7 Remarkable and Useful EdTech Startup Ideas in 2021

7 Remarkable and Useful EdTech Startup Ideas

7 Remarkable and Useful EdTech Startup Ideas in 2021 – New Stage in Education

Speaking about the effects the COVID-19 pandemic had on different industries, we can’t help but mention the education sphere, which has been the most significantly affected field. While businesses operate remotely or online, and even the healthcare sector is adapting to new realities, schools, colleges, and universities remain the gravely affected institutions.

The good news is that COVID-19 restrictions such as lockdowns have given rise to many education technology startups. There are some truly fantastic companies providing us with amazing platforms and apps to skyrocket online education and implement technology in schools. Let us share current EdTech trends and the best startups you surely have to keep an eye on in 2021.

Cutting Edge EdTech Startups that Takes the Field to The Next Level

Whether you’re a curious student or an innovative educator, we bet you want to know more about the hottest trends that will define our future. Here we choose the most inspiring EdTech ideas that are worth your attention.

Software for people with disabilities

Globally, one in 160 children has autism, and there are also many students with other physical or psychic disabilities that require a special approach. By capitalizing on this EdTech startup idea, companies can make education more accessible and inclusive.

For example, companies like Kinems use kinematics in games to educate children. This product is accessible from all devices at any time and involves 4 steps:

  1. It analyzes the individual needs of children along with Individualized Education Program goals to provide the appropriate games.
  2. While kids exercise with these games, educators receive reports in real-time, which include body performance visualizations and learning analytics.
  3. Teachers can utilize these reports to tune games according to children’s needs and to keep them engaged.
  4. Once educators have enough information, they can export this data to share feedback with parents and other teachers.
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AI tools to skyrocket the education

Undoubtedly, it is not that easy to choose a career that will define your future. Especially when there are lots of interesting professions to choose from. To help young adults overcome this challenge, companies develop AI-based apps and programs that analyze teenagers’ responses and provide a field or even a specific major that meets their inclinations and goals. It is just one example of how we can involve AI’s potential for online learning. What about other ideas?

  • AI-based tutoring platforms with easy set-up and simple templates;
  • Professional essay help for students regardless of their location and time zone;
  • Personalized coaching;
  • Virtual assistance.

The Nuance education startup provides the technology that transcribers students’ lectures, Knewton’s program identifies gaps in students’ knowledge of economics, math, statistics, chemistry and places them back on track. Querium delivers tutoring lessons and gives teachers insights into their students’ gaps and learning habits. Grammarly helps to write a flawless research paper, and so on.

Online tutoring

While teachers and tutors have traditionally worked with students in face-to-face environments, it is impossible right now. Well, it is not just impossible or hardly achievable; it makes no sense due to online tutoring technologies, which means that you can get essay writing help service or professional assistance with other assignments at any time. Online tutoring comes with lots of benefits:

  • It saves time;
  • It provides you with access to hundreds of experts located worldwide;
  • It helps you to gain new knowledge and experience;
  • It supports you when you need it;
  • It can save your grades when your teachers are busy.

The point is that you have to hire a reliable essay writing help service. Since such companies are pretty popular, it can be challenging to find the best one. It is also important to decide on your requirements because there are services that are oriented toward students with different needs. For example, there are asynchronous and synchronous tutoring services, companies that work with specific types of students, prepare them for exams, etc.

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Robotic cameras at online classes

Some ideas look promising enough but are still rare since they require special resources for their implementation. For example,

It is assumed that the teacher is in a classroom with a large screen robotic camera with a motion sensor. At the same time, students can be anywhere because technology provides the fullest effect of presence. On the one hand, after a year and a half of a pandemic, live lessons have become something familiar and commonplace. But a robotic camera with motion sensors takes this to another level. It moves around the classroom so that each of the students feels their presence and follows a teacher or professor from any corner of the planet. At the moment, Harvard and Oxford are working on the development of these ideas, and the project is also being carried out in some Asian schools.

Learning analytics

It cannot be argued that learning analytics has leaped forward, especially when it comes to higher education programs. Now teachers can not only assess students online, as before, but they can also do it much more efficiently.

For example, some educational apps offer the following feedback options for teachers:

  • What type of information is most in demand among students (text lectures, webinars, audio podcasts)?
  • What knowledge can be transferred at a low level?
  • What academic or behavioral problems do students experience during their studies?
  • What assignments do students like, e.g., writing papers, solving problems, working on group projects, etc?

Knowing what students like, what difficulties they have, or what study materials do not bring the desired result, you can organize your next lessons most effectively.

Gamification is a king

The problem of boring learning was acute in pre-COVID-19 times. But in the era of online education, it has become incredibly relevant because teachers and professors need to find compelling reasons for students to remain active and involved, even if their classes are on the ZUMU. In addition, there is now a large amount of research confirming that game elements create an effective learning environment, contribute to the memorization of information.

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Quests instead of class worksheets, team-building games, points for assignments, and other brilliant ideas can be automated and widely spread.

STEAM-based programs are on top

Without any doubt, the need for STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Maths educational programs and tools, is critical. They boost creativity, confidence, problem-solving and collaboration skills that are necessary to respond to a changing world.

One of the most brilliant STEAM TechEd startups is Kide Science — an education platform for 3-8-year-olds. It provides online training modules which include lessons and experiments that come with supply lists and helpful tips. Educators also get access to a global network of soulmates for collaboration. There is also a tool for parents that can work with their children at home, using only household supplies.