5 Natural Ways To Help Burn Body Fat And Lose Weight

5 Natural Ways To Help Burn Body Fat And Lose Weight

5 Natural Ways To Help Burn Body Fat And Lose Weight

People nowadays are always on the hunt to look for effective ways to lose weight and body fat. Many among such a population are not interested in utilizing inorganic means and surgical methods to lose fat: it cannot be termed that such people cause disbelief in science because, over the years, the side effects of pills and surgical methods for weight loss have been discovered. Hence, people have resorted to looking for safer alternatives to get rid of the extra fat and unnecessary weight on them. In the world of the internet, hundreds of web pages are branding their prescribed organic methods to lose weight and fat as the only authentic ways: however, a lot of these pages are just promoting myths and unverified methods, which can affect health and, if not so, then waste people’s time. To avoid this hassle, five of the most reliable ways of losing weight, naturally, are explained below.

Liquids Matter!

People often tend to ignore how liquids in their diet can affect their weight. Some people, casually, pick up a large pack of artificially sweetened juice from the marts, and they drink it whole in a few gulps while sometimes being in their subconscious: what they don’t realize is that all such juices and beverages can contain sugar equivalent to one-fourth, or even one-half, of a jar. Consumers need not take the liquids in their diet lightly: without accounting for the calories, these liquids add to their diet. Instead of artificially sweetened juices, diet-conscious people must resort to drinking more water when they feel excessively thirsty or casually want to drink something. But obviously, one cannot, for life, only drink water: hence, consumers can alternate artificial juices made from fresh fruits; skimmed milk, with or without flavors, can be consumed; non-alcoholic mojitos can be prepared at home; carbonated water, juiced with citrus fruits can be drunk. Even with natural and organic drinks, people need to always account for the calories they add to their bodies. The entire glass of fresh-made juice is not secreted out of the body. Hence, making a good calorie plan and implementing it religiously is important.

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Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is one way that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times: owing to the backing it received from the scientific societies and bodies. In this, people are required to abstain from eating for large periods during the day or week. The effect of such fasting has demonstrated major success in unfit individuals looking to lose weight. Individuals can begin by making their own rules: decide the number of hours they will fast during the day and the number of hours they will dedicate to the consumption of food and drinks. There is also a plan in which fasting is done for an entire day, alternated by a day of eating and then, again, a day of complete fasting. Furthermore, people can also choose to fast for two days a week and eat moderately on the rest of the days. One is at liberty to devise their schedule of intermittent fasting, but one must not set for themselves very unreal rules: the problem with impractical rules is that the individual will begin by following them and owing to the excessive drain on their body, they will gradually abandon their own rules. And this defeats the purpose. An individual can begin by practicing as little as 5 hours of fasting followed by an hour of eating moderately. 


Walk is King! 

People tend to be unaware of the wonders that walking does to a body. It is the simplest way of committing yourself to lose weight. If someone doesn’t exercise regularly but is looking to gain the motivation to begin a routine, then one must initially add walking to their life; once, a person starts walking, feels the sweat on themselves, and realizes that they burned calories with something so simple, they become motivated to do it more often and might also consider adding pace to it. The initial motivation one gains from walking is a win for people who have always wanted to do something for their deteriorating body shape or increasing weight. And gradually, it becomes a lifestyle: to do everything while walking. An individual weighing 240 lbs. can burn as much as 400 calories by walking an hour: at a normal pace. People can also buy fitness trackers that are worn on the wrist: to become excited and proud of adding walking as an independent activity to their routine. Such devices give good details of the physical activity a person does: which includes showing the number of steps, calories burned, distance covered, and walking speed.

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Lifestyle Adjustment

Analysis of one’s day is important: what exactly one does in a day, what activities are allocated time, how does one manage their time. When individuals do this analysis, they are likely to find out the deviation their average day contains, to what medical experts suggest to be a healthy day-routine. For example, a person doesn’t eat three proper meals a day: instead, they eat unsatisfying meals, followed by consumption of unhealthy junk food every hour, they’re awake: such practices only add unwanted calories and unwanted fat to your body. Adjusting for all the variance one has to the ideal practices for a healthy lifestyle will enable a person to find themselves having more time for themselves, and the time saved can be utilized for going on walks, doing cardio, performing yoga, etcetera. Once such an adjustment is made, then a person can employ full-time commitment, to begin with their weight-loss regime. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that remain unattended; one must realize how big of a deal it is to correct their priorities: as suggested by this study, preferring slack and wasting time over precious hours of sleep is something that will invite obesity on a person’s body, along with malnourishment. Hence, correcting these simple errors in one’s lifestyle really makes it easier to lose weight and fat. 

Reducing Portions

An individual can absolutely begin their weight loss journey with something that doesn’t require them to add any additional physical activity, other than what they are already practicing: by reducing the amount of food they eat in each meal. This can be a very beneficial method of losing weight for people who already have a very active lifestyle, owing to their profession: such as people who do unskilled and skilled labor in factories. One can expect to lose weight by reducing the portions because of the simple math: burning more calories than those eaten. However, it needs to be ensured is that when the portions are reduced, they are also balanced in nutritional value. For example, someone who eats a lot of vegetables with meat reduces their portion by removing all the vegetables from their meals: doing so will definitely reduce the calorie intake and make the person devoid of all the vitamins they receive from the vegetables. Hence, in the example mentioned above, the individual should reduce the quantity of the meat and vegetables they eat: so that the nutritional value of their diet doesn’t become asymmetric, and they don’t end up getting deficiencies that negatively affect their bodies.

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