5 Great Cycling Routes In Summer

  5 Great Cycling Routes In Summer

5 Great Cycling Routes In Summer

Do you want to enjoy an unforgettable summer ride?

In the United States, we have various locations ideal for a cyclist to achieve their dreams and enjoy fascinating riding trips. If you intend to enjoy a few of the best locations and natural treasures of America, summer is the best time to go on that biking adventure you have been considering for so long.

Should you be planning to go on a summer electric bike adventure already, we have listed five locations we think you will find to be the cyclist’s paradise. They stand out as the best destinations for your next summer e-bike adventure.

Great Cycling Routes In Summer

1. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is first on this list probably because the city is the number one cycling city in the United States. However, it is an ideal location for your next summer e-bike adventure for reasons other than this.

The city of Minnesota has some truly incredible views that are best enjoyed in summer with the sun blazing down on locations like the Stone Arch Bridge of Minnesota. With these views comes the electric bicycle lanes you can utilize to keep ahead of your riding game. The city’s bike lanes cover more than 120 miles. All you have to do is ride, ride, ride.

The land structure of the city is mostly flat, so if you manage to exhaust your 60-mile KBO Ranger Cargo ebike battery range, you will still pedal home with relative ease.

Additionally, there is a bike-share program that you can participate in called the Nice Ride Minnesota. If anything, this shows the city’s dedication to cycling and everything associated with riders.

2. San Francisco, California 

The beautiful city of San Francisco boasts many visual delights for the rider to enjoy. The city is complete eye candy for anybody who wants to get riding on a summer adventure around the city. You can ride up to the Painted Ladies or the more popular Golden Gate Bridge featured in many movies.

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There are also thousands of bike lanes to explore, and the cycling enthusiast may find themselves giddy with excitement. Riders who love to go trail hunting are in for a real treat as the city contains many trails of varying intensity.

San Francisco is just an irresistible city, and you will find yourself outdoors riding almost every day. With the rolling hills and the option of renting any of the abundant hybrid bikes at the bike stations, you may find yourself falling in love with riding all over the beautiful locations of San Francisco city.

3. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is a beautiful city designed to look like something lifted out of a cyclist’s dream. The incredible indoor tourist attractions are many and complement the outdoor tourist attractions nicely. This means you will get to meet a lot of new people if you wish while enjoying a ride around the beautiful city nestling quietly below the Sangre De Cristo Mountains.

Some routes have been designed by the city planning organization for you to explore. These routes are awesome for cycling and enjoying extended e-bike trips. Get riding on the highways, byways, and bikeways of the city while taking your time to explore the popular attractions all over.

A popular bikeway is the Turquoise Trail, a local attraction that riders from all over have found irresistible. Operational for over two decades, it can also be a good opportunity to socialize with other riders and find out more hidden gems of the city.

4. Illinois, Chicago

If there is one thing we are sure of, it is that you should ride in Chicago. You want to.

Recently, Chicago has been creating a lot of bike lanes to encourage everyone to ride. This is probably why Chicago was named by Bicycling Magazine as America’s Best Bike City in 2016. If you think riding holds no spark for you anymore, try witnessing the Monday Night Ride till dawn and see if you still want to hold back.

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Chicago is easily one of the top summer e-bike destinations this year, and we suggest you check out the Loop Link while riding through the city. The Loop Link is an interesting network of roads with bicycle traffic signs for riding in bike lanes located in Chicago’s central business district.

5. Louisville, Kentucky 

Most people know Kentucky for the awesome derby races that occur, inviting visitors from all over America. Another thing you should do when you are in Louisville, Kentucky, is to enjoy a ride around the lovely city. You will be glad you did.

Kentucky is ideal as a summer cycling destination, and there are many locations you will find interesting, like the pedestrian bridge over the Ohio River to Indiana. Another popular one is the Louisville Loop which we recommend as our top pick for trips to partake in when in the city. The loop is designed to link up the entire city within 100 miles of the trail.

There is also a bike-share program we encourage you to participate in where you can ride other bikes apart from yours. Enjoy riding, and enjoy socializing with the many other riders who have come to enjoy the summer too.


It is not enough to conceive the idea of enjoying a summer e-bike adventure at an ideal destination. You should also try to have with you all the gear you will need. Without the right gear, your e-bike adventure may have to end suddenly. If you have no idea what to have with you, try surfing the web or having conversations with other more experienced riders around you.

Any of your KBO e-bikes is guaranteed to have you enjoying riding in any of the above-listed destinations for your next summer e-bike adventure. You can check out other destinations closer to your location if you do not want to travel far. Ensure to ride with all safety precautions in check and make the most of your next trip!

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