Easy Ways to Create Your Educational WordPress Website in 5 Steps

Easy Ways to Create Your Educational WordPress Website in 5 Steps

Easy Ways to Create Your Educational WordPress Website in 5 Steps

The process of website creation was always quite time-consuming. Besides, good programming skills were required. Thus, there was no other way for businesses to hire an entire team of developers to get a working website fast. Still, the results were not so impressive at all times. Many official websites for companies looked very boring. The customization of the website features was not such a popular issue recently. Still, time has changed everything drastically. These days, we have enough tools to create websites without such difficulties.

WordPress is an advanced platform that brings all the tools required for website creation and successful launching. This is a special management system that maintains the process of website creation. Thus, you get a bunch of effective and convenient tools in the same place. Besides, these tools are highly functional and allow the customization of the website. It means you can use your preferences in the website style custom writing and design. It helps to make your site unique and memorable for visitors. Also, if you are quite busy studying and working simultaneously, the essay writing help service may save you time and let you focus on urgent work tasks.  With the website launched, you can help your brand or company get advanced visibility and increased popularity online.

The Importance of Building a WordPress Website

There is nothing strange that every website owner needs his website to be well-functioning and unique. You keep your brand well-known and recognizable when you have a memorable website. Besides, you can share lots of information you need to offer your clients. Many websites are equipped enough to let them proceed with the payments and assure online ordering or assignment help. Lots of websites, even once providing only educational materials, still have enough features to allow online classes, online quizzes, and exams.

On the Internet, almost 39% of all websites are built with WordPress. It is not a surprising notion. WordPress is a great platform where you get all the tools required to build your customized website. What is more, WordPress allows access to a huge community that can provide extra tools and assistance. You also get guidance online and can create the website on your own easily. It does not require any complicated programming skills. You should simply know what kind of website you need and what it should look like.

The number of offered plugins on the WordPress platform is almost limitless. You can reach any functionality you desire for your website. Besides, you get the offered plugins and other tools mostly for free. Still, there are certain fees you need to check before building your website. Everyone can use the WordPress platform. No matter whether it is for your blog or the company’s official website.

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How Expensive is to Create an Educational Website

When you wonder how to create an educational website, you surely think about its price. WordPress offers its tools and guidance mostly for free. Still, numerous payments must be taken into account. Firstly, your domain name will cost you about $15 per year. Web hosting can cost about $3 per month. If you like to customize your website and use some premium plugins, it will cost you more. The premium plugins’ pricing range is started at $15, and premium themes’ cost begins at $70. Therefore, a simple website will cost you about $25-30 per year.

In case you want a customized website with advanced functionality and features, you will pay about $150-500 per year. You also have a chance to hire a WordPress developer. It will assure the highest possible customization of your website. Still, the price for a developer’s service can reach over $1000 during the first year. If you have come up with your business plan and figured out the capital, you can start the website-building process at once. The time needed to create a website varies from a few hours to a few days. It all depends on your skills, schedule, and preferences.

Easy Ways to Create Your Educational WordPress Website in 5 Steps

5 Steps to Create an Educational WordPress Website

When you need to prepare an educational website, you should follow the same steps as when you need to build an official website for a company.

There are 5 main steps to follow to create an educational website:

  1. Picking a Domain Name
  2. Signing up with Hosting Service
  3. Installing WordPress
  4. Deciding on Design and Themes
  5. Adding Relevant Content

You do not need to write a full research paper to start your website creation. Just come up with a content plan, themes, and design. Everything else is possible with well-functioning WordPress tools and guidance.

Picking a Domain Name

There is nothing difficult in picking a domain name. Still, you should not be very creative with it. Your custom web address can have any name not taken by other users. You must reach the domain name provider and pay for your domain name. When deciding on the name, choose a short and memorable one. Your clients should recall the address of your website easily. You can use numerous free name generators online if you have no idea what domain name to select.

Signing up with Hosting Service

You should also decide on good hosting service. You should pick up the best website hosting for schools if you tend to create an educational website. You should also learn the price of hosting your website. In general, it can cost about $3 per month. You cannot stay without a provider or you will not be able to launch your website online. In addition, your provider must assure HTTPS, MySQL, and PHP of proper version support.

Installing WordPress

With the domain name and web hosting provider chosen, you can get to the fun stuff. Here, you start working with WordPress. You can download and install it in a few clicks if you use your hosting provider. Thus, you will get access to the main menu instantly. The control panel will get you all the needed access to launch your website. If you need to download WordPress manually, it can take more time. You will need to download WordPress on your PC. After, you should reload it to your hosting provider. It can take time and will not be that fun. Thus, it is always better to select a hosting provider that brings a one-click WordPress install option.

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Deciding on Design and Themes

The customization features are probably the biggest advantage of WordPress. Once your website is customized, you make it well-functioned and original. Thus, you can create the exact unique and memorable website you wanted for your company or business. When you build informational websites for students, it is also important to customize your website. Thus you should check a bunch of plugins and themes to make the final decision.

You can find the list of themes divided by categories. You can search for a needed theme by typing your request in the search bar. After you find your preferable theme, you should install it. After clicking the Activate button, it will become your theme.

You can choose among the same immense number of plugins as well. With the right plugins, you will assure the correct level of functionality for your website. You can use the advanced guide to select only the most required and efficient plugins. You do not need to select lots of plugins. Your main goal is to make your website highly functional. The overwhelming number of plugins will only slow the traffic.

Adding Relevant Content

If you create an educational website, you surely need to add relevant content to it. Many familiar writing essays help websites allow getting expert assistance with website content. For example, if you feel time pressure and you need to create the content, you can easily use paper writing help and professional authors will do it and let you save time. Besides, there are always some talented writers you can hire to help you with the content of your website. You can try to prepare content on your own. Firstly, you need to fill in information about the company, its services, contact information, etc. Many websites offer a blog page with articles on various topics related to the main website direction.

There are permanent pages you do not need to change, like the contact page and information about the company. Also, some pages just need to be updated from time to time. It includes policies and guarantees pages. The blog section requires regular additions since you must keep your readers’ interest. You can prepare your content yourself or hire an expert to help with it. In such a case, you will need to prepare a content plan, and outline what you want to see on your website pages. Make sure to pay enough attention to the content provided. A well-targeted content always improves your website’s popularity and increases its visibility greatly.

Main Tips to Use When Creating an Educational Website

There are many educational websites you can use as an example. Sure, you have your reasons to create your website. Thus, you know how functional it should be, its preferable design, and its inclination. You also create a content plan and make the website offer the exact type of content you see suitable.

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Educational websites can be different. The first type is the website about an educational facility, its teachers, classes, courses, etc. This particular website’s type mostly offers information on certain schools with details. Another type of educational website is an online portal that offers numerous study materials, tutorials, and online class information.

The next type of educational website is a membership website for education. This particular website allows students to log in to the system and take online classes and exams. Access to familiar websites is always authorized. Such websites allow tutors to monitor students’ performance well. No matter what type of website you plan to create, you still should stick to the 5-step creation plan provided above.

How to Create the Exact Educational Website You Need

If you have decided on creating an educational website, you should have your plan prepared in advance. You should know what type of website you want, what functionality you tend to reach, and what target audience it must attract. After, you should follow the 5 steps provided above to create your educational website. You can make the entire process much easier when you use professional assistance. For instance, you can hire a WordPress developer to create your customized website. Also, you can reach services to get your well-targeted content for a website. Still, all professional assistance comes with a price. The help of an expert WordPress developer can reach about $1000 in the first year. If you do not want to spend such sums of money, you can create your website yourself.

WordPress offers all the set of tools and practical guidance to help with website creation. Thus, it can take you from a few hours to a few days to get your customized education website. With a plan for your website, you can use the required number of plugins to assure the wanted website’s functionality. What is more, you decide on the wanted design and themes. Therefore, with WordPress tools and guidance, you can easily create the wanted educational website. Besides, it will not even take much of your time to get what you wanted from the very start.

Final Thoughts

Creating an educational website can be a challenge only if you do not have such a great platform as WordPress. WordPress provides advanced tools and expert guidance for everyone who wants to create a website. Your educational website will have its required functionality, customized design, and preferable theme. Besides, the added content will add to the popularity and visibility of the website. Once following the 5 steps to create your educational website offered in the article, you can easily accomplish your main goal. Your website can become even better if you hire an expert WordPress developer. Still, even with the tools offered, you can easily create the exact educational website you wanted originally. WordPress offers everything for you to succeed.