Chain mail 5e vs. Chain shirt armor weight & cost

Chain mail 5e vs. Chain shirt armor weight & cost

What does the book say about Chain Mail 5e and Chain shirt armor?

Chain Shirt 5e: Made of interlocking metal rings, a warrior wears a chain shirt between clothing or leather layers. Chain Mail 5e: Made of interlocking metal rings, chain mail includes a layer of quilted fabric worn under the mail to prevent chafing and cushion the blows’ effect. The suit includes gauntlets.

Chain Mail 5e

If you buy a Chain mail, you eliminate the trousers and the sleeves along with the gauntlets. And you replaced the quilted fabric liner using a basic shirt and another simple shirt over the top. RAW, they’re entirely different, but it makes sense just not to put the whole set on. Same with “reverse engineering” plate into half-plate or even a breastplate. You should be able to wear the shirt if you want, as it isn’t a giant chainmail onesie, but you’ll need to live with the lower AC this gives you. They’re considered two separate armor sets. Perhaps your DM would rule differently but treat them as just a means to classify an AC and dex mod allowance as distinct in the publication.

How difficult is it to convert Chain Mail 5e into a Chain Shirt?

It entirely depends on the design. Chain Mail shirt might or might not include sleeves and is probably shorter than complete mail. You are ignoring leg defense, which is separate. It might require some work. (you don’t even require a skilled blacksmith for this, remove unnecessary sections through selective application of force). Magical powers may pose a problem. Though legendary armor probably can not be modified that easily, or maybe you eliminate the bonus if it’s not the entire set. It’s certainly more comfortable with a plate made of many different pieces. Ask your GM. You need to wear the whole of the set for the magic to function. You can not use one Gauntlet of Ogre Power or a single Winged Boot and make-do like that.

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Why would a chain mail 5e work when you’re not wearing the gauntlets, leggings, etc.?

Suppose you have the opportunity to examine the magic armor. In that case, a few funds can modify the 5e Chain Mail to a Chain Shirt. Aside from the magic issue, it also depends upon how comprehensive your group gets into matters. Modifying a “butted” chain mail like your chain shirt is tedious but easy enough that anybody can do it with time and patience. On the other hand, a riveted chain might require more actual ability. You have to break individual links or knock out the rivets without surplus damage to links you would like to maintain.

If you go by the armor descriptions, then you find more hefty layered armor.. There is not a strategy, but a participant could still logically wear part of the armor. It is even wearing only the leather or Gambeson in the set. They do not want rules in 5e to perform these things.

The question is ultimately DM dependent. Many DMs will probably be cool with it. Still, he may have intentionally given this armor, knowing you could not use it. But even then, he may enjoy the imagination.

What is the weight of ChainMail armor in history?

Chain mail’s existed for a lengthy time (at least 4th century BC.) Roman legionnaires wore at least some mail, and a number of their contemporaries also occasionally used it. The weight of a chain mail armor was 10 kg or 22 lbs. In Dungeons and Dragons, the weight of a 5e chain mail armor is 55 lbs. Price and quality greatly vary immensely with all fineness of the alloy rings and linking procedure. Mail is effective against stabbing from weapons. The first Crusader armies wore chain mail, but they struck slashing weapons and discovered themselves, taking higher casualties among the landed elite.

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Chainmail Armor weight
Chainmail Armor weight

Crusaders started interweaving plates of armor target zones to protect such guys better. Rather than one plate, some people started utilizing multiple overlapping plates to get improved versatility. Because their opponents are working archers broadly, they found that plates could deflect arrows. When Crusaders returned to Europe, they shot these lessons with them. Quickly, more dishes, better balanced, and integrated for better wear became popular. That put the cost much further up. Full suits of the best plate were very pricey, but they also maintained you almost arrow proof. They needed to be dealt with by either armored (but better rested) English knights or Language light troops (also much better rested.)

Is chain mail better than iron?

Chain mail is the same as gold but has the durability of iron. It is easy to smelt Chain mail 5e armor in a furnace to get one iron nugget per armor bit.

Is a chain shirt a part of chain mail in 5e?

In 5e, Chain mail needs a type of Gambeson or padded armor, which would make it rather bulky. Whereas you can wear an oversized tunic or anything over it, then it would be quite evident you’re wearing something more significant than just clothes.

Chain Shirt is just a part of the chain mail that covers the chest and arms. A part of this protection of chain comes from the Gambeson worn beneath, just like part of the plate’s protection comes from the chainmail under it.

All these are, of course, real-life examples. Take some advises and references from history and make adjustments to your games. Remove objects that are way over the top but abandoned. Concealing under a shirt is challenging.

Suppose you read the description of the standard chain shirt carefully. In that case, you will notice that it is “worn involving layers of clothing or leather. A simple shirt isn’t the same as wearing it between layers, and muffling is not an easy task.

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Chain shirt 5e

Mithral chain mail is distinctive. It doesn’t require any extra layers of clothing and leather to muffle the sounds of their rings, therefore allowing you to hide it under regular clothing easily.

Does chain mail work?

Chain mail was indeed quite effective against perf/sev strikes. Where it dropped somewhat short was in defending upon blunt force wound. As mail does not significantly dissipate the impact, a mace blow would do about as much harm as to an unarmored target.

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Comparison chart Chain Mail 5e Chain Shirt 5e
ARMOR heavy armor medium armor  13 + Dex modifier (max 2)
AC 16 13
CATEGORY Items Items
WEIGHT (lb) 55 20
STEALTH Disadvantage
DESCRIPTION It is with interlocking metal rings. The warrior needs to wear it underneath the mail to stop chafing and cushion any impact of the blows. Chain mail 5e includes a layer of quilted fabric. This suit includes gauntlets. It is with interlocking metal rings. The warriors need to wear A 5e chain shirt between layers of leather or clothing. This special armor offers maximum safety to the wearer’s upper half of the body. It also allows the ring’s sound rubbing against each other. The muffling is by outer layers.
COST IN GP 75 50