traffic gaining is the most important SEO tactic. However, many marketers still wonder if it’s worth the time and resources invested or not.

Guest Posting – A Brief Idea

The concept of guest posting is very simple. Guest posting, in essence, commonly refers to writing content posts for the websites of any other niche-particular blogger or website. Once you offer them your content material, you may get a hyperlink against the website. It is referred to as backlinking. The extra backlinks you’ve got on your website, the better its authority in Google SERPs. This way, your rating on Google or associated platforms will also enhance.

How To Select The Best Guest Posting Services?

You need to consider a few factors when choosing the best guest posting service provider available. Some of them are as follows –

1.      Browse Their Portfolio

The service provider’s portfolio should relate to their performance in past guest posting campaigns. So with it, you can learn about their writing style, capture their niche and the version of their published content. This way, you can figure out their pros and cons pretty quickly.

2.      Read Customer Reviews

By reading customer reviews, you can learn about the service provider’s overall competence to some extent. It will also be easier for you to check for deficiencies in their procedures. However, we advise you to avoid limiting the customer testimonials available on their landing pages.

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3.      Terms & Conditions

Finally, you should consider the terms and conditions before choosing a guest posting site. The purpose should meet your demand along with the demands of the site.

What Are The Best Websites For Guest Post Services In 2022?

As mentioned earlier, guest postings typically require a few hours of dedication to reach out to relevant blogs you can find in your niche. It is a tedious process that can take days if you do it precisely and carefully.

To help you, we’ve put together a list of guest blog post services that accept guest posts. Before submitting a guest blog post, don’t hesitate to contact them to ensure they take guest posts and their guest post recommendations.

1.      Webnews21.com

Webnews21.com is the best guest posting service provider to increase your website traffic, online leads, and sales. It has a high DA and D.R. that draws monthly traffic of around 3000 visitors. Instead of paying for guest posts on a random site, you get guest posts from that site with a high DA.

Webnews21.com is one of the best guest posting services in finance, entertainment, education, food, health, style, technology, and politics. It is ideal for writers from various disciplines. It is considered one of the top free posting sites with 400,000 readers. The majority of traffic comes from TIER 1 countries. 60% of traffic comes from the United States, 10% from the United Kingdom, 10% from Canada, 7% from Australia, while 13% accounts worldwide. With a high DA and D.R., it offers the option of purchasing a well-written guest article. It should have 1000 words and two Do-follow links pointing to a similar domain. You can reach their website through the Contact Us form.

2.      Rhino Rank

Rhino Rank stands for great quality at an affordable price. Suppose you’re on a tight budget and wondering where to get guest blogging services that deliver quality results. This website accepts only relevant and quality content. Rhino Rank specializes in finding content relevant to your niche and project at unbelievably low prices. Clever work, the ability to work within a client’s budget, and effective communication set it apart from its competitors.

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3.      Outreach Mama

Outreach Mama offers two main link building services and a guest mailing list. Guest publishing services entail access to existing blogger connections.

The good thing is that these bloggers go through various checks and balances to see if they have strong metrics like high DA, D.R., and certain monthly traffic. The Outreach Mama allows you to order one-time or recurring bags from your control panel. You can customize the guest posting order according to desired processing time, niche, content length, and specify the target URL.

4.      Forward Linking

As the name suggests, Forward Links is an outreach service to help clients appear on high authority websites, resulting in increased brand visibility, Google rankings, and more organic traffic.

Guest blogging services will enhance your backlink profile through transparent, ROI-driven, personalized, and relevant content creation. They use contextual links with informative anchor text that direct visitors to your site. With their white hat SEO strategy and strict blogger vetting process, you can be sure to only place links on high authority sites.

5.      Outreach Frog

It is a guest publishing service provider where business websites aim to increase SEO traffic by building high-quality links from reputable sites and bloggers in their respective niches. For over 20 years, OutReach Frog has been providing long-term links that deliver value to white people. Thanks to this post, traffic is steadily increasing. The team uses a manual process to host guest posts, so you can sit back and relax while you reach your niche site.

How Can I Pitch My Guest Posts To High Domain Authority Sites?

1.      Start By Understanding Your Values

Before you begin your journey, you need to understand one key topic. Don’t get into a guest blog for SEO that only thinks about what you can get from a deal. First, you should focus on the benefits you will bring to the site. The first step in promoting and finding blogging opportunities is understanding your worth and what you can do to help. This information is very important to your initial email strategy.

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2.      Create A Target List Of Websites You Want To Create

Now that you understand the value you can provide, it’s time to build your blog’s reach list.

Remember, the higher your domain authority, the more SEO impact you can have on each backlink. Also, the more monthly visitors you get, the more readers your guest posts will receive. If you’re new to blogs, visiting sites like Forbes or Webnews21.com Post might not make sense as they require real relationships and connections.

However, traffic alone is not enough. It would be best if you also focused on engagement. A WordPress blog with million visits per month but few comments, tweets, or social media reposts may be less valuable than a site with 50,000 monthly visits but a very high engagement. You want your readers to interact with your content, so look for interactions. You can also check the size of your email subscriber list on the website. When published, high-quality guest articles are delivered to subscribers, increasing their visibility.

3.      Theme Improvement

There are four main criteria for a perfect themed presentation:

  • Your content is not yet on the site: If you have an idea for a guest post, go to Google and search for “site: blog.com theme” to scan that blog and see if it already exists.
  • Your theme and target keywords have SEO value: Go back to Ahrefs and enter your blog URL. See which organic keywords are driving the most traffic to make sure you can find gaps in your content that need to be filled.
  • The theme matches your experience: You should write competently on the topic and use a guest blog to gain more influence in your niche.
  • The subject is the interest of the audience: Check out the editorial instructions and see how to write a title. Then read some blog posts to understand better the topics and headlines that fit your visitors’ interests. You can also check out the most commonly shared articles on social media to see the most effective content.

By now, you may have selected several sites to target from the list above, but visit them to see what types of guest posts they accept. If you think I’ve missed a related guest posting service, let me know in the comments, and I’ll update it.