Crown of stars 5e Warlock vs Forcecage d&d spells

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How is the Crown of Stars 5e spell in dnd compared to Forcecage 5e?

Both Crown of Stars 5e and Forcecage are elegant spells. “The Crown of stars” has non-concentration gradual damage like a spiritual weapon. It has ammo such as melf’s meteors which is one of the few attack rolls spells past 2nd level. You could see yourself carrying this on a personality purely for visual flair. As far as the “ammo” aspect of this belongs, it’s more or less likely to last a complete encounter. I have seen most battle’s end in 5-8 rounds, and anything past that is essentially “clean up”. 

Anything still fighting has little to no chance of actually killing anyone in your party. So if your DPR drops due to the ammunition aspect, it’s not a significant thing. You’re probably only throwing cantrips anyways. So far as opportunity cost moves, both concerning “bonus activities that harm” and”7th level slot harm spells”. The best comparisons are spiritual weapon and finger of death, respectively. You can go with Morden keinen’s sword, but everybody hates that spell for good reasons.

Crown of Stars 5e

Crown Of Stars 5e vs Spiritual weapon

Both Crown of stars and Spiritual weapon are non-concentration spells. Crown averages 26 per round, and soul weap averages 18.5 assuming maximum casting mod to get a slot lower (goes up to 23 with an 8th level). However, the significant advantage of SW is that it is a bonus action spell. The turn you cast it you can throw a cantrip also, or whether you’re a gish of some sort, you can do two strikes.

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 In either case, spiritual weapon 5e ends up better at first turn damage. But it doesn’t get better on following turns. The point where Crown brings ahead nevertheless is in its flexibility. SW is acceptable in a melee with everyone standing in a nice convenient heap. But as things spread it out may wind up taking multiple turns for the weap to catch up to enemies with that 20′ move. Crown could target any enemy in 120′ of you every single time you use it.

Finger of death 5e vs Crown 

Both have non-concentration. The caveat being CoS has to switch goals as you need, but at a boss fight both are far better damage for your slot compared to the AOE are. Therefore, to get the damage value out of your spell slot together with Crown, you need to use it three times. If you just had two turns of it, then finger could have been better. FoD is a save instead of an attack and does half on a success. But being strike rolls makes CoS better in situations where you can eke out edge or have some bonus to strikes (wand of this war mage doesn’t use to save DC).

Forcecage 5e d&d

Crown of stars vs Forcecage 5e

But the biggest thing for me is that it’s competing for that spell slot/mystic arcanum with Forcecage 5e and lots of other excellent utility. It’s questionable whether it is well worth having a spell slot of this level for damage in any way. The finest recipient is probably sorcerer, as they don’t have anything significant for utility in the first place. Still, you’re competing for action market against quicken. I guess the 4d12 bonus action to spell activity is better than the usual 4d10 cantrip to a quickened spell. Still, it seems redundant on the class none the less.

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 Dnd spell details

Seven star-like motes of light look and orbit your mind until the spell ends. When you do this, create a ranged spell attack. The target takes 4d12 radiant damage. The spell finishes early if you expend the previous mote. If you have you to three motes remaining, they shed dim light at a 30–foot radius. At high levels: Once you cast this spell utilizing a spell slot of 8th level or greater, the number of motes generated increases by two for each slot level over 7th.

School Evocation
Level 7
Casting Time One action
Range Self
Component V, S
Duration One hour
Scales Yes
Class Wizard, Warlock, Sorcerer
Damage Radiant
Reference Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, Page 152

Can I use a mote from Crown of Stars to attack and cast Eldritch Blast 5e on the same turn?

You can attack with Crown of Stars 5e and cast a spell with your action. Crown of Stars takes action to cast, after cast it awards a bonus activity ranged spell attack. This attack doesn’t count as casting a spell, so there’s no limitation on using your actions. Seven star-like motes of light appear and orbit your head until the spell ends. When you do this, create a ranged spell attack. The restriction You’re concerned about is the bonus actions spell casting principles.

A spell cast using a bonus action is incredibly swift. You have to use a bonus action in your turn to cast the spell, assuming you have not already taken a bonus activity this turn. You can not cast another spell through precisely the same turn, except for a cantrip with a casting time of 1 action. Creating a ranged spell attack (which Crown of Stars 5e requires) doesn’t count as casting a spell. Therefore this principle doesn’t come in to play. Even though it did you’d nevertheless be allowed to cast Eldritch Blast as it is a cantrip with a casting time of 1 action’.

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