Really Adult Dating: The Rules of One-night Stands

Really Adult Dating: The rules of one-night stands

Really Adult Dating: The Rules of One-night Stands

We are all adults here, aren’t we? So, there’s nothing wrong with bringing yourself to admit the truth – casual dating is a part of modern normality. 

Sure, a one-night stand with the right person can be a pretty exciting experience. Still, there are some stumbling blocks that can turn your adventure into a miserable flop… It doesn’t matter with whom you are in bed – with a single Russian woman or married American lady – the essential rules remain the same. Read this article for these tips since a lot can go wrong with hook*ps. 

Do not expect much! 

Try to think of the best s*x of your life. It probably wasn’t your first time with this girl, was it? So don’t argue – spiritual closeness makes lovemaking better. Because then you know what turns the partner on and dare to share your own fantasies clearly.

For this reason alone, one-night stands seldom bring one hundred percent satisfaction, even if books and movies tend to claim otherwise. Therefore, it is better not to have high hopes for a spontaneous s*x date with a lady from the Internet.

Even less should you expect such a woman to become love for life! Sure, there are certain exceptions from this rule – but they are seldom seen. Unfortunately, much more common are one-night stands that never become anything meaningful. 

Be picky!

The dullness of daily routine can make you go wild, especially – if it is accompanied by alcohol. Thus, it’s not uncommon for men who like one-night stands to feel embarrassed after all. We mean, when they wake up the next morning next to a girl they don’t like in the daylight. Therefore, you need to be as picky as possible. Don’t be too light-minded, even when it has nothing to do with great love. 

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Ex-girlfriend, best friend, and best friend’s girlfriend are taboo for casual s*x! Because you know that very well: it will only cause trouble. Also, stay away from super drunk women – this won’t do any good. 

Stay safe – use a co*dom!

Drinking together in the bar, snogging wildly in the taxi, tearing each other’s clothes off in the hallway to the bedroom… And then she says, “I don’t like con*oms.” Pretty strange… Do you still think this lady is clever and witty? 

Okay, what if she – no latex allergy – is just really not into con*oms? Then the answer is obvious. You simply need to go without having s*x with her. Because contraception with a con*om is the top priority of the one-night stand rules! We probably don’t have to tell you – you are adult enough. But when you are turned on and want to finally get physical – brains stop working. The birth control pills the lady takes are, of course, not an excuse not to use con*oms. Who wants to get chlamydia, gonorrhea, or HIV as a souvenir from their one-night stand?

Don’t stay overnight!

Who wants to get dressed again right after s*x and go home? No one, especially when it’s so cozy in someone else’s bed! And besides, you could get one more org*sm in the morning if you stay…

What seemed like a good idea at night often looks very different the next day. Questions like “Where am I? And who is the girl near me?” are not very suitable to brighten the start of the day. And then your toothbrush, fresh underwear, and other personal things you need are miles away … So, once you are ready with the adventure – don’t wait. The best thing to do is get out of the apartment and go home before dawn!

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