Can Dispel Magic 5e remove Bestow curse in d&d?

Can 5e dispel Magic remove Bestow curse in 5e d&d?

Can dispel Magic remove Bestow curse in 5e dnd?

You require a spell that specifically says it is going to remove curses. It is Remove Curse in 5e. This spell behaves similarly to Dispel Magic 5e, but it’s a Touch range and only functions for curses. It is like those imposed by the 5e Bestow Curse spell. You can utilize it when the Curse has taken effect. Contrary to Dispel Magic 5e, but the spell removes curses cast at all levels and also doesn’t need to be upcast to match the spell level of this Curse.

Clerics have easy access to the spell. In case you’ve got a 5th level Cleric, they all should pick it for the day and cast it on the cursed person. That works on cursed items which the person may take. The spell does not ruin the cursed item or finish the Curse on it. It only stops the cursed item’s attunement to the person, letting them shed it. Should you cast Dispel Magic 5e to a cursed person, the Curse will remain, but at least you know it’s a curse now rather than a magic effect.

Can Dispel Magic 5e remove a curse in an object?

It depends. It has to be a lasting effect in the spell. Bonuses and penalties inherent to an undispelled item. So if it is a cloak that gives you an edge on stealth while worn, you can not dispel it. Suppose it’s a cloak that gives you the advantage of stealth 2x/day for an hour. Then you could dispel the effect once it is on activation. In case a cursed sword 5e comes with a property that allows you to go blind whenever you land a hit, you can use 5e Dispel Magic to remove the blindness that one time. However, the next time they hit it, they would go blind.

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In the event, the sword only makes you blind while you wield that, then dispel Magic wouldn’t work. Even Remove Curse 5e doesn’t remove the Curse on the item. It only divides the attunement between the merchandise and its bearer for the removal. The object will still be cursed and act the same way toward another individual to attune with this.


But again, there are exceptions. Should you read the text to get Dispel Magic in 5e, you will see that it works only on ongoing spells. If an object throws a spell, which spell has a duration other than instantaneous, dispel Magic can remove it. In case the thing’s impact is not to cast a spell, though, dispel Magic does nothing to it. Many people confuse themselves because it says you can target a creature, thing, or even “magical impact,” which they take to imply it could overtake anything bewitching. But that is targeting. You could never dispel a spell such as silence, which isn’t cast on an object or creature with no wording there.

Bestow Curse 5e
Bestow Curse 5e

If you read on, the spell’s sole defined effect on anything it targets is to remove spells. If so, it can be dispelled. Otherwise, it can’t. A grab all mechanic seems incorrect. Breaking curses as though they’re simple and the same seems wrong. Arcana or History checks for cursed items ought to let you discover how to break the Curse. It needs to be different, depending on the Curse.

Possibilities for removing curses:

  1. – The item has to be washed at a mountain stream.
  2. – Item must be attracted to some temple of a specific god and tribute made.
  3. – The item requires soaking in basilisk blood.
  4. – Item has to be used to slay a specified variety of undead.

What is Dispel Magic 5e?

Choose any animal, object, or magical effect inside the range. Any spell of 3rd level or below on the target ends. For each spell of or higher on the goal, be sure to check using your Spellcasting Ability. On a successful check, the spell ends.

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The chief reason is that dispel Magic removes a spell that’s already on a goal, whether that target is a monster, an object, or another phenomenon. Dispel Magic can’t pre-dispel something. If a spell isn’t already present on a target, dispel Magic does nothing to that goal.

Remove Curse 5e
Remove Curse 5e

What is Remove Curse 5e?

In your signature, all curses impacting a creature or object end. In case the object is a cursed magic item, its Curse remains. However, the spell breaks its proprietor Attunement to the object to be removed or lost. The Warlock can choose the Sign of Ill Omen invocation to throw Bestow Curse 5e once per day. Moreover, the Hexblade 5e includes a particular curse they can throw somebody.

Comparison Table

Comparison Dispel Magic Remove Curse 5e Bestow Curse 5e
 School Abjuration Abjuration Necromancy
Casting Time One action One action One action
Range 120 ft Touch Touch
Component S, V S, V S, V
Duration Instantaneous Instantaneous Concentration Up to 1 minute
Class Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Paladin Cleric, Paladin, Warlock, Wizard Bard, Cleric, Wizard
Level 3 3 3

What should you do if the storyline of an effort entails breaking up a curse in 5e?

The Golden Rule essentially goes that as DM, it’s possible to fix anything you want for the sake of your game. This spell may remove the Curse, but maybe not violate its effects on this bloodline. It might curb the Curse’s effects, force it into temporary remission, without any guarantee that it won’t return. Or you could change the spell lists so that Bestow Curse exists as a spell, but Remove Curse does not mean that you need to execute an epic quest to split it forever.

Magic Dispel 5e

Bestow Curse 5e

You touch a monster, and that creature must succeed on a Wisdom rescue throw or turn into Cursed for the spell’s duration. After you cast this spell, choose the nature of the Curse in the following options.

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• Choose one ability score. Even though Cursed, the goal has a disadvantage on Ability Checks and Saving Throws created with that ability score.

• While Cursed, the target has a limitation on Attack Rolls against you.

• When Cursed, the target needs to make a Wisdom rescue throw at the onset of all its turns. If it loses, then it wastes its activity that twists doing nothing.

• While the quarry is cursed, your attacks and spells deal an extra 1d8 necrotic damage to the goal.

A Remove Curse spell finishes this effect. In the DM’s option, you might opt for an alternate curse Effect, but it should be no more potent than those explained above.

 At Higher Levels: If you cast this spell employing a spell slot of Level 4 or higher, the Duration is Concentration, up to 10 minutes. Should you use a 9th level spell slot, then the spell continues until it is dispelled. If you are using a spell slot of 5th level or greater, it grants a Duration that doesn’t require immersion.

Does Dispel Magic 5e work on the charm?

Dispel Magic has a specific purpose: to break other spells. It does not affect a vampire’s Charm ability or some other magical effect that isn’t a spell. It also does nothing regarding the properties of a magic item. However, it can end a spell throw out of a magic thing or from a different source.