5 Things to do Before Each Ride

5 Things to do Before Each Ride

5 Things to do Before Each Ride

Everybody knows it gets very exciting when you have just gotten a new e-bike. This means you’re ready to enjoy cruising along on a sunny afternoon or the thrill in the need for speed. This is okay, but taking a few minutes before getting on the road can ensure a safe, risk-free adventure as you enjoy your electric bike. Safety when riding is important, always.

It takes just a few minutes to conduct a health check on your e-bike so with each ride, you can enjoy new ways of healthy living and fullness. As they say, thinking before cycling will promote healthy rides. But not just any thinking, and so we will be sharing with you the actual things to check when performing a pre-ride safety check on your cargo bike.

With safety in mind, here are some easy-to-follow tips on things to do before each ride.

Check Your Tires

You may enjoy your e-bike as you please, but you have to put in some work and attention. This requires that you place some importance on checking your tires before you ride. Check that the tires are inflated to the recommended Pound Per Square Inch (PSI) written on the tire body, on the side of the tire closest to the rim, and should be at about 40-60 PSI.

Squeeze Your Brakes

Sound funny? Maybe. But then, you must perform this quick check on your brakes as you carry out a routine check on your e-bike.

Squeeze both brakes to be sure that they engage and are in working condition. If you feel they are too loose or diminished brake power when you ride, you might have to adjust your brakes. You may also carry out a visual check on your brake pads for signs of wear. This can be carried out by yourself, if you know how to, or at an e-bike shop.

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Check Your Chain

After or before checking your brakes and tires, you should also check your chain. The chain, if not worn, can be checked quickly or if exposed to more wear, can be thoroughly checked for any squeaks so you can add lube if necessary. A chain lubricated nicely will ensure smoother shifting, improved bike rides, and generally, tends to last longer.

Push Those Pedals

The pedals on your e-bike are attached securely to the crank arm. You should check this to see how securely it still is tightened. If it is not tightened enough, you can tighten it some more by turning it towards the front of the bike using a wrench. Be careful if you carry out this operation by yourself so the threading doesn’t become damaged while you’re at it.

Where’s Your Helmet?

Excitement can be slow building in some and explosive in others, but it shouldn’t stop you from ensuring you have a properly-fitting helmet on. According to research, bicycle helmets can reduce up to 53% of traumatic brain injuries and 60% of a serious head injuries sustained during bike riding.

So, even if you’re confident on the road and in your riding skills, you should still try to bear in mind that the road is shared by other individuals, pedestrians, and vehicles, and accidents are called just that for a reason- they can happen.

Try Other Safety Practices

There’s no shortage of safety tips when it comes to bikes and so here are a few other things to bear in mind before getting on your e-bike and cruising into town.

The wheels are an important point of check and it is important to check that the quick release on your front wheel is tight enough. To be sure your wheels are secure, you might need to perform a check by rocking the wheels from side to side. If the wheels are secure, there should be no movement in any direction. There should also be a smooth spin when you do this.

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Perform a charge check on your battery. The indicator on the battery shows what the level of charge is so if you’re going on a long ride, you should consider taking the charger with you, just in case.

Perform a double-check on all your hardware bolts and nuts are secured tightly check your handlebars to ensure they are tightly mounted in alignment with the tire and a comfortable position for your arms and wrists.

Check your lights, as they are responsible for visibility. Most e-bikes have lights that run on the battery, and these have to be working properly. If lights are not included in your e-bike, you should make sure you have both front and backlights attached for increased visibility.

If you do a lot of riding in the night, you should also have your reflectors proper and clean, along with your lights. Also, wear reflective jackets or pants. Carry an extra light or wear a headlight for good measure.

Wear clothing that will protect you from the elements when you go riding. If you carry an extra piece of clothing, make sure it is stashed properly and poses no threat to your smooth riding.

Lastly, be sure your e-bike is safe and secure from all external threats like theft. Be sure to lock it properly. You can try using either a U-lock, link lock, or heavy-duty bike chain. Also, check what you’re attaching your lock to, be sure it’s sturdy. Either a well-anchored rack, pole or fence and try to find a well-lit, mid to heavily-trafficked location for your bike. It’s all the better if monitored by a security camera.

In Conclusion

Pre-ride safety checks are important and cannot be overemphasized. It can be quite tempting to feel expert enough to want to ride without your helmet and other important safety checks. Resist the urge to do so. The safety checks are to ensure you have smooth, pleasant rides. These, in summary, are:

  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Chain
  • Pedal
  • Helmet
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To achieve the purpose of getting your e-bike, and more importantly, to improve your lifestyle and wellness with your e-bike,  you have to make sure you fulfill your end of the deal. Have a great time riding!