9 problems faced by fleet manager in India

Fleet Managers

In a large country like India where in the present day the demand and the purchasing of vehicles increases by every minute it becomes a great responsibility to deal with purchasing and delivering of such large and heavy orders. Such workloads cannot be handled with too many people having different views Running it with their different and vibrant ideas. And there for their lies this one person who takes the responsibility and it’s in whose hand and mind that these big tasks take place. He/she is called the fleet manager.

Fleet managers are in charge of fleet manager / operations and might be tasked with responsibilities that include vehicle maintenance, overseeing fuel consumption and fuel costs, driver management, asset tracking, route planning, and the implementation of any programs that increase company productivity. While  it may seem easy, to deal with such an immense amount of pressure and work vision boards not just as an individual, but for a whole big company, is in itself an enormous chore.

This article is to bring up to different challenges that the fleet managers face as a part of their daily undertaking.

1. Unnoticed small issues

A stitch in time saves nine, is indeed the correct phrase for this. Similarly, a correct check at the right time can help avoid bigger problems in future.

In  Large hubs, it’s not possible for an individual to keep a check of every small issue. Although, as a matter of fact, such negligence,may lead to creating a heap of a large problem.e. For this, what can prove to be a solution is a tracker, that checkpoints every stage of work, so that if any work goes tangent, it can be identified immediately (or in a short period of time) and thus avoid future management collapses.

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2. Dealing with unsanctioned use of wherewithal

Imagine how in a general household,with too many helping hands, we often find ourselves stuck with a worry, that under the surveillance of work, we don’t get manipulated and the helpers don’t make a use of our own assets, beyond the allowed limits. This is one of the common issues that fleet managers usually face at each time of the day.

To protect the company’s assets from being exhausted more than needed, and for uses beyond the requirements of the same, is hard to manage, when the number of people and the amount of work spread around are multiples of each other.

It can be controlled in a way where all the assets(generally vehicles) use tracking devices along with added information of who is driving it through and for what purpose. If such actions are taken into account, people can easily be caught for misleading higher authorities.

3. Setting up the right fuel management system

Needless to say, fuel is always amongst the top priorities of a fleet management system. To deal with its price  volatility is a never ending struggle. The struggle is to reduce the Fuel costs with  mere capital to accomplish it. A certain solution could be setting a fuel management system which provides the right details of the prices (going up or flowing down),in that particular area, along with a detailed monthly  data created in response to the amount of fuel consumed by the company.

4. Safety for workers:

For a company to work effectively, it is important for the workers to stay safe as well. Generally safety is a prime concern during the work time of workers(during their presence at the workplace). For this, it is extremely important to provide them with the utmost safe environment, both mentally and for physical safety as well. For this, there should be a bench of counsellors who keep a check if any harassment cases do not occur. For physical safety, it is important to put up sensor safety cameras, so that any amount of violence can be immediately tracked and prevented from causing further tension.

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5. Punctuality is of prime importance

“Time is money”, is a real deed in industries where every second counts for more and more importance. One factor on the basis of which companies are generally rated is the punctuality with which they deliver their products or meet the demands of the consumers. Add the fleet manager level, it is important to meet the demands of different stages of an industry with 101 punctuality. For this it is mainly important that the workers under the fleet manager and their sub workers show up at their labour places at accurate times and without delay. To check if their presence is on time Biometrics machines could be installed at the entrances of all the sections of the industry. With this, any person who delays or shows up late at their workplace could be tracked and given warnings about being in time. this will not only improve the punctuality, but the work efficiency would also improve

6. Dealing with large geographical workplace:

When fleet managers work in large geographical destinations, it is hard for them to maintain a check on each area’s work accordingly. One way to deal with this is using fleet maps installed in the fleet location, so that the manager could easily track down the necessities and the conditions of a particular area in a large geographical place where the fleet industry runs.

7. Inflating customer service

in today’s industrial competition one way to win customers is by enhancing the customer service to extreme levels. It is important to hire the right workers with the right skill and attitude so that the customers are never offended over the wrong behaviours. Moreover, the customers,when treated with right behaviour, tend to take more services, thus profiting fleets.

8. Delivering messages to truck drivers at the right time

The transport drivers that carry the production from different places should know what to root to be taken so as to avoid certain issues coming up. Like traffic jams. For this it is essential to install GPS vehicle tracking systems in the trucks so that the fleet manager could easily track down the route and check it on their end at prior basis if the roots should be chosen and are safe or not. And if not there should be fast ways such as vocal audio tapes through satellite calls that can simply drop a message to the drivers. Do not opt that particular Road.

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9. Making use of new fleet management software:

In the present times run for competition it is important to keep the fleet industries updated and make full use of available provisions. One of the ways today most industries grow high is making the use of fleet management software that helps them coordinate with more and more efficiency thus, improving their profits.