8 Best Medium Sized Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

8 Best Medium Sized Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

8 Best Medium Sized Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

Small pets aren’t usually allowed in apartments! All of these medium-sized breeds can survive in compact living arrangements. These are 8 best medium sized dog breeds for apartment living Goldendoodle, Pembroke Shar-Pei, Whippet, Chow Chow, Poodle, Welsh Corgi, English Cocker Spaniel, and Beagle.

Which Dogs Do Well In Apartments?

Dogs come in a wide range of sizes and forms, and each breed has its own distinct demands and traits. It’s crucial to pick a dog that will be content and at home in a tiny living area if you live in an apartment. We will look at various dog breeds that fare well in apartments in this post.

While these breeds may be suitable for apartment life, it’s vital to remember that each dog is different and may have certain requirements and preferences. Before taking a dog home, it’s always a good idea to meet and get to know the dog to make sure they’ll fit into your lifestyle. Additionally, it’s critical to provide any dog living in an apartment enough of mental and physical stimulation, whether through training, playing, or walks.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

8 Best Medium Sized Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

If you want a medium-sized dog breed to live in your apartment, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi may be the right choice. These dogs are known for their intelligence, agility, and loyalty. They are also great companions and excellent watchdogs.

One of the best things about these dogs is that they are very active. They require at least an hour of exercise every day. They also have excellent hearing, and they are known to learn quickly. They are also very adaptable to different environments. They are good with kids and strangers and usually loyal to their owners.

If you are looking for a dog that can go with you on a hike, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a perfect choice. These dogs can get quite excited when running, so they need plenty of mental and physical stimulation. They also make excellent watchdogs, barking at any perceived threat to your home.

This dog breed is good with children, though it does tend to nip at their heels. They are good with household cats and like to be active.


8 Best Medium Sized Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

A number of medium-sized dog breeds are great for apartment living. These dogs are intelligent, fun, and easily fit into your lifestyle. However, you’ll have to make some compromises to live in an urban setting.

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It would be best if you considered several factors to find a breed that fits your lifestyle. The most obvious is your pet’s physical needs. However, your pup’s daily routine and diet will also play a part. For example, if you have a high-energy dog, you’ll need to schedule time for long walks around the neighborhood or for your pup to run off some of his pent-up energy.

A bichon is one option if you’re looking for a small dog that will be a good lap pet. These little puppies are super smart and fun to play with.

If you’re interested in a more giant, more athletic dog, there are many breeds to choose from. The most popular are English Bulldogs, Greyhounds, and Great Danes. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Golden Retriever

8 Best Medium Sized Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

If you’re looking for a pet to join you in your home, several dog breeds are considered the best medium-sized dogs for apartment living. These include Golden Retrievers, Schnauzers, Poodles, and Greyhounds. Some breeds are better suited for tiny homes than others, though.

Golden Retrievers are big and energetic dogs. They’re also great with children. However, they can be aloof around strangers. Therefore, it is important to socialize with them early.

Golden Retrievers have a lot of energy and should be exercised daily. They’re also suitable for watching dogs. It’s a good idea to walk them through reducing anxiety when they go to work or go out for a long car ride.

They’re also great with other pets and kids. Golden Retrievers are a good choice if you want a dog that can live with a toddler.

Keeping a golden retriever in an apartment can prove to be a challenge, though. Having a professional pet sitter can be a big help. It would be best if you also looked into dog parks, which provide a fun and safe environment for your pet.


8 Best Medium Sized Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

The doodle breeds are one of the best dog breeds for apartment living. They have a great temperament and a variety of coats. They don’t shed much and can be groomed at home.

They’re low maintenance and love to play. They’re also great with children. They make the perfect family pet. They do have a few health issues, but they are generally healthy.

They are knowledgeable and get along with other pets. However, some people believe they have a goofy streak.

They’re very affectionate and easy to train. They’re also very good with young children. They’re also very protective of their homes.

They can be a little touchy when it comes to paws, so you’ll want to brush them regularly. You’ll also need a quality pair of scissors, a toenail trimmer, and an excellent how-to grooming book.

They do need a lot of exercises and outdoor time. They’re usually more pleasant than independent, so it’s a good idea to find a dog that isn’t too rowdy.

The dachshund can be a good option, but they’re smaller than the toy breeds. However, they can be high-strung and can bark a lot.

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8 Best Medium Sized Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

You have many choices if you are looking for a medium-sized dog to live in your apartment. The key is to choose a breed that will adapt to your lifestyle. You will also want to consider the size of your neighborhood and the age of your neighbors.

For example, you could choose a smaller dog like a Bichon Frise, which is a great family pet that gets along well with kids and adults. However, this breed needs to be trained. It can also be sensitive to its surroundings.

Another option is a medium-sized breed, such as a Beagle. Although dogs aren’t the most active of dogs, they make excellent pets. They’re gentle and social, which makes them the perfect choice for a small apartment. In addition, they’re accessible to groom and need minimal exercise.

For those who prefer a more energetic and sociable pet, consider a Cairn Terrier. This breed is both intelligent and fun to be around. They require some formal training, but they’re also a quick learner.

English Cocker Spaniel

8 Best Medium Sized Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

If you live in an apartment, a few breeds will be suitable for you. But before you select a dog for your apartment, it’s a good idea to do some research. You’ll need to consider a few things, such as energy level, friendliness, and shedding. And, of course, you’ll have to ensure your apartment is dog-friendly.

If you want a quiet and easygoing dog, consider a bichon frise. These little dogs are affectionate and easy to train. They’re also very friendly with other pets and children. In addition, they don’t shed as much as other breeds, making them perfect for apartments.

You can also choose a terrier-type dog. These dogs are less energetic than other breeds but still need exercise. You’ll need to take them on at least one or two daily walks.

You’ll also need to be prepared to give your apartment dog plenty of grooming. Because of their short coat, they’ll need to be brushed at least once a week to keep them tangle-free.

Chow Chow

8 Best Medium Sized Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

Several medium-sized dog breeds make excellent apartment pets. Many families prefer this type of pet because it can fit into a smaller living space.

One of the best is the Chow Chow. This large dog is a loyal and friendly companion. It doesn’t bark much and doesn’t require a lot of exercises. It’s also relatively easy to train and house train.

Consider the American Eskimo Dog if you’re not into a more giant dog. They’re small enough to fit into an apartment and great with kids and other pets.

If you’re looking for something more energetic, consider the Labrador Retriever. They’re very friendly, they’re knowledgeable, and they’re loyal to their owner.

Another great apartment-friendly dog breed is the English Bulldog. They’re intelligent and affectionate dogs that don’t need much room. They’re good with children, not prone to separation anxiety, and don’t bark much.

If you don’t have a huge backyard to give your dog, consider the Poodle. They’re an intelligent breed that’s great with kids. They’re not too large or too loud, and they’re great with cats.

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8 Best Medium Sized Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

If you are looking for an excellent pet for apartment living, consider adopting a Shar-Pei. They are a good choice because they are low-maintenance and love to be with people. They are also very clean dogs.

If you’re unsure about getting a Shar-Pei, consider fostering one first. They are a prevalent breed. They are easy to care for and will love you and your family. You can also consider the Chow Chow, which is very similar to the shar-pei.

Another dog that makes a great apartment companion is the English Bulldog. This medium-sized dog is very obedient. They are often social with other people, and they have smooshed faces. They are also trendy dogs in apartments.

The Bichon Frise is another good choice. It’s a small, friendly dog that gets along with kids. However, it can be sensitive if left alone.

The Bassett Hound is another good apartment dog. It’s a laid-back type of dog, but it does need to be walked daily.


What are the best medium sized dog breeds for apartment living?

The French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel, Australian Terrier, Welsh Corgi, and Poodle are a few of the best medium-sized dog breeds for apartments.

How much exercise do medium sized dog breeds for apartment living need?

Although most medium-sized dog breeds for apartments don’t need a lot of activity, they still need frequent walks and playing to keep their minds and bodies active. They are able to adapt to modest living areas and are content taking little strolls across the neighborhood.

Are medium sized dog breeds for apartment living good with children?

Yes, many medium-sized dog breeds are fantastic with kids and make wonderful family dogs for apartments. They are kind and loving, and they frequently get along well with children of all ages..

Are medium sized dog breeds for apartment living good with other pets?

Yes, many apartment-friendly medium-sized dog breeds get along well with other animals, including cats and smaller dogs. They may be trained to coexist with other animals and are often sociable and kind.

Do medium sized dog breeds for apartment living shed a lot?

There are several medium-sized dog breeds for apartments that shed more than others, but many of them are hypoallergenic or low-shedding. They are therefore a fantastic option for those who have allergies or wish to keep their house tidy.

How much space do medium sized dog breeds for apartment living need?

Although they may adapt to cramped quarters, medium-sized dog breeds for apartments still require space to move around. They ought to have a cozy bed as well as a space for recreation.

Are medium sized dog breeds for apartment living easy to train?

Yes, many medium-sized dog breeds for apartments are well-known for being clever and obedient, as well as being simple to train. They may be trained to obey simple orders and for certain jobs like therapy or service labor.