Best Engagement Rings 2022

Best Engagement Rings 2022

Best Engagement Rings 2022

And the new year kicks off with splendid jewellery campaigns. It seems like just yesterday we turned the page on the calendar, but life doesn’t stand still, and March is already here. Hollywood couples have been keeping busy too. Many celebrities tied the knot and posted their spectacular engagement pieces on social media, setting trends for the upcoming months. If you were fascinated with the top engagement rings of 2021, wait till you see what 2022 has prepared!

Toi et Moi. Because Two is Always Better than One

We’ll start with the style that gained traction recently- the toi et moi. If you have been keeping close tabs on the fashion world, you already know it features two centre stones. Preferred by Ariana Grande, Megan Fox and Emily Ratajkowski, it certainly raises the needed attention. The great thing about toi et moi is that you can combine gemstones and shapes however you wish. You can place salt and pepper diamond against pearl, emerald against amethyst, yellow organic against pink synthetic – let your imagination run the design and don’t be afraid to introduce unexpected duos. We believe it is both symbolic and adorable to have two stones reaching each other, the same way lovebirds’ souls do. Make your band even more personalised and pick out one stone reflecting your traits and the other – your partner’s. Paired together, the gems will last an eternity, along with your happy marriage. If you yearn for more blink, you can also opt for a three stones band, where each mineral represents different stages of life(the eventful past, the encouraging present and the bright future).

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Identity Borders Crossed

The second hottest engagement trend is arguably gender-neutral rings. Over the past two years, gender-fluid designs have become popular among women and men alike. While dainty bands with a sparkling round are still the coveted image of many brides-to-be, we’ve noted a drastic shift towards chunky and bold pieces. Massive jewellery was typically associated with masculinity, but now it represents the free spirit, determination, eccentricity. Women incline towards bulky rings to accentuate their minimalistic and unique wardrobes. At the same time, men gravitate towards sophisticated and distinctive accessories. The infinity and engagement bands are readily available in a range of settings. Each creation exudes individualism and an unconventional approach. Explore the vast male collections on the GS Diamonds website and see that brilliants are men’s best friends too.

Graceful Curves of Oval Shapes

Which design is going to hold its momentum in 2022?A setting with an oval-shaped gem for one. Soft lines and elongated forms have always been aesthetically pleasing. They lengthen fingers and highlight the beauty of a lady’s hand. In addition, for the same carat weight, you get twice the size. Marquise, pear and oval cuts appear larger than their round and princess counterparts. A stone in a ring shouldn’t get lost in the clothes ensemble. So, you can match the mentioned shapes with an exquisite dress or tailored suit to reach ideal harmony. If you seek an off-beat look, check out the West-East setting, which displays an oval stone horizontally and puts the wearer into the limelight.

Black and White Classics. Inclusions Are Good

Black and peppered diamonds are forecasted to be the hit of the season. While they may seem like a fun modern version, they’ve been around for quite some time. However, it wasn’t until celebrities showcased enticing gems that the crowd picked up on their chic. When it comes to black and peppered brilliants, we are talking about the perfection of imperfection. These stones comprise tons of minor blemishes, previously regarded as “undesired”. Huge jewellery companies turned the flaw into an advantage and presented a “new” product with a smoky colouring charm. Blackish ice grants an intense, powerful appearance, contrasts nicely with colourless gems and complements official/pastel attire.

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Blingy, Coloured, Big- It’s About Pomposity

The major rule of the year states: don’t compromise on the size. Contemporary engagement rings have obtained the features of sculpturalism. Each carved stone is an artistic expression, a statement on its own. That is why women and men are partial to flashy, eye-catching designs. It is no surprise that tinted engagement rings surged in demand, and clear diamonds are no longer the number one purchase around the globe. The sole sale of emeralds increased by 115% in one month. Exemplify your feelings with a special colour without the fear of getting it wrong. Select a meaningful shade that fits your partner best, and attain the shortest cut to their heart.

Vintage Comeback

Antique finds are at the forefront of the industry. They offer an emotional connection to nearest and dearest while preserving an owner’s integrity. Update your vintage heirloom with crafting techniques like hand engraving, draping, milgrain, filigree designs etc. Stackable Rings. Adorned with Love You can put yourself in the shoes of a jewellery designer. Mix styles, queer shapes, stones, and find your voice in ring stacking. A set of bands will underline the star of the show and allow pairing with different clothes. Stacking bands are a way to express yourself and dazzle others with creativity.

Rethinking the Existing

Are you a fan of glittering solitaire? You can choose it as the basis but add a few interesting details. Hidden halos and accented galleries are top-notch options. The otherwise understated style will be perceived in a completely different light. We expect to see more of the bands with bonus stones in the future. Subtle contouring forges the very image of grace and romance.

Bottom Line Tip

No one size fits all. Eschew or follow the tradition- it is up to you. However, buy a ring with sentimental value and a lasting impression. We suggest ordering your piece from reputable vendors only who provide GIA certified diamonds and paper guarantees. In our experience, GS jewellery shops offer affordable brilliants with multi-faceted quality. They also ensure high-level expertise when it concerns pairing your wedding rings with other accessories. Here you can also purchase a customised band to your liking. Discover the world of jewellery and sparkle!

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