Actionable Things to Find Online Music Composition Courses in 2022

Actionable Things to Find Online Music Composition Courses in 2022

Actionable Things to Find Online Music Composition Courses in 2022

Over the years, especially after the pandemic people have started to learn and grow using the internet and online courses are just one way to learn.

Finding the right course with the right pace that suits you is never an easy task especially when it’s a music composition course.

So if your question is, what factors should I consider before I commit myself to a course? Well, luckily we have the answer for you! 

In this article, we will be talking about the actionable things you can do to find an online music composition course that fits you.

 If all the factors are put into consideration, you will find yourself in a music course that will be beneficial for your music career.

1- Choosing a Teaching Style

Start by choosing a teaching style, whether you want pre-prepared courses based on video lessons or live online music classes because these are the only two ways that are offered by music education sites.

Actionable Things to Find Online Music Composition Courses in 2022

Of course, both styles have their pros and cons, some are discussed below.

  • Pre-Prepared Courses Based on Video Lessons

If you are someone who wants a finished product, then consider these video lessons as they comprise printable and audio materials.

These courses include a video lesson in which the instructor teaches different ways to play an instrument alongside music theory which can get boring and has a composition as well.

External materials such as audio files and sheet music are provided along with the course usually

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Most of these courses have a well arranged system that guides students step after step and that’s the main difference between a paid online course and a free online music course.

  • Live Online Music Lessons

Nonetheless, the second approach is to have live online music lessons. It’s more traditional and music lessons are usually conducted on Skype via webcam and microphone or via other software that is easily available online.


If you are thinking to opt for only classes do consider these factors before opting for any one. The day and time of the lesson, the price of the lesson, is the teacher’s experience with online teaching or teaching in general, and finally the length of the session.

Once you have it all sorted you should start straight away.

2- Find Your Skill Level

Once you have decided on the style of classes you want, you need to find the perfect fit for you. For that all you want to do is find your skill level, if you are a newbie then it’s good news for you. Since most of these online classes are designed for beginners and intermediates.

Actionable Things to Find Online Music Composition Courses in 2022

The level is usually mentioned in most of the online platforms that offer online classes no matter if the classes are pre-prepared or live.

 If you are someone who’s an expert then choosing online classes isn’t the most convenient option for you. You can do better by finding yourself a course that will help you focus on the instrument you want to master.

3- Explore Your Preferred Musical Style

One of the crucial elements you want to discover about yourself would be the music style you prefer. This matters the most when you are an advanced musician. Now of course once you know your style then you can opt for style specific courses.

Actionable Things to Find Online Music Composition Courses in 2022

These courses can help you improve while playing guitar, piano, and even violin while progressing in your relevant fields as well.

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Courses that are offered in sites are usually styled specific and it is suggested for beginners to opt for courses that have several genres in them.

 As the most important thing for a beginner is to learn basic music, obtain techniques and most importantly know how to implement everything they learn in the process

4- State Your Age

Now if you are wondering, does age matter? Well yes, it does. While choosing the right music, one should also consider the age of the student attending the class. Most of the online courses focus on adults or teenagers.

Actionable Things to Find Online Music Composition Courses in 2022

Furthermore, there are a few platforms as well that allow you to filter the age of the instructor, by doing this you can now decide the age of your instructor, whether it should be older than you or younger. Whatever suits you best should do for you.

5- Know Your Budget

One of the greatest reasons for you to pick online education over the traditional way of learning is the cost and the amount of time you save.

Actionable Things to Find Online Music Composition Courses in 2022

It’s a matter of fact that online courses are cheaper than private lessons and the price ranges usually from $20 up to $300 for the whole course. Other than this, some memberships are also available on websites ranging from $8 up to $35 per month.

  In comparison, if we talk about traditional face-to-face physical classes you pay from $20 up to $70 per hour which is insanely expensive compared to what you get online.

If you are opting for websites that offer a monthly subscription, it is recommended to first go for the free trial first. If you are satisfied with what you are getting, then opt for the annual subscription as it is more pocket friendly.

 6- Have Reviews from Students Who have taken the Course

If you want an honest opinion on what you are opting for then having a student’s review on a course is the best thing you can do. Simply Google how many students have taken that course that you are interested in and what was their feedback and experience with the product.

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Actionable Things to Find Online Music Composition Courses in 2022

Other than Google, you can always search on Fiverr and other sites that offer music lessons for an honest yet worth reading review of the product.

7- Try it Yourself

Though you have done everything you can do on your end, you still need to try it for yourself because if it works for them, doesn’t mean it will work for you as well.

Luckily, most of the sites that offer courses also offer free trials that vary in length usually they last for 7, 14, and even 30 days. There is an option for a free account as well that lets you audit the course or in some cases just lets you go through the content of the course.

Actionable Things to Find Online Music Composition Courses in 2022

During this period, you can find and analyze whether the course is good for you and will taking the course be fruitful for you because learning a skill is a time taking process and the devotion that is required for months or maybe even years.

 Final Words

In this article, we covered all the things you need to do before you finally opt for an online music composition course. If you keep all of these in mind and follow them as directed, you will for sure find yourself with a course that you will enjoy,