Tips to Find Dates Online as a Lesbian Girl

Tips to Find Dates Online as a Lesbian Girl

Tips to Find Dates Online as a Lesbian Girl

Single and ready to mingle sounds like a great situation, but only if you bear the mainstream heterosexual identity. For LGBT singles and lesbians, in particular, romantic life gets hard sometimes. Some blame their small town where expressing identity with pride is judged and generally called “weird” behind one’s back or even straight to the face. Other girls are naturally shy and terrified from even the idea of approaching someone. « What if they are straight? What if they don’t like my advances?» 

There are better ways of finding a beautiful partner than to wear pride symbols, waving the rainbow flag on the town square, going to a gay club, or waiting for an angel to come down from the sky. Here’s our guide on finding a lesbian partner in the place most suited for relationships in the XXI century – online.

Choose the Right Platform

There are thousands of online dating platforms, hundreds of dedicated dating sites for lesbians, but watch out for the online reviews, as some may earn legit criticism. Then, there are services for one-night-stands, short-term dating, even friends with benefits situations – those fit to some, but not for the majority who look for a woman they can share life’s pleasures and tough times with. 

Since the selection for lesbian dating is so outstandingly huge and confusing, we recommend checking these in the dating site you may want to use for finding a partner:

  1. Niche: you won’t even believe how many specializations dating sites have. If you have a particular preference, then with a simple search, you can find a niche for dating the exact kind of women you want to meet; if not – stick to general lesbian dating sites.
  2. Seriousness. Some ladies just want a hookup; we get and respect that – online works perfectly for those sweet encounters. Others want a serious relationship that’ll last for years – and the Internet is amazing for that too, since you can spend time knowing the person even before meeting them and working out the relationship without even setting foot in each other’s houses. The matter is – there are no sites great for both types of relationships; pick one.
  3. Safety. Personal relationships as a topic are something that gets many lines blurred. This is why there are so many fakes and scams in the online dating scene. It’ll take a few minutes to check your platform of choice. Do they offer data encryption? You can’t find profiles and pictures in open access on Google? Is there user verification? If the answer is yes to all of this, then it’s safe.
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Set Your Profile Like a Pro

Some say that a woman’s online dating profile reflects her soul. We wouldn’t go that far, but consider it as a CV. What would the employer want to know? Person’s skills, stance on life, and relationships. Basically, a profile at the lesbian dating site should convey the same – what can you do, through what lens you see the world around you and people in it, what do you want from a relationship, and where do you see yourself in five years. Most quality dating sites offer text boxes for each particular trait a person can tell about themselves, so pay attention to them. 

Also, the trick is to use, firstly, photos you are proud of, secondly, the recent ones. If those aren’t the same photos – it’s a problem. Ask your friends to take a few shots on a nice camera, or even hire a photographer if your dating pursuits and search for a perfect lady are serious.

Master Basic Online Conversation Rules

“Hey, baby” isn’t a good welcoming line. Are we established that? Good. Then, whenever you find a nice girl, whose profile suggests she might be a good match, follow these rules:

  • Start with the simple greeting and a little bit about yourself and why is this particular woman seems interesting to you;
  • Pay attention both to her profile and the things she says during the conversation. Remember her preferences, compliment her tastes, and if you feel the same treatment towards you – congratulations!
  • Never, ever stalk and learn things she didn’t explicitly tell you, like her home address, previous partners, social media pages, and so on. This is a huge violation of privacy. If your relationship lasts, she’ll tell you everything herself.
  • Don’t rush things. There is a stereotype about U-Haul lesbians bringing all their stuff on the second date; well, don’t do that! Emotional baggage is included. Make sure your conversation is sweet and romantic, and only then suggest a meeting. Otherwise, this potential partner may become distant. Yet meeting is important; head on to our next paragraph to find out more.
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Meet Offline to Make it Last

Online dating is always only the first step, but it isn’t the most important one. The first date is the key point you’ve been preparing since the start of your lesbian dating adventure. Pick a nice place, or let her choose, take a walk and talk, bring a small gift, and who knows – maybe it is the relationship you’ll pick a set of engagement rings for. Remember to be sincere and rely on things you already talked about online.