6 Ways to Improve the Education System

6 Ways to Improve the Education System

6 Ways to Improve the Education System

We all know what the education system is but we are rarely aware of its purpose. Well! The purpose of all education systems is to provide opportunities to offer knowledge and to introduce such skills to the people that will develop their full potential in becoming successful members of society.  It sometimes gets difficult to meet the standards of these education systems. Hence, students opt for Assignment Writer UK-based assistance and other academic services to ease their load.

Taking Commercial Law Assignment Help and writing services from online platforms can ease students’ academic burden for the time being but in the long run, one will have to fix the flaws of the education system in order to improve the quality of education. This post will highlight the need of improving the education system; its flaws in it and the ways to improve it.

Why it is essential to improve the education system?

In modern societies, education has become a lifelong process. It is the education system upon which the future of the country relies. It is the education system that induces the following attributes in society and makes it a prosperous one;

  • Makes a man self-dependent.
  • Incorporates confidence.
  • Teaches moral values.
  • Brings more opportunities.
  • Improves the economic growth of the country.

Setbacks found in the education system:

Different countries have different shortcomings in their education system. However, if we were to highlight the overall shortcomings of the education system across the world, then the following setbacks can be taken into consideration;

  • There is a lack of uniformity in the syllabus; some schools have one kind of curriculum while others follow a different curriculum.
  • Most of the syllabus has gone outdated.
  • Traditional teaching methods are followed.
  • The exam system is more about cramming & memorization than critical thinking & reflecting analytical skills.
  • Classrooms are loaded with students and because of this teachers cannot pay full attention to the progress of each student.
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6 ways to improve the education system:

It is the nature of human beings to keep progressing toward the betterment of society. The following few points will help in the related aspect by offering suggestions that will improve the education systems worldwide.

Problems Identification:

“A problem well stated is a problem half solved.” John Dewey

What is the first thing a person should consider when in a crisis? It is the recognition of the crisis. As long as you are not aware of the issues in the education system, you won’t be able to resolve them. This is why it is essential to identify all the problems that are causing hindrances in the progress of a particular country’s education system. Sometimes these issues can be on a school or institute level and sometimes, they can be on a national or international level.

Learning based on Research:

The same old curricula being repeated over and over again is like reading the tales that are being told over centuries.  Besides that; students find the traditional education system quite boring and are unable to engage with the topic properly.

However; if research-based or project-based learning will be introduced in the education system then students will find it more interesting and engaging. In addition to that; more discoveries could be made in the related field. Students will find it easier to comprehend the topics in discussion as well. Besides; the goal of research works is also to assess the student’s aptitude for using reliable sources of information, exercising independent judgment, analyzing data, drawing insightful conclusions, and supporting the argument with solid proof.

Curriculum Revision:

There is a famous story in which a grandchild was reading his course book out loud when the granddad said; we had the same books. The purpose of this one-line story was to highlight the fact that how the same curriculum is being used over and over again.

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It is the call of an hour to include new syllabi, new research projects, and new discoveries in the syllabus that will prepare the students to bring in more innovations.

Introduction of the technology:

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.”  John Dewey

This quotation can be applied to two situations; one is the revision of the curriculum and the second is the introduction of technology.  If all the inventions that have been introduced in the education sector are not being used by the educational institutes then all the progress has gone to waste, right? Some of the examples of the technologies that can be sued for educational purposes are as follows;

  • Cloud-based learning software.
  • Discussion boards.
  • Digital whiteboards.
  • Interactive online tools, etc.

Overcrowding Addressing:

Educational institutes are taking more and more students for their financial benefit. This has caused overcrowding in the classes. This overcrowding causes teachers to give less attention to the students. Each student cannot get the attention required to progress in the class.

This is why the strength of each class must be appropriately divided. The ideal strength of a class must not go higher than 25 students. Make more sections and don’t overcrowd the classes.

Need to Improve the teaching methods:

Another factor that plays an integral role in improving the education system is to improve the teaching methods. The ideal teaching methods are as follows;

  • The incorporation of the technology.
  • Having listening attributes and good communication skills.
  • Adapting collaboration with students and fellow students.
  • Being patient.


The country’s progress relies upon the education system because it is this system that will shape the country’s future by preparing the students for tomorrow. This is why; it is essential to identify all the setbacks of the current education system. The above-mentioned post has highlighted the key points that will improve the education system worldwide.

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