5 tips to make your Electrical Engineer Resume shine

5 tips to make your Electrical Engineer Resume shine

5 Tips to make your Electrical Engineer Resume Shine

Nowadays, many aspirants are fascinated with the latest technology in the market like Business Intelligence, Cloud security, or Machine Learning, but many science students aspiring to be engineers are inclined towards electrical engineering.

Further, electricity has become a fundamental necessity. It is connected throughout our lives and we are dependent on it, which means the demand for electrical engineers will never fade away and will only increase.

Electrical engineering is one of the core branches of engineering. According to a report by Zippia, at present, nearly 96,678 electrical engineers are currently working across the entire United States.

These figures are promising and if you are aspiring to become an electrical engineer then you are in luck. You will require a Bachelor of Science degree or a certification in electrical designing and an electrical engineering resume that highlights your skills and abilities.

We have curated a list of 5 tips to help you draft a resume and apply for your electrical engineer dream job. Keep reading to know more:

  • Outline your resume in a professional format

Outlining your resume is an important task required for professionally presenting relevant information. To facilitate your course of picking the right resume format/design, we have listed the three generally used designs:

  • Chronological Resume Format
  • Combination Resume Format
  • Functional Resume Format

You can pick the functional resume design provided that you have a career gap. If not, you could opt for a reverse chronological format or a combination as a layout in 2022.

  • Mention professional details in bullet-points

Individuals using long and cumbersome paragraphs in resumes to intrigue the hiring representative is a thing of the past. Presently, hiring managers mostly sift through resumes in a couple of seconds.

In this light, we encourage you to use one-liner sentences presented in a bullet-point format rather than extended passages to showcase your experience and abilities. You can follow these points to make your electrical designer shine:

  • Begin each point with a power verb
  • Club similar information under one heading
  • Use quantifiable data wherever possible
  • Address STAR (S-Situation, T-Task, A-Action, R-Result) relation in each point
  • Make separate sections to showcase skills
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Skills make a resume engaging for the hiring manager and emphasize your skillset. Consequently, we suggest exhibiting your key and technical skills separately.

This would highlight your conviction and concrete abilities acquired through education, past experiences, etc.

  • Use profile-centric keywords and highlight essential metrics

Most organizations nowadays use an Applicant Tracking System to sift through resumes and filter relevant resumes. Consequently, we encourage you to add profile-centric keywords to your resume that can assist you with parsing through the ATS with ease.

You can additionally highlight fundamental metrics and data all through the resume to impress the recruiter during the resume screening round.

  • Write an engaging resume summary

A resume summary is one of the key components that recruiters want to read. You can use simple-to-read language while composing your resume synopsis comprising of the multitude of skills, motivations, and conviction behind choosing the role and field.

Key Takeaways

  • Outline your resume in a professional format
  • Create separate sections for your technical and key skills
  • Add professional details in one-liner bullet points
  • Highlight essential information and useful metrics across the entire resume
  • Write an easy-to-read and engaging resume summary