Does Abjuration Magic 5e school include Resist energy in d&d?

Abjuration Magic 5e

Abjuration Magic 5e

The abjuration magic school included protective spells. They built physical or magical barriers, denied magical or bodily abilities, harmed invaders, or even banished the subject of the spell to another plane of existence. The abjuration magic school had no sub-schools. A specialized abjuration wizard was known as an abjurer. The Abjuration Wizard 5e focuses on hit points and survivability more than casting. We see the bladesinger endeavors to increase your survivability via AC. But the abjuration wizard might have a higher probability of being hit in parallel, but it can take even more hits as well. Some of the abjuration spells included dispel magic 5e and resist energy.

Abjuration spells are always specific protections. For example, the sanctuary will protect others for the particular reason that it is the primary effect of the spell.

However, 5e wall of force spell or warding wind is not abjuration spells because instead of the magic directly protecting something, all the magic does is summon a force that has the side effect of preserving the caster.

One rare exception to this is the shield spell, as it is written as if it is only a toned-down version of the great wall of force, which is an evocation spell.

War Magic Wizard vs. Abjuration

Suppose you consider Abjuration for the ward ability.

The Shield will feed the ward and support a Wizard who might incline to grow into the thick items.

You might require to take Mage Armor 5e, even with the Armor proficiency. That is better than Light Armor. Better to go for a Medium Armor proficiency feat at level 4th level. The Medium Armor + Shield (item) will be a massive boost to AC. However, it will be at the expense of War Caster. You may use a melee weapon as your backup.

War Magic Wizard vs. Abjuration
War Magic Wizard vs. Abjuration

 Thunderwave will assist you in getting in melee and desiring to escape. 5e Shocking Grasp may also be a good purpose. Unlike the different attack cantrips, it is undoubtedly a melee spell attack and not a ranged one. Thus you will not suffer a Disadvantage in melee. Or opt for Firebolt.

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You might consider Arcane Deflection’s +4 to any saving throw better than Abjuration’s temporary HP. It is because you may not be taking a hit like a wizard. But only being ready to cast a cantrip the following round is also a severe drawback for a pure wizard.

Tactical Wit, however, is excellent and can probably succeed in fights by casting a potent control spell. Though there several ways to subvert that, and most spells allow a way out these days, plus your DM might hate you if you pull it off routinely.

Power Surge 5e and Deflecting Shroud aren’t much effective as Durable Magic. Abjuration, however, is a safer alternative since more HP is never wrong and always operates. The nearest thing to a downside is that if you project that ward, you need it with no time to recharge it. 5e Abjuration also gets progressively abler at mid and higher levels in Dungeons and Dragons spells. Neither is a bad option, and the wizard chassis is plenty enough without a subclass at all.


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