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Value research online for Keywords | How I do it


Value research online

Value research online for keywords is the foundation of SEO. This is a test every researcher has to win.

If nobody is looking for what you are writing about, you will not get traffic from Google–regardless of how hard you try.

Given how crucial online keyword value research is, it is hardly surprising that we have read a lot about it. But reading through many posts and trying to piece all together yourself is hard work, especially if you’re new to this search engine optimization stuff. I am very new to blogging. I will share my experience of managing it without any SEO background, and my online research is working and adding value to my new business.

Keywords are the words and phrases that people type into search engines. They are also known as search questions or” SEO keywords.”

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of finding keywords you want to rank for in search engines. It is about knowing what potential clients are searching for and how.

Additionally, it involves assessing and comparing keywords to find the best chances.

value research online
value research online

Why is keyword research necessary?

Keyword research is the only way to figure out what people are typing into search engines. You need to know this to prevent creating content about topics that nobody is looking for. Many website owners make that error, and it’s likely a big part of the reason why 65% of webpages get no traffic from Google. If you don’t so the value research online, you end up in no traffic from google.

Keyword value research online study for the main words also helps you to answer questions such as:

  • How difficult is it to rank for this keyword?
  • What kind of content should I make to rank for this keyword?
  • Are individuals looking for this crucial word likely to become my customers?

For those who have a relatively new or low-authority website, then you are aware of just how difficult it can be to rank for high-volume, short-tail keyword phrases.

I often hear experts discuss moving after the low-hanging fruit of keywords. The question is how to do the value research of these keywords?

I agree that that going after the low-hanging fruit is a good strategy, but not at the cost of these highly competitive phrases that will drive some significant traffic to your site. Instead, it is that low-hanging fruit that paves the way to rank for those more competitive phrases. I tried with few keywords, and it backfired.

The first failure in Value research Online for keywords: Texas SVG, Escort Fish, Escortfish

I found that these keywords are accessible to rank but very hard to write an article on Texas SVG. When I searched for the keyword, I found Texas SVG as a digital shop for hand made goods. I was more surprised to see both Escort Fish and Escortfish are porn sites. Therefore I decided not to go for Porn traffic. When someone is searching for Escortfish or Escort fish in google, he does not expect a recipe for a fish dish.

I gave up all the three keywords: Escortfish, Texas SVG, and Escort fish because, even I rank ! in google search, I will fail to deliver what people are looking for.

Not Many hunts are genuinely unique.

If it comes to search terms, there is not a lot new under the sun. Google says that 15 percent of queries were never utilized before, but that doesn’t mean it is unique in the world’s real sense.

And that tells us that if my two made-up phrases fall within Google’s 15% of” unique” queries, we can win the game.

And it is that intent that provides us a goldmine of marketing opportunities. But what will beginners like me do?

Optimize for themes, intents, and desires

Search any given topic, and you’ll uncover hundreds, sometimes tens of thousands of keywords. Those keywords signify various things searchers want to learn about that subject. One looks at a 100+ keyword listing, and it’s simple to find out why you can not possibly optimize one page for each (applicable ) keyword on a particular topic. Value research online must be related to your niche.

Fantastic SEO and usability dictate each intent requires an exceptional content page to satisfy the searcher’s requirements.

For those who have a relatively new or low-authority website, then you are aware of just how difficult it can be to rank for high-volume, short-tail keyword phrases.

I often hear experts discuss moving after the low-hanging fruit of keywords.

I agree that that going after the low-hanging fruit is a good strategy, but not at the cost of these highly competitive phrases that will drive some significant traffic to your site. Instead, it is that low-hanging fruit that paves the way to rank for those more competitive phrases.

Why is it essential for Keyword Value research Online?

A website is crucial for any business in the modern digital world. If you have a place and don’t have a website, you will most likely lose out on your business opportunities.

A website may achieve many different advertising and marketing strategies to help your business grow. The internet has a far more extensive advantage than any other form of advertising. Your website is going to be in the middle of your company’s internet presence.

You may market your company around the internet on social networking websites, forums, and pay-per-click advertising applications.

Using a website and internet presence strategy allows you to advertise your business on the internet. A website can also be vital since it can help to establish credibility for a business. But once the site is ready, it requires to rank in search engines, and no one will see your website. For ranking, we need Online value research for keywords.

When you provide excellent service or product, positive word-of-mouth can spread your business. A website not only gives credibility, but it also helps to provide a positive impression that your company is larger and more effective.

What is the right Keyword Difficulty or Organic Competition score?

Which keyword do I pick?

It is easy to rank with low difficulty keywords. But, please note that these are again estimates. Excellent Online value research is successful when you continuously test, test, and test! For instance, there are chances that an Organic Competition score is large, but it may be easier than it seems or vice versa.

All Keyword Difficulty scores or SEO Contest scores are just a snapshot or quote of the existing competition. Many factors, like your website’s trust and content quality, may affect your real performance. Use these scores as a guideline for further research.

Picking which keywords is the art because no two keyword research campaigns will be the same. Every business, company, product, and even effort differs. In the long run, your purpose is to pick the keywords which have relatively more traffic, have comparatively less competition, and above all, relevant to what it is you are offering.

value research online
value research online

Keyword Relevance. Get more conversions with the right key phrases.

Ranking high is not sufficient. Ranking high and fulfilling users’ search intent is essential. It is where Ideas excels. There are lots of research tools available. Ubersuggest and Google keyword planner is helpful to find the right keywords fr you.

For instance, if you find yourself with a long list of keyword suggestions, you will get many unrelated keywords or keywords that don’t match your goal. However, by using these tools, you can quickly sort the listing by relevance or use the significance score filter.

My keyword strategy.

I am not an SEO expert. But anyone can do value research online for keywords. I recently started using a paid tool. It was after my wrong keyword analysis on Escortfish, Texas SVG, and Escort fish. Recently I wrote an article on Insurance where I did keyword research for three days: Estrella Insurance.

I will discuss the 50 keywords I have researched. Which are the keywords I will write, and which one I will not?

My first strategy

I always look for keywords with the meager competition. The competition score runs from 0-100, where 100 is the toughest, and 0 is the easiest. To rank a keyword with a Difficulty score of 0, sometimes you don’t even need a backlink.

key of b0
mj to j0
k callan0
k turn0
l logo0
sofia plus0
a line skirt0
te amo mi amor0
can am renegade 10000
why am i here0
amazon germany0
snowflake background0
chiropractic quotes0
tamaki amajiki0
amazon warehouse jobs0
this is a test0
kilometros a millas0
z idaho0
feliz dia del amor y la amistad0
josue y la tierra prometida0
os&y valve0
peanut m&ms0
450 f to c0
e honda1
once upon a tee1
1.5 as a fraction1
um to m1
z transportation1
mike rinder blog1
z rack2
omg blog2
metros a pies3
how far is a click3
b and b theaters3
max studio3
a la4
belk hours4
powerpuff girls z4
e chord4
c cup breasts4
initial d car4
mastering a&p5
food that starts with z5
triple c5
words that start with b5
linda ikeji blog7
My next strategy in the value research online is to find monthly searches in the USA.
amazon warehouse jobs064000
tamaki amajiki045000
a la434000
amazon germany023000
omg blog221000
metros a pies321000
te amo mi amor020000
how far is a click320000
k callan017000
sofia plus016000
linda ikeji blog716000
mastering a&p515000
belk hours414000
powerpuff girls z414000
um to m113000
e chord413000
snowflake background012000
once upon a tee112000
a line skirt011000
words that start with b511000
1.5 as a fraction110000
feliz dia del amor y la amistad09100
b and b theaters39000
initial d car49000
josue y la tierra prometida08400
e honda18000
this is a test07900
max studio37500
mj to j07300
triple c56900
peanut m&ms05600
kilometros a millas05500
c cup breasts44400
k turn04000
can am renegade 100003900
450 f to c03800
why am i here03600
chiropractic quotes03100
key of b02800
food that starts with z52700
l logo02500
mike rinder blog11800
z idaho01700
z transportation11600
z rack21400
os&y valve01300

My strategy number 3 in the value research online is to find the Global monthly searches.

It is good for blogging, not for a local business. It may also prove beneficial if someone is not selling a physical product.

sofia plus180000
amazon germany137000
te amo mi amor133000
metros a pies103000
linda ikeji blog103000
feliz dia del amor y la amistad90000
amazon warehouse jobs81000
a la79000
tamaki amajiki68000
450 f to c64000
omg blog63000
e chord41000
josue y la tierra prometida38000
powerpuff girls z27000
a line skirt25000
l logo24000
how far is a click23000
k callan19000
kilometros a millas19000
mastering a&p18000
initial d car18000
um to m16000
snowflake background16000
belk hours14000
words that start with b14000
e honda14000
triple c14000
once upon a tee13000
this is a test12000
1.5 as a fraction11000
max studio11000
mj to j9800
b and b theaters9100
peanut m&ms8000
can am renegade 10006700
why am i here6400
c cup breasts6100
k turn4300
key of b4100
mike rinder blog3500
chiropractic quotes3400
food that starts with z3400
z idaho1700
z transportation1600
os&y valve1600
z rack1500

However, what matters to bloggers is CPC in value research online ( Cost per click ). So let us filter the same table based on CPC.

this is a test$45.00
linda ikeji blog$16.00
c cup breasts$8.00
mike rinder blog$7.00
chiropractic quotes$7.00
l logo$6.00
food that starts with z$6.00
z rack$5.00
omg blog$4.50
e honda$3.00
mj to j$3.00
b and b theaters$3.00
feliz dia del amor y la amistad$2.50
powerpuff girls z$2.50
metros a pies$2.00
initial d car$1.90
triple c$1.90
1.5 as a fraction$1.90
words that start with b$1.80
why am i here$1.60
z transportation$1.60
450 f to c$1.40
a line skirt$1.30
can am renegade 1000$1.30
key of b$1.20
mastering a&p$1.10
peanut m&ms$1.10
amazon warehouse jobs$1.00
belk hours$1.00
os&y valve$0.80
sofia plus$0.70
z idaho$0.70
snowflake background$0.60
max studio$0.50
e chord$0.15
once upon a tee$0.09
amazon germany$0.07
kilometros a millas$0.05
te amo mi amor$0.00
a la$0.00
tamaki amajiki$0.00
josue y la tierra prometida$0.00
how far is a click$0.00
k callan$0.00
um to m$0.00
k turn$0.00

If I use the keyword ” this is a test, “the CPC is $45, whereas if I use k turn, the CPC is $0. It is the benefit of value research online.

Number of Clicks

Now once I know the above, it is not the ned of the story. Even I rank on these keywords, people need to click on the link. So I also need to check how many clicks  my keywords may get.

josue y la tierra prometida720086%
sofia plus1300081%
z rack110079%
mike rinder blog140078%
z idaho130076%
mastering a&p1100073%
amazon germany1600070%
once upon a tee830069%
max studio510068%
linda ikeji blog1000063%
z transportation99162%
amazon warehouse jobs3800059%
b and b theaters470052%
why am i here130036%
chiropractic quotes110035%
powerpuff girls z480034%
tamaki amajiki1500033%
can am renegade 1000120031%
food that starts with z82431%
k turn120030%
snowflake background340028%
triple c190028%
e honda220028%
a line skirt300027%
peanut m&ms150027%
this is a test210027%
l logo63225%
mj to j170023%
1.5 as a fraction230023%
k callan380022%
c cup breasts97722%
key of b58221%
initial d car180020%
os&y valve25319%
e chord240018%
belk hours250018%
a la510015%
how far is a click260013%
metros a pies270013%
um to m160012%
feliz dia del amor y la amistad110012%
450 f to c45912%
kilometros a millas66212%
te amo mi amor240012%
words that start with b7.70%
omg blog7.40%

You can see when you adjust your target, the keywords keep changing, even though I am filtering in a way that the best choice comes first.

My strategy number 6 in the value research online is to filter out the keywords, where there is no point working hard as the CPC is low.

josue y la tierra prometida0.00
tamaki amajiki0.00
k turn0.00
k callan0.00
a la0.00
how far is a click0.00
um to m0.00
te amo mi amor0.00
kilometros a millas0.05
amazon germany0.07
once upon a tee0.09
e chord0.15

Now, if I write a blog, what shall I write about?

this is a test

linda ikeji blog

c cup breasts

chiropractic quotes

mike rinder blog

l logo

food that starts with z

z rack

omg blog

e honda

mj to j

b and b theaters

feliz dia del amor y la amistad


powerpuff girls z

metros a pies

1.5 as a fraction

triple c

initial d car

words that start with b

why am i here

z transportation

450 f to c

a line skirt

can am renegade 1000

key of b

mastering a&p

peanut m&ms

amazon warehouse jobs

belk hours

“This is a test.”

I will write about the famous song, ” This is a test,” or probably about the recent virus test to fight the pandemic. I would probably use the keyword ” this is a test” and write an excellent article on this. It is the way I do my research and find my keyword. The best part of using the keyword ” This is a test ” is that it can fit into any niche as it is a generic term.

Linda ikeji blog

It is already a blog site named Linda ikeji blog, covering world news and mainly Nigerian and African current affairs.


Good keyword research is the foundation stone for blogging and website. Without proper Value research Online, it won’t be easy to get any traffic into our site or website. 

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