7 Ways to Write an Argumentative Essay in One Hour

7 Ways to Write an Argumentative Essay in One Hour

7 Ways to Write an Argumentative Essay in One Hour

What is worse than having to write an argumentative essay when writing is not your cup of tea? Having to write an essay on a strict deadline. Are you struggling to handle so much on your plate and want to know how to write an essay in one hour? Let’s find out.

Plan Your Time

When you are in a time crunch, diving directly into the writing process might make sense, but it is often what sinks your ship. When your mind is pressured, it is not uncommon to be unable to control your train of thought. You might have one of the creative minds in the room, but the time constraint can easily limit your potential. Hence, sitting down prior to write to carefully sketch out the map for your essay is quite essential. Make sure you:

  • Plan your time,
  • Assign minutes for the entire writing process,
  • Don’t let the fast-approaching outline mess with your discipline.

For example, the first ten minutes should be utilized for research, the next thirty-five minutes for the writing part, and the last 15 minutes for proofreading, editing and revising. You can also consider hiring an essay writing service to help you out. So, If you are looking for someone to write my essay you can visit EduJungles.com.

Choose the Topic Wisely

Time is running out; what is the safest bet you can make? Choose a topic that you already have knowledge about, or you have prior experience working with. Selecting a subject that is new to you will be significantly more time-consuming. Look around for any resources or materials lying around so that it saves you the time of looking up on the internet. You can also look up an argumentative essay example online to get inspiration from. This way you will not have to spend a lot of time thinking about new ideas.

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Skimming Information is Key

If you are assigned a topic that you need research on, try not to exceed ten minutes as decided earlier. When you hop on the internet, there will be a ton of data that you will come across. It will all not be useful and realistically speaking, you would not even have time to go through all of it. Search for sources that you know are credible and valuable, and skim through the paragraphs to highlight only the points that stand out to you. Make notes while you are doing it so that no important point gets lost

Follow a Structure

Do not skip this part. Consider the outline of 50% of your essay. It is the backbone of your essay and gives it a structure. Outlines might look like an extra step, but it saves time in the long run. You will be mapping out how you are planning to section your essay and include it in these. After selecting the appropriate sections, add the ideas and relevant researched information in each of them. This way, you will not be missing out on any important details while trying to write in a hurry. Make sure there is an introduction, at least three body paragraphs, and end it with a concise conclusion. A custom essay writing service can help you out with building a strong outline that is sure to impress.

7 Ways to Write an Argumentative Essay in One Hour

Write Fast

With the aforementioned steps, the actual writing process should now have become a fairly straightforward task. With a well-designed outline and research material available, writing an essay in a fashionable task should not be very challenging. However, make sure you are including all the important points and sectioning the essay as you planned. Also, get rid of any structural or grammatical errors. How to get help with writing online? Writing tools like Grammarly can help you correct mistakes as you go.

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Hire a Professional Service

Even with all of the useful tips above, if you feel like completing the essay within this time frame is not possible, you can feel free to delegate. Look up the homepage of essay writing service and check for guarantees. A reliable service provider would promise you an essay even when the deadline is this strict. Assign them your order and get free from all the worries.  Custom essay writing will enable you to get help with any subject that you want and with any type of essay of your choice.

Purchase Pre-Written Essays

A quick way to get done with your essay fast is to buy custom essay. You can also get a chance to review what you are purchasing. A reliable essay writing service will provide you with multiple options to choose from. You are recommended to go through the pre written essay example so that you eliminate any risks involved.

Writing an essay can be difficult, but the trickier part is completing the argumentative essay in one hour. It can become overwhelming for students. However, it is not impossible, especially if you know the right strategy to tackle the situation. The tips above will help you craft a flawless paper before times run out.