7 Ways You Can Play With Color In Living Room Decor

7 Ways You Can Play With Color In Living Room Decor

7 Ways You Can Play With Color In Living Room Decor

Variety is the spice of life. Whoever said this certainly intended for your living to be filled with a variety of colours! If your home’s central space is mundane or drab, time to throw in some exciting colours with bespoke living room décor! Wondering how? Here are seven ways you can introduce colour in a neutral-toned living room!

Black TV Unit

Entertainment units are the central point of focus in living rooms. It is the spot where eyes and attention gravitate on match days, movie nights or just lazy Sundays. What better way to make a statement in your living room than with a stellar black tv unit? Black is a timeless home decor colour that never goes out of style. While it may demand more in terms of maintenance and upkeep, it is certainly worth the effort. Go for a high-gloss polyurethane finish unit with a contemporary look. Black TV units contrast well with neutral-coloured or black seating and drapes. As they say, there is no such thing as too much black.

Bright Accent Chair

Comfortable seating is the foremost step to healthcare and a sure-shot home remedy for back pain! What’s a better way to give your back some rest than with cozy accent chairs that one can just curl into after a hard day’s work? Accent chairs are a favourite living room accessory that is effortless, stylish and evergreen. From the classic chesterfield to a relaxing chaise lounge and evergreen club seats, there are several types of accent chairs to choose from. Go with ones that suit your floor space and requirements. Accent chairs can be further enhanced with rugs, statement cushions and drapes in contrasting colours. This adds a fun pop of colour to your living room and makes for a practical seating solution.

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Statement Drapes

Drapes are functional home decor accessories that help curate bespoke interior design themes in attractive colours. Pinch pleated curtains, blackout curtains, and window valances are some of the many drape designs. Choose one that suits the placements, shape and size of your windows. There are several colours, materials and finishes you can play with to achieve the desired look.  Go for a colour that contrasts or compliments the other aspects of your living room.

Green Infusions

Bring the outside into your living room with an interesting burst of green – we mean elegant indoor plants! There are several benefits of having indoor plants. For one, they are known to be mood enhancers, doing a great deal to calm anxious minds. Many indoor plants also purify the air, improving the overall health and allergy sensitivity of the family. Some household plants like the monstera deliciosa also reduce noise levels indoors, making for a perfect addition to your home library or a child’s study area. Many indoor plants also aid in inducing sleep and improving sleep quality. So if you enjoy an afternoon siesta in your living room, these plants aren’t a bad idea. Either way, indoor plants contribute greatly to your living room’s colour palate too. So head to the nearest nursery for a cost-effective enhancement to your home.

Artsy Wallpapers

Make a statement with artsy wallpapers that introduce a dash of colour to your living room. Geometric designs, bold monotone colours, abstract designs, and wallpapers never fail to impress! Exercise caution while choosing a wallpaper, because, unlike rugs or plants, wallpapers cannot be torn down and replaced on a whim. So do your research and ensure you choose a wallpaper that resonates with the vibe of your living room and suits your sense of home decor.

Eye-catching Rugs

Bring home a piece of Persia or Turkey with bespoke statement rugs. Rugs are a great way to add colour and character to your living room. What’s more, they’re changeable – so you can always experiment now and then without any permanent aesthetic shift. Knotted pile carpets, kilim rugs, Tabriz rugs and Ushak rugs are some of the many options you can play with to change the appearance of your living room. Two-toned rugs can make a statement by adding a splash of colour, needing little else to contribute. Layering rugs is also a hot interior design trend that involves placing two partly overlapping rugs that help sectionalize the space and also add a unique geometric angle. Anyway, you choose to play with rugs, they are a sure-shot way of adding colour to a mundane living room.

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Appealing Gallery Wall

A home is made of corners and nooks that tuck away special memories. Bring all your memories to life by creating a gallery wall in your living room. Fill a central wall with frames of various shapes and sizes having photographs of all your landmark moments as a family. This gallery wall will introduce a personalized splash of colours and character to your living room. It is also a great conversation starter for when you have guests over. What’s more, this gallery wall can also sport quirky artefacts or artworks that reflect your personality. Allow the frames on this wall to do the talking by choosing a neutral monotone wall paint. This allows your photographs to take centre stage, and rightly so!

Wrap Up

We hope the above ideas have given you plenty of inspiration to bring home some colour!